DP Photo Challenge: Beloved



My Beloved is Spirit

My Beloved is Everything 

















My Beloved is All That Is

In the big picture, my Beloved is Spirit, and all that is within It.











I am my own Beloved, as I am part of Spirit,

as are you.











It is often difficult for me to feel all as my Beloved, but my Higher Self knows the Truth.

The people I love are easy to call my Beloved

The planet is easy to call my Beloved

My Beloved is Love

Animals and plants are easy.









I feel Spirit talks to me through Nature.







Nature is my Beloved

Little messages here,

little altars there.

Big picture messages

Interpretation of the messages come in meditation, prayer and receptivity.

What does each animal mean to me?


Each plant?

How does the behavior of the animal tell me what I need to see?

What am I asking when a messenger shows up?

For an example, I am crossing a bridge. There is no turning back.

I saw my hawk friend yesterday. We had just arrived home after being away for a couple of days. She was eating a mouse on a post. We stayed quiet and watched her.

When she was finished, she shook off her feathers, fluffed herself up, and let go of the old (in the form of a great big poop), and flew to the new, with fresh energy. She circled and sang that unmistakable red-tailed scream. “Listen to me”, she calls.

Again, she speaks to me of the big picture. She has eaten a mouse. Not a time to see with narrow vision as a mouse sees, yet also not allowing my detailed vision to be harmed.









All is my Beloved. I am grateful and happy.

May you be awake within your Beloved.

Growth, a Journey

DP Photo Challenge – Growth, link here


Reflecting all that is around it, a drop forms, a nourishing drip of melted snow. The branch experiences stillness, a quiet presence of possibility. The tree readies herself for the coming season.


Leaves sprout, holding and protecting the new born bud.



How did they get there? Did the tree have to run out somewhere and get it? No, it has been within the tree all along. The Truth is already inside us.

We just be, as we watch our lives flower and unfold.



The bud grows, still asleep, dreaming of her awakening.






She begins her unfolding, surrounded by her beloved sisters. Energy from deep in the soil nurtures them, as does the rain from the clouds.

She blooms, her sisters still dreaming of their own rites of passage. She experiences the sun, the dew and her community. She is fully present with being alive.




A snow storm, a late freeze brings danger to our bloom and sister buds, as well as needed moisture for the tree. I imagine the tree smiling sadly, with tenderness and compassion for its delicate flower. Divine Love smiling upon Her child.

The flower has no fear. She is present with what is. None of the others will experience this unique moment as she does.


The ice begins to thaw. This mirror is in the prime of its own short existence as a drop, holding the Light just before falling to the ground.



This leaf has made it through, holding for a moment the experience of wetness and warm sun.


The sisters are opening, feeling the same warm sun and wet droplets. New life abounds.




New buds appear











And bloom.


Fully awake in this stage of their growth. The fragrance is subtle, sweet, intoxicating.



Experiencing waiting, being in the moment.









The bees arrive

Being bees


A baby apple appears, a sister not far behind. A new chapter for this once closed up bud.

The harsh weather is not over…

Hail storms and whirling winds …..


She has experienced much so far, this little apple. Adversity has marked her, making her stronger whilst giving her character. She glows as she creates her seeds deep inside.

The Universe will provide us with many triggers, or opportunities to help us learn what we came here to experience. To help us grow.

Without loss, how would we know what true living is? Without sadness, would we know happiness? Without shadow, light? Perhaps it is within the contrasts that we learn the most here on this planet. In experiencing duality, we learn to grow beyond it, or awaken from it into Oneness and Love.

She is not embarrassed by her flaws, and fears not ridicule. She is part of the landscape, just as she is.

She is an elder now, her life complete. With my hand, I touch my friend gently. She steps onto my palm. She has given herself to me. We have been in relationship, as I have ducked beneath her on my walk along the path each day, noticing and loving her. I thank her reverently, and bite into her juicy flesh. Tart and sweet. I feel her life, her stages of growth within me as her energy fills my belly. I am completely mindful of each mouthful, how it tastes and feels. I eat three quarters, along with two seeds, which contain cyanide, an anti- cancer element in small doses. I can taste it, the flavor of almond. I take the rest to the horses. They will enjoy little morsels of apple. Maybe they will poop out the seeds and plant another tree. That is how most of the apple trees here began.

