Wonders of Imagination and Detail

When I ponder the topic of this week’s photo challenge, Details, my first image is mouse. I don’t have a picture of one, but you all know what they look like. If you can imagine what it might be like to be one, it’s easy to be in touch with the details of your life.

Sometimes I get too dreamy in my imagination, neglecting important details. On the other side of that coin, I can get way too stuck in details and lose sight of wonder and inspiration. Sometimes, I find myself chewing the weight of every detail to bits, long after I should have spit it out or let it go. I don’t want to be picayune, but to be mindful of both imagination and detail. We can’t be overwhelmed by the maze of this world, in all its weirdness, but must follow our own unique path.

DSC_0381 - Copy (2)

Hawk vision and mouse vision. The big picture, combined with attention to detail. However, hawk eats mouse, so we must be cognizant, somewhat, of a balance there, and notice where we are. When we get too focused, we may miss other opportunities. Not focused enough, we miss opportunities to manifest our dreams.

Dream the idea, feel it already manifested in your heart, see it through visioning, then dive into the action of details that bring it to fruition.

Hummingbirds spark details and imagination. Since they can fly backward, forward, sideways and also hover, they remind me of being in the now. I can see the mystery of cause and effect through their wings, which can move in a figure 8 movement, portraying infinity. The past and future are now. Cause and effect are now. The hummers are so quick. They seem to move from one reality to another as they spiral up into the air together and zoom down. Their dance and play remind us to aspire to a joyful vibration of gratitude, and to enjoy the sweet, rich nectar of our beings. They can be aggressive and protective, but even when they fight, no one seems to get hurt.


It seems impossible to fly as they do. We find it is possible to accomplish the seemingly impossible, as we grow and learn to fly, merging imagination with attention to detail.

They need 50 – 60 meals a day, yet can fly 2500 miles during migration. Amazing little creatures.

Their symbiotic relationship with flowers, reminds us we can have a symbiotic relationship between hawk vision and mouse vision.

“There are always many realities. The one we experience is the one we transmit from inside of us for our own experiences here.” Lisa Brown

2016 June 10 s lizard DSC_0068 - Copy - Copy

Your dreamer’s eyes

Behind armor and scales,

What lesson do you bring us from deep within the imagination?

Lizard encourages us to pay attention to the symbols and recurring patterns in our dreams. Are we lacking in dreams for the future? Imagination is the door to all new ideas and creations. It gives us sight into new dimensions of awareness. I may be aware of being here on our mountain, and even of being one with it, but I am also a city, a country, the planet, many galaxies.

Those are some fingernails!

The dream is born in seeds of imagination

Dsc 0397s seedhead skirt June-july - Copy

There is unique individuality in the detail of each seed within the whole.

DSC_0408 ssseedhead with purple june-july - Copy

Seeds in the comfort of the Loving and Spiritual Home.

DSC_0796 - Copy



We learn of Light, as we absorb the blueness of our atmosphere,


and Shadow, as we take in the void, the Feminine.

DSC_0793 - Copy

Each unique seed holds the potential of the future. Where will you fly? One has to leave the whole to become form. We forget for a moment because life seems so foreign.

We  re-learn we are part of the collective. We are all One. Then we break off into our own form, and have to remember it all again.

DSC_0797 - Copy

“Whew! Thank you, friend” she says.  “You have lightened my fall. I would have hit the ground. Please hold me as I remember who I am and why I am here – until a breeze takes me on my journey to find the best soil for my growth. I will sail just like a dream.”

DSC_0494 s droplet june-july - Copy



Sometimes details blend together to create something new. The big picture blends with the minute. Just being their own unique selves, these drops express an authenticity all their own. Everything is within them.



As several details blend, the whole emerges.

DSC_0502 s droplet abstract june-july - Copy

Walking on water as if on skis, the water strider rests, gazing at his reflection, or is it a shadow?

DSC_0427 - Copy

Is he floating on the sky? He reminds me that I am supported by Spirit, all the time no matter where I am.

Intricate and unique: A portrait in detail.

DSC_0888 - Copy

Alignment with love and peace, magic and beauty, bliss and abundance, Light and purity.

Dreams manifesting into detail

DSC_0905 - Copy

Behind feathered Light, he watches, waiting for his beloved to feed. A valiant, courageous knight.