Though the apple’s life is complete, for the tree it has only been a season. Life experiencing life.








“May the seeds of pure understanding come into full bloom within your being.”            Mooji





This week the daily post photo challenge prompt is Ascend


Each one of us has a different idea, belief, perception or feeling about ascension.

I find that for me, since I don’t understand how all this works, I try to keep a constant intention to raise my vibration in the now. The now moment is what we have.

My desire is to resonate with Harmony, Gratitude, Love and Light.

Then maybe I will be ready when and if the big A happens.




Maybe it happens at different times for everyone.










Perhaps it happens all at once.





Then again, maybe a few at a time. Or maybe a little over time, as we grow. Not suddenly. 





The way the world is now, we definitely need a miracle of some sort. As I have mentioned before, it has helped me to stay in the big picture, and that my beautiful hawk sister has helped me with this.


Standing in the eye of the storm with compassion also seems a good place to be.

May we all rise like a Phoenix from the chaos of purifying fire.  







And  all become part of the Divine Oneness – all of us including the Earth, as none of us are really separate. We are already One.


As one, we rise in Light

Heaven on Earth…now.

Imagination and meditation can create higher frequency visioning. I let my mind go, and climb upon my hawk friend’s back, and ascend high for even a glimpse of Divine Light.

Quietly within serenity, leaving this 3 dimensional world behind, we rise to 5th dimension.

Echoing and reflecting Divine Love for the Highest Good. 

As we release attachments and old patterns, we become lighter. Our frequency lightens and becomes more light filled.

Current choices are based on old beliefs. The old beliefs dictate how we perceive. Your beliefs can change your DNA or keep it stuck where it is.

Allow your beliefs to go into beginner’s mind. When you feel yourself resisting, move through it, and give yourself permission to feel, think and perceive differently.

May we see a mass change in Consciousness that resonates with Divine Oneness, Love and Light.

May we Ascend

Each Transformation (part 2)

Link to part one

We hold within us every age we have ever been. Each age had experiences, some more difficult than others. My inner 12- year -old who lost her mother, needs reassurance from me at times. We must be compassionate with the ones who were hurt, and support their healing. Most ages stay present, until they are healed. Some wiser ones stay on as they resonate with the frequency of Love and growth. Others we may enjoy become stronger. My 8 -year- old is a big part of who I am now. She is strong, wise, innocent and fun. My dog, Mattie, loves that part of me.

What we believe determines our experience. We must take responsibility for this. As we love what is, we become full of joy, gratitude and happiness.

When will we notice the transformation we are in now? How will we create peace out of the chaos? How do we create happiness and contentment within?

When will we transform the “power over” way of doing things to “Power within” and promote working together?  When we do this naturally within ourselves, we will see the changes in the outer world.

When will we wander through the portals into different, unexplored dimensions?

How will we move from duality to Unity consciousness with all life?

Change is constantly contracting and expanding. How will we change to resonate with peace and Love?

As seeds grow into adulthood, so must we grow into our Authentic selves






Enjoying the moment, yet ready to let go

Enjoy the now moment in all its purity and innocence.

Love what is without judgement or attachment. Transform beyond.

Judgements hold us back.   Discernment allows us to know when to step in and help.

As we experience dark nights of our Soul, so Gaia mirrors this for us as She goes through Her own, awaiting Her new dawn.









During these shifts that are happening now, we must trust in a Greater Truth. We must see the big picture. Hawk teaches us in the light of day

While Owl teaches us through the dark.

She teaches us about our own transformation. As we change through the dark, Owl helps us with our fears of the unknown.  She helps us in the world of shadow. As Dewin  says in a comment in one of his current posts,  “She is a perfect companion for navigating safe passage through the dark.”

Trust that everything is unfolding as it must.
















This unique earth vessel we wear is ephemeral,

while our souls are eternal.  A drop of water within a beautiful sea.






We bloom, we flower, we die…only to be reborn. Each small death grieved, each rebirth celebrated.