DSC_0283 s rufus sitting june-july - Copy

DSC_0123 - Copy_01



Looking back tentatively, a dream horse catches my eye, beckoning me to hop upon her back of thick pink and green fur. Ok, so it’s a baby oak leaf in the rain. Dreams begin in the imagination before details emerge.





An elegant gown to wear for gathering food. The thistle and the butterfly dance. One pollinating,

DSC_0115 s butterfly june-july - Copyone receiving the gift of nourishment.

It’s a sweet relationship – just one detail of this beautiful life.




Point by point, detail by detail, we split hairs as we go, figuring it all out. A magnetic attraction, drop to drop to drop, until the forms become One, ready to venture forth and spread their love upon the soil.

DSC_0056 - Copy (4)



DSC_0056 - Copy (2) - Copy (2)Though divided, we soon remember, and come back together.

Such loving attention to detail, like rivers or an angel in our midst

DSC_0021 - Copy s Iris - Copy

Magpie feathers are iridescent in the sun.

DSC_0053s adult magpie 47 - Copy





DSC_0095 s - Copy baby magpie white feathers - Copy



This baby’s feathers are still white. They still live in a black and white world, colors yet to be explored.


More details of wonder and discovery

A mandala surrounded in yellow; inner circles ever closer toward the center of our hearts. We are sacred geometry.

DSC_0292s sunflower June-July - Copy

A  mandala of joy, or opening, or doing this right now. Endless expansiveness.

DSC_0393 - Copy

Prayers and blessings go out all over the world, all of the time. Imagination and detail made manifest.

DSC_0383 - Copy

Folded Hands

The energy is Love, Grace and Peace. Take it in and send it back out. In Unity, we thrive.


78 thoughts on “Wonders of Imagination and Detail

  1. Your photos and words always inspire, Mary. And you pack so much into every post. And the words and photos interweave so well… 🙂 I love the lizard, and the dandelion seeds framed against the sky. You don’t often look up at dandelions and I think your perspectives for so many of these photos are insightful in their own way.

    There are many lines that give the heart a little love tap in here: the magpie’s journey from black and white to color, the awareness that even though life feels we could sink into it at any moment we are truly supported by Spirit the entire time, and the armor and scales of the lizard who dashes from dream to dream! So lovely… And you, in relationship to all of it, sharing glimpses into what it means to thrive in unity…

    Thank you for the soulful nourishment!

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    • Aw, thank you Michael. I’m so glad you found nourishment and love taps here. It is nice to know we are supported by Spirit always, even though it’s easy to forget sometimes. Yes, isn’t that baby magpie cute? It’s like going to OZ, suddenly its wings will be iridescent with color. The rest will stay black and white.
      So many baby birds fledging right now. Parents so busy. It’s amazing the work they do. I do miss the songs, though, that went on while the mamas were on the nest.
      Isn’t life so amazing? Never a dull moment. Beauty everywhere.
      Thanks again for your comment, Michael.

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  2. Beautiful photos and connections with Nature. I do have a very soft spot for the amazing Hummingbird, it always reminds me to live life fully and to drink from the sweet nectar of life. Every part of nature holds a lesson of wisdom for us and your photos and stories remind us yet again. Thankyou.

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    • Hey Karen!
      Nice to see you! I’m glad you liked the photos and feel a connection to Nature here. It is nice to share that connection with you. I love the hummers too. Do you have them there? I don’t remember seeing them in NZ, although it was late fall when I was there.
      Have a great weekend!

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    • Thank you, my Kris! Could not have done it without the use of your computer, since my brand new one is dead, hopefully rising soon. I laughed to myself thinking of your idea to do “D tails” like dog tail. hahaha! It was so nice having you up here. I love you. I’m so glad you liked this.


  3. Dearest Mary, I realize I have been subconsciously waiting for a new blog, and opening emails with a quiver of expectation, then a bit of disappointment. Today, NO disappointment! This ravishing feast for the senses has filled me up to the top, overflowing with the two most important things in my life: Beaty and Mystery. Especially the evanescence of the fluttering seeds and the mystical dewdrops, juxtaposed to the seeming density of dreaming lizard of the amazing toenails. Once again, you’ve outdone yourself…….with soul words and images that open my whole being. You are a magician! See you soon, yay!