There is beauty in the death as well, as it offers seeds from its once vital life

Just as a flower grows and blossoms in an atmosphere of nutrition, moisture and plenty of sun light, so we grow more toward who we are in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and joy.

These asters are accepting of who they are and of what is.

If we see that mirror, we become more that way. Then it echoes all over the world.








The less judgement about what is, the more creative and expansive we will be.






The more we can compassionately forgive ourselves for our judgements, the more freedom we experience.

Into the flow of Love

The canvass is yours to paint.



Click on photos for a closer view

Each Transformation (part 1)

This week’s photo challenge is Transformation. Now, how could I let that one go by? It is one of my favorite words. This offering will come in two parts.

Transformations come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Each opening of a door, each stepping stone across a creek, each “aha” moment, each gate passed

Each new path started, each step across a bridge, each knitted row completed, then on to another piece entirely;

The turning of a page to our next chapter, or beginning another book altogether; the next rung on the ladder – each a metamorphosis.





Each riddle solved, that moves us closer to the Truth of Oneness and Love;








Each death,


each rebirth,




each movement from one state to another;



Each glimpse into who we truly are.  All are transformations of sorts. Small transitions to momentous and memorable shifts. Endings and beginnings.

Nothing stays the same.

Each time we walk into kindness with ourselves and others, we grow and transform.


Each stage of growth, each developmental task realized, learned and moved through;  these are our moments.

We need to appreciate each step along the way, I think. Love each small transition, each transcendental moment, as well as the momentous and memorable transformations.


Each Saturn return every 29 years, as well as each journey of the moon around the earth.






Embrace each fully.

How do we transform to create, accept and expand more loving in this world?

Our essential nature is Love. That is our Authentic Self.  How do we transcend our ego’s comfort zone?

Each time we transform our self and remember our Highter Self in some way, the collective takes another step.

Each mirror noticed, we ascend to new heights as a Whole.

Each time we visit our Shadow or come out of hibernation, we emerge transformed at least a little bit. As we walk through the light, we have to pass through our own shadow for a time.


It is our attitudes, thoughts and beliefs that define our experiences. How will we transmute our ego habits?


The ego shows us the layers and patterns we need to heal.







Thank you, ego.

As we transform into gratitude, peace, happiness, love and compassion, our unresolved issues influence our experience. That’s okay.

Our Authentic Self does not live in duality.  That is the ego’s realm. Ego holds misidentification of lack, unworthiness and fear.

As we awaken into who we truly are, our egos face challenges.  The ego may not be aware of the Authentic Self, so it feels threatened as we move toward the Light. Its job is to keep us safe. It has our best interest at heart. It doesn’t understand “capital H” Heart.  Ego doesn’t understand that being stuck in old patterns holds us back from joy and fulfillment. We need to expand and grow. Ego wants to keep us contracted. It holds on to these ineffective ways of being for dear life. We must love it though these transitions and transformations. We need ego to complete our healing process.

A big transformation is moving from ego identification to Soul identification.

Each time we transform our “little s” self into our Authentic Self,  again – the collective expands as well.

Ego will die many deaths as we grow. We are gentle with ego, as it loses hold of control. Authentic Self now runs the show. Past patterns and coping mechanisms will fall away, as we no longer need them. The trance of this physical manifestation transmutes to one of clear sight and Love. Our patterns are habits we must break in order to grow.

To be continued…..



Bridging the Depths

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is “Bridge.

When you perceive a transition in your life, how do you approach the bridge between where you are now, and what lies ahead? How are you with yourself when stepping on to this bridge? What do you take with you? What do you leave behind?

We may be drawn to cross a bridge, or to accept a challenge as Life’s opportunity for Heart to discover greater truth. What will be on the other side? What is the greater truth you are looking for? What do you think you will find there? How does this Truth connect you, or bridge you to Spirit?

As you start over the bridge, it may be a little scary. Are you afraid of heights? Transitions take a fair amount of courage. We may protect ourselves and cross a strong, sturdy bridge.

Or, throw caution to the wind and cross a rickety one. Either way, Trust is paramount.