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    • Thank you so much Jessica!!
      I am always so happy to see you here, and can’t wait to see you next week! So glad you liked this. I knew you would love the seeds and the lizard. 🙂 A magician! Well, that is high praise indeed! You are always so supportive and I appreciate it more than you know. I love you!
      Big love


  4. “We re-learn we are part of the collective. We are all One. Then we break off into our own form, and have to remember it all again. “Whew! Thank you, friend” she says. “You have lightened my fall. I would have hit the ground. Please hold me as I remember who I am and why I am here – until a breeze takes me on my journey to find the best soil for my growth. I will sail just like a dream.” This is so my image of the circle of life. And I TOTALLY loved this: A mandala surrounded in yellow; inner circles ever closer toward the center of our hearts. We are sacred geometry. That should be put on a picture of a sunflower and sold. Such a lovely sentiment.

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    • Thank you, Calen. What a wonderful comment! I’m really glad you liked it, and felt the circle of life within it.
      Nature says it all…at least for me. Thank you for coming her today and commenting. I look forward to your next installment of the seeker!

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    • Hey Opher!
      Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked it. It was a little hard to do, as my computer (brand new) had to have its hard drive completely erased. It’s taking forever. I’m using an old computer and a friend’s back and forth with thumb drives. Oh well. Hopefully it will be all better soon. This old one is barely holding up.
      Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your weekend and not letting politics upset you. There’s so much going on! I have to step away. I feel pretty powerless to change anything except my own small world, and capture its beauty while it is still here.
      Be well,


  5. Hi Mary,
    In getting an overall feel for this post, it feels soft, like down, feathery, welcoming; and yet it’s playful with the pink horse who showed up disguised as our familiar baby oak leaf, then practical and didactic with mindfulness and right attention/intention, in relationship, to all things: unifying. I felt contemplative with the strider. So darn cool, literally. I wonder if the little guy or gal is keeping cool (it’s very hot here right now!) I wonder what the temperature is there. Always appreciating and happy to see your posts, to savor, and to embrace, along with you, all our love for earth.
    Blessings & friendship, Ka

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    • Sorry it’s so hot there. It’s really hot here too, but it looks like a storm is passing by, cooling things off. I wish it would drop some off here on its way north, but the clouds don’t look very thick. I guess it’s about 80.
      I do love the striders. Right now, the creek is so low, there are very few of them. Come on rain!!!
      Oh, lightening! Now, I really really hope it rains. Fire is a big issue around here.
      Where do you live?
      I feel very connected to you, Ka, and love our mutual love for earth.
      Enjoy your weekend, and…oh, did you get a new camera? Your sea creature post was so cool! Makes me want to go to the Aquarium in Albuquerque. I haven’t been in years.
      Oh good, here comes a little rain. Yay!

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      • Hi Mary, I feel connected to you, too. Yes. it’s hot here. We are spending the weekend in the mountains.

        Re camera store: When in Italy in June I dropped my camera. Luckily only the UV filter broke, plus it’s insured. I needed to take it to the store anyways to buy the new uv filter and a new lens cap (once home); then to have a piece of glass removed that was trapped near the lens. While not causing immediate danger to the lens, I wanted to it to be removed with their air blaster, to be sure. I haven’t had the chance to delve further with any special lenses per previous conversations, and I missed the chance to test lenses during my free promo period offered with the camera. Nor have I had the chance to really sit with those pictures, and “digest.” Actually, re: store, I tried to make good on my free temporary promo, but they didn’t have what I was looking for in stock to even try out. Yes, I have my still-new Sony mirrorless. (you know, since the old Minolta x700 with 35 millimeter film days and then the lengthy hiatus from any cameras besides phones) The factory lens is plenty fun for now, though, and it’s really all i have time for. I tried legacy lenses from the old camera because I got an adapter, but it’s time to let those old lenses go. As you know, I am still trying to work out software for editing, and to learn my camera. I found free software called Krita; but after I downloaded it, I lost all of my photos, again, (due to a program conflict most likely, I am still new to Mac but this is typical with computers). Anyways, upon rebooting the program that the photos are loaded onto, the software started to magically work again. Voila, pictures! So, I am still trying to figure out if Krita will be of any assistance to my photography pursuits. Then, I got this other program that changes the color of my monitor to protect eyes from blue light. The problem is that that program doesn’t fully uninstall, and it’s gone haywire! It went on while writing this to you (and it was supposed to only go on in the evening) when it was fully installed. So, I cannot see true color, unless it’s off. Btw, If you go to the Aquarium in Albuquerque please post and send me a link!!! Enjoy the rain!!!! I live in San Diego. When we drove across country to move here, we stopped in Albuquerque and we liked it very much, especially their old town, doesn’t compare to here’s. I keep trying to get to my rain songs in, but… you know, the todo list. Love and Blessings, Ka