When you start over the bridge, is your goal to quickly get to the other side, or do you enjoy the moment, and the scenery within? Take your time. You can stay on the bridge for as long as you like. Perhaps some reflection can teach you something. The new is patiently waiting for you to be ready, and will guide you to proceed in perfect timing.

When crossing the bridge into the unknown, we may walk into our shadow. Embrace it. Heal it. The Light is being held for you.

A way to get to a destination when it seems you can’t get there from here. There may be obstacles, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

Maybe you need distance from something in your life. I used to call it a geographical cure. Running from something? Or running toward something that serves you better?

What bridges the gap for you between suffering and living in joy? Joy is a choice. Choice is the bridge.

Dissolving the distance with a loved one who is physically far away over the Rainbow Bridge. Feel the connection in your heart. They are with you. Love is the bridge.

There is our physical world and the Spiritual realm. How do you bridge the two? For me, it is imagining, and holding the vision of Light, Love, Gratitude and Peace; and listening to the silence, to the still small voice within, to a Higher calling. It is witnessing my ego, healing it and experiencing Oneness. Feeling the Divine connection between Soul and personality.

How do we bridge the gap through our differences in this world?

Peace stands on the bridge, the green Earth Spirit guardian is but a breath away, a thought away,  a choice ~ a way.

May we live in Peace, Love and Joy together on this earth, until we cross the bridge to whatever is next.

Choosing My Focus

Focusing on the crispness and blurs of focus today,  as I ponder the WordPress weekly photo challenge about such.
Throughout any given day, I experience many phases of focus. In this moment, watching the shadows of leaves dancing on my page, I concentrate on being in the moment, focused on Nature. The breeze is soft on my skin, as the grasses sway. I hear the haunting flute notes of the mourning dove, the “yank yank” chatter of the busy nuthatch as he eats insects on the tree, mostly upside down.
I hear the melodic songs of the grosbeak and the robin;




the rhythmic clicking of the cicada as it warms up for its continuous afternoon trill; the chatter of the red squirrel high in the conifer trees; the distant echoing of thunder; the musical beating wings of hummingbirds;

the “bougainviiiiiiia,” “Mamameeeea,” territorial cry of the red winged blackbird;

The chirping crickets, the “drink your teeeeea,” phrases of the spotted towhee; the sweet song of the wren; the cry of the red tailed hawk; the buzzing of bees and other insects;

the incessant humorous repetitions of the parent magpies teaching their young words, inflections and sentences. If I were patient and focused enough, I could probably figure out their different sounds, but languages are hard to learn, especially those not Latin based.
I see colors, shapes, patterns, and movement. I smell pine, oak leaves and flowering wild roses.
This focus and attunement with Nature always brings me to happiness, gratitude, and being in my heart space.

At other times, I find myself triggered into a focus of sadness and anger, especially because of the mistreatment of our Mother.
Sometimes it is just a matter of taking care of my body. Have I eaten enough? Gotten enough sleep? Lack of these makes me irritable, which can put me into an awful mood, focused on what makes me upset, and I go downhill from there.
What is the world mirroring to me in these moments? What has arisen for me to heal, forgive, and love?     

The incompetence of huge corporations, as they wield such power over our lives, frustrates me to great lengths. How much control do I have over this situation? Not much. The only thing I have control of is my perception, focus and reaction, and then how I am with myself during them.

Will battling our land line phone company bring back our disabled service any sooner? I have fought with them, going around in circles, solving nothing. One can’t win when fighting reality. What is it about being a victim that needs focus and healing? I also had a recent experience in an airport that was traumatic for me – again feeling like a victim. I have compassion for my inner victim, and forgive myself for judging her. How could I have taken better care of myself?
By letting go of the need for control

Letting go

Letting go more

Letting go sooner

Sometimes we need to focus on our healing.
Sometimes being out of focus is important. There is great beauty in being out of focus…in just being. Sometimes in prayer, when asking for something specific, details are important in our visualizations.



At other times, we need to leave space for the Highest Good of All Concerned. We may not know what that looks like, and may only have a blurred idea. When we feel the Divine Beauty in our hearts, details fall away.

Blurriness inspires the imagination.

Judgements steal my focus too, at times. A mirror of this for me is the magpies harassing the red – tailed hawks. I judge them for grabbing the feathers of my friend, and devoted spirit animal, leaving them torn and tattered.

The blackbirds chase them too. These hawks don’t hurt them. Theirs is a diet of rodents. The magpies eat baby birds out of the nest. Are they projecting that onto the hawk? Cowbirds lay their eggs in smaller bird’s nests, because they don’t want to take care of their own children. Their babies grow up bigger, and out- compete the host babies. Why don’t the blackbirds go after them? It doesn’t seem fair. But there are no judgements in Nature. The magpies had just fledged their babies and felt extra protective.

See? It is again my projection about big corporations and political power. When do I stand up? When do I let it go? If I have no control, let it go. If I am guided to act, then act.
A double focus is sometimes called for. Higher, bigger picture and smaller, detailed picture. Hawk vision and bug vision.




A bug’s journey over the great abyss

As Jackson Browne wrote in his song, For a Dancer in the early ‘70’s – “Perhaps a better world is drawing near. Just as easy it could all disappear.” Maybe we will leave the planet as a species. She will heal Herself when we are gone. Maybe a miracle appears, and we pull out of this. Maybe we all ascend and She comes with us. I guess we will find out. In the meantime, what is our focus?

I haven’t posted (with the exception of a small Thanksgiving faerie) since November, 8th – election day. I don’t want to get into politics, only to say it threw me. My muse left me that day. My focus has been all over the place. I have been journaling a lot, but nothing posted. Red-tailed hawk has been sticking to me like glue – following me on my walks, answering me as I try to imitate her cry and call to her, circling me when I need to remember Truth, planting herself on the tree just outside my bedroom when I need support or comfort.

She reminds me always of the big picture. I do better there – keeping my focus on the Trust that something of Higher Good is unfolding. My goal is to focus on Love, Beauty, Gratitude and Grace. What we focus on is our choice. It creates our reality.

However, I can’t overlook what needs to heal within me. I pay attention to the mirrors and shadows that call my attention.





As I forgive myself for judgements that I project, healing takes place. My inner child is joyful and wise. She is my muse.

I hold a double focus – being mad at CenturyLink, for example, who can’t be bothered with fixing our phone – doing what I can to remedy the situation, then healing the little victim within me, with the help of lacey blue flax, swaying in the wind unharmed. She holds no tension in her body. The wind bothers her not at all. A double focus of this woodland scene, and the worldwide scene. Projecting Love and Grace.
Letting go.

Higher Self witnessing small self with Compassion

Today is the longest day. The day of most light. I celebrate the Light today, and focus on that, like these little twin faeries concentrating on the Light ahead.

I have missed you all. Hopefully I am back. My intention is to visit those of you with blogs, and see what you have been up to. I have felt my absence from you every day, and longed for my muse to return. I have had no internet for long stretches as well, so no communication was possible, except on rare trips to town. Even my travels took me to places with no internet or phone service.

I have had a lot of great experiences since November – travels, adventures, time with loved ones, lots of depth, laughter and tears, and beautiful quiet time in the woods.

Part of my missing muse came about from the felt sense that I could no longer “walk my talk,” having posted Chaos and Calm right before the election. I have worked on forgiving myself for all that nonsense, too, and know that you all will welcome me back lovingly.
Thank you for your friendship and support. Happy Solstice!!!
Blessings, Love and Light!

Chaos and Calm


When I look at the world around me, I see chaos. I see beauty. I am challenged by the riotous and frenzied clamor, and seek to find peace within it. Part of that, for me, is staying mindful in the moment, within both.  It is all the same energy. We are all one.

This ocean wave hits the rock. The droplets scatter, and separate into individual forms, and fall back into the oneness of the sea.


Turbulence ebbs.


When we find ourselves in rough water; instead of fighting it, we go with the flow. mfdsc_0825

We must ride the tide as our world changes, and as we do so, it can be kind of fun, with the awareness and trust that no matter what, we will be okay.  Can you see the little duck riding the wave?


Standing in the middle of pandemonium, we are solid on our foundation of Love and Harmony.


The best way for me to be a peaceful activist at my age is to pray; to Love the Earth and see Her as whole and well; to be happy and joyous; to put energy of gratitude, joy, freedom and love out there, like an arrow I shoot into the sky that bursts with color and covers the planet with Grace for the Highest Good.




I find a fine line between staying above the fray, and wanting to do something. How can I be of service, yet not get out of balance?


When I see this jumbled mess that seems to be our world today, I accept that it is what it is right now, and I do what I can in my own little part of the world to heal and transform, as I am called.


Part of this is healing and transforming myself through loyalty to my inner child and to my Soul. I try to live as authentically in my heart as I can, and let’s not forget the importance of humor!




When I feel tumultuous confusion, and helter- skelter all around,  I breathe in energy and it becomes so strong, it radiates out of my heart. I focus on the Divine.  Chaos cannot penetrate Light such as this.



Sunrise on the coast of Maine



I feel blessed to place my feet upon our Mother.



I breathe in her love, and as I exhale, I love her right back. I feel Her energy coming up through my feet as I inhale – up through my body, and out the top of my head. The Light from above fills me from the top of my head as I exhale, and I let it flow down through my body, out my feet and into Her, becoming rooted, balanced and centered.

So, when issues do inevitable come up, there is a rooted strength upon which to stand.


A strength from which to flow gently. Softly.


A flow can have magnificent strength,


as well as gentle, passing calm.


We can have the  strength to stand up within the issues, as well as the flexibility to flow with them.


How do we not get hooked or snagged by the chaos?


How do we find order within the frenzy?

How can we have calmness amidst the storm?


How can we learn from this entropy that seems to be occurring?

What is your deepest dream that can rise like a phoenix from the ashes, to heights you never thought possible?


When you are hooked by the uncertainty, how is it a mirror for you?


Do you see how the outer is a reflection of what is going on inside of you? The ego tells us stories about what is going on. The bigger picture is really quite different.


When you feel upside down and all topsy-turvey, can you let yourself just be there for a little bit instead of thinking it is wrong to feel that way?


Enjoy the feeling. Let it be. Acknowledge it. Love it. Forgive yourself for judging it as wrong.

Reflections are upside down.

We are in interesting times right now. Polarized. Never has the falseness of duality been so strong, and so apparent.

We are waking up. We are remembering who we are. More and more every day, we are coming into unity. It is a beautiful thing. Difficult at times, yes. But I do believe that what is in store for us is beyond our wildest wonderful dreams. It is happening right now, so be here now.


My cousin, Mike sent me this quote from a Dan Brown novel. The main character, a teacher says this:

” I should warn you that unveiling the truth is never easy. Throughout history, every period of enlightenment has been accompanied by darkness, pushing in opposition. Such are the laws of nature and balance. And if we look at the darkness growing in the world today, we have to realize that this means there is equal light growing. We are on the verge of a truly great period of illumination, and all of us…are profoundly blessed to be living through this pivotal moment of history.”


May the beauty of the uncertainty and formlessness assist you in the creation of your highest and deepest truth.



To see other folks’ entries for DP the photo challenge – “Chaos,” click here.



Mirrors of the Heart

We see the world through the filter of our own experience, much of which is subconscious, and formed before we even had words. So our world reflects all that back to us, like looking into a mirror. As we learn to use the world as an external feedback mechanism, we can figure out what disturbs our peace, and go about changing  beliefs that just aren’t true.


We see through our perceptual filters, which are determined by what we believe to be true – our definitions of reality. Many people believe that their perceptions of reality really are true. Have you ever seen that bumper sticker that says, “Don’t believe everything you think”?  Yeah.


Our lives unfold each day according to what we believe is true. The outer reflects the inner.


I remember I used to think my brother was embarrassed by me, and not proud of me at all. I felt bad because of this.  I went to see him on a road trip to the west coast with my friend Judy several years before he died. On the way back to NM, she exclaimed how proud he was of me. I was astounded! I just hadn’t seen it, so I had interpreted a lot of what he said or did as disgust, while she saw pride. As I saw his actions through different eyes, I could see his deep love and respect. It was my own false belief that was hurting me. I judged myself, so that is what I saw coming from him.

Compassionate self-forgiveness is a very healing, magical salve.


Nothing outside of us causes disturbance, but it is how we react to it, and how we are with ourselves as we react.


An unresolved issue is anything that disturbs our peace. We create our future by how we respond to experiences now. We can heal our unresolved issues as they are stirred up, by gently exploring them, feeling them, loving them and forgiving ourselves for our own self judgements.


Here is my dog, Mattie, looking at her own reflection. I doubt she is contemplating her past, future or false beliefs about her world, but she is definitely having a good time in the present moment.

DSCN2270 - Copy

The present moment is what we have, and the best way I have found to remain in a peaceful state, is to be totally in it. She reminds me of that always.

As our lives become more and more filled with Acceptance, Love grows.


Love = Truth

So what isn’t a mirror, really? It’s all a mirror.












This sun flower is a mirror as much as this.




These are all expressions of Love.


We are all expressing consciousness. We aspire to Love. We are all One. So we see some part of ourselves in absolutely everything. If there is something/someone/some group or activity we don’t like, it is in us, part of us, like looking in the mirror on a bad hair day.

Today, I choose joy, and to look into the faces of those I love.


All this chaos all around me- I just can’t pay too much attention to it. It upsets me, and there is very little I can do about it. When people say we have to stand up against it, what does that even mean?

I used to know what it meant, and I did a lot of it, like marches on Washington back in the late 60’s, early 70’s, writing to congress people, creating petitions, speaking out, shouting my stance, etc.  Now I don’t know. I do know that Acceptance of what is, is far from resignation.


The Earth is dying – or the planet as we know it now. None of my “fighting” helped.  She cannot sustain life as we have known it anymore. This disturbs my peace in a big way.  A miracle could happen. Yes. Yet, any effort on my part besides beaming Love, believing in miracles and raising my vibration would fall short. I don’t want to contribute to the chaos with fear, anger and hatred. I have to Love it all somehow. My job is to Love the Earth. I really do try to do what I can, to stand up for Her. I honestly believe that Love = Truth, and this will set us all free. Acceptance of what is, personal responsibility for our own actions and words, and Love.


A Mirror of the Heart

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge ( Mirror)

Wonders of Imagination and Detail

When I ponder the topic of this week’s photo challenge, Details, my first image is mouse. I don’t have a picture of one, but you all know what they look like. If you can imagine what it might be like to be one, it’s easy to be in touch with the details of your life.

Sometimes I get too dreamy in my imagination, neglecting important details. On the other side of that coin, I can get way too stuck in details and lose sight of wonder and inspiration. Sometimes, I find myself chewing the weight of every detail to bits, long after I should have spit it out or let it go. I don’t want to be picayune, but to be mindful of both imagination and detail. We can’t be overwhelmed by the maze of this world, in all its weirdness, but must follow our own unique path.

DSC_0381 - Copy (2)

Hawk vision and mouse vision. The big picture, combined with attention to detail. However, hawk eats mouse, so we must be cognizant, somewhat, of a balance there, and notice where we are. When we get too focused, we may miss other opportunities. Not focused enough, we miss opportunities to manifest our dreams.

Dream the idea, feel it already manifested in your heart, see it through visioning, then dive into the action of details that bring it to fruition.

Hummingbirds spark details and imagination. Since they can fly backward, forward, sideways and also hover, they remind me of being in the now. I can see the mystery of cause and effect through their wings, which can move in a figure 8 movement, portraying infinity. The past and future are now. Cause and effect are now. The hummers are so quick. They seem to move from one reality to another as they spiral up into the air together and zoom down. Their dance and play remind us to aspire to a joyful vibration of gratitude, and to enjoy the sweet, rich nectar of our beings. They can be aggressive and protective, but even when they fight, no one seems to get hurt.


It seems impossible to fly as they do. We find it is possible to accomplish the seemingly impossible, as we grow and learn to fly, merging imagination with attention to detail.

They need 50 – 60 meals a day, yet can fly 2500 miles during migration. Amazing little creatures.

Their symbiotic relationship with flowers, reminds us we can have a symbiotic relationship between hawk vision and mouse vision.

“There are always many realities. The one we experience is the one we transmit from inside of us for our own experiences here.” Lisa Brown

2016 June 10 s lizard DSC_0068 - Copy - Copy

Your dreamer’s eyes

Behind armor and scales,

What lesson do you bring us from deep within the imagination?

Lizard encourages us to pay attention to the symbols and recurring patterns in our dreams. Are we lacking in dreams for the future? Imagination is the door to all new ideas and creations. It gives us sight into new dimensions of awareness. I may be aware of being here on our mountain, and even of being one with it, but I am also a city, a country, the planet, many galaxies.

Those are some fingernails!

The dream is born in seeds of imagination

Dsc 0397s seedhead skirt June-july - Copy

There is unique individuality in the detail of each seed within the whole.

DSC_0408 ssseedhead with purple june-july - Copy

Seeds in the comfort of the Loving and Spiritual Home.

DSC_0796 - Copy



We learn of Light, as we absorb the blueness of our atmosphere,


and Shadow, as we take in the void, the Feminine.

DSC_0793 - Copy

Each unique seed holds the potential of the future. Where will you fly? One has to leave the whole to become form. We forget for a moment because life seems so foreign.

We  re-learn we are part of the collective. We are all One. Then we break off into our own form, and have to remember it all again.

DSC_0797 - Copy

“Whew! Thank you, friend” she says.  “You have lightened my fall. I would have hit the ground. Please hold me as I remember who I am and why I am here – until a breeze takes me on my journey to find the best soil for my growth. I will sail just like a dream.”

DSC_0494 s droplet june-july - Copy



Sometimes details blend together to create something new. The big picture blends with the minute. Just being their own unique selves, these drops express an authenticity all their own. Everything is within them.



As several details blend, the whole emerges.

DSC_0502 s droplet abstract june-july - Copy

Walking on water as if on skis, the water strider rests, gazing at his reflection, or is it a shadow?

DSC_0427 - Copy

Is he floating on the sky? He reminds me that I am supported by Spirit, all the time no matter where I am.

Intricate and unique: A portrait in detail.

DSC_0888 - Copy

Alignment with love and peace, magic and beauty, bliss and abundance, Light and purity.

Dreams manifesting into detail

DSC_0905 - Copy

Behind feathered Light, he watches, waiting for his beloved to feed. A valiant, courageous knight.

DSC_0283 s rufus sitting june-july - Copy

DSC_0123 - Copy_01



Looking back tentatively, a dream horse catches my eye, beckoning me to hop upon her back of thick pink and green fur. Ok, so it’s a baby oak leaf in the rain. Dreams begin in the imagination before details emerge.





An elegant gown to wear for gathering food. The thistle and the butterfly dance. One pollinating,

DSC_0115 s butterfly june-july - Copyone receiving the gift of nourishment.

It’s a sweet relationship – just one detail of this beautiful life.




Point by point, detail by detail, we split hairs as we go, figuring it all out. A magnetic attraction, drop to drop to drop, until the forms become One, ready to venture forth and spread their love upon the soil.

DSC_0056 - Copy (4)



DSC_0056 - Copy (2) - Copy (2)Though divided, we soon remember, and come back together.

Such loving attention to detail, like rivers or an angel in our midst

DSC_0021 - Copy s Iris - Copy

Magpie feathers are iridescent in the sun.

DSC_0053s adult magpie 47 - Copy





DSC_0095 s - Copy baby magpie white feathers - Copy



This baby’s feathers are still white. They still live in a black and white world, colors yet to be explored.


More details of wonder and discovery

A mandala surrounded in yellow; inner circles ever closer toward the center of our hearts. We are sacred geometry.

DSC_0292s sunflower June-July - Copy

A  mandala of joy, or opening, or doing this right now. Endless expansiveness.

DSC_0393 - Copy

Prayers and blessings go out all over the world, all of the time. Imagination and detail made manifest.

DSC_0383 - Copy

Folded Hands

The energy is Love, Grace and Peace. Take it in and send it back out. In Unity, we thrive.