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      • Wow, I hear you about figuring out editing programs! The only free one that I can find where I can write my name is Picasa, but Google discontinued it, but there are places you can still download it. I will have to check out Krita. I have a pretty good editing program through Nikon, but it doesn’t have a text option. I bought photoshop elements 14, but it won’t download properly. Now, my brand new computer needs to be completely erased, so I will have to re-enter everything anyway. Grrrr.
        I had forgotten you got the mirrorless camera. I remember now. Do you like it? I’m sure the factory lens is great, given your beautiful aquarium pictures.
        I got my old camera down from the shelf, with all my lenses. I guess I will just give it to goodwill. I used to love it so much. It’s a little hard to part with, but like you said, time to let them go. It felt so surprisingly unfamiliar. I thought it would feel like an old friend.
        Yeah, Albuquerque is ok. I go there a couple times a month. It’s 3 hours away.
        I hope you cool off soon. Do you at least have ocean breezes? Are there any quiet beaches there, or is it pretty much crowded all over. I have never been there.
        Boy, do I know the to do list, haha! Bill and I causally started writing ours out, and became so overwhelmed after 4 notebook pages with 2 columns, we had to stop.
        Well, enjoy your Sunday, Ka, and I will do the same.

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  6. Dear Mary
    I love your ability to use your beautiful photos to illustrate your ideas. It is a gift born from not only talent, but because I have known you for a long time ( albeit we were apart for 35 years. ) 😉 I can say with some credability , and your readers and longtime friends, will back me up; a lifetime of spiritual growth , deep thought and dedication to loving all things
    I also liked among many of your comparisons , the use of the mouse vision and the hawk vision to demostrate the idea of attention to details which then comprise the big picture and the ability to see both.
    Being able to see the details sharply and the whole picture ( created by each individual and unique detail) , at the same time , would be a great accomplishment in itself. That ability would be a very valuable tool in igniting the imagination to create
    Thank you for your delightfully thought provoking journey, once again into combustible ideas so artistically presented , to fuel and ignite creativity.

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    • Thank you for such an in depth, heartfelt comment, Jenny! You write beautifully.
      It really would be nice to be able to stay in hawk vision and mouse vision at the same time all the. I can get lost in each. What if we had soil microbe and cloud vision or galaxy vision?! That would be a perspective I would like very much. We would have to expand a little.
      Thank you for acknowledging my lifelong spiritual path. It is so deep within me, and you who have known me for so long would know that. I loved knowing you in our late teens, early 20’s. Such a time of innocence and pure wonder. Even if we did eat far too many spudnuts!
      Thank you again, for this beautiful comment.


  7. Mary, this is such a lovingly-crafted reminder of how our perspective is always partial, always selective, always mediated by our own, limited, animal sentience. And yet nature so often affords us the possibility to escape the narrowness of perspective, as we lose ourselves and our self-centric projections in submersing ourselves within it. It seems we can only allow this to happen, rather than contriving it, and I daresay your skills in this surpass my own by some measure. Thankyou – a wonderfully meditative and insightful blend of imagery and thought. With all best wishes, Hariod.

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    • Thank you, Hariod.
      Nature really does put a different perspective on things, no matter what, I think, our reigning perspective may be. Gratitude is my favorite most feeling, and She helps me get there…unless I am led to deal with something uncomfortable, in which case she will show me something that resonates repulsiveness perhaps. Sadly, I don’t always lose my self-centric projections, but sometimes they are important to deal with lingering wounds. Nature will project those to me, as well as just loving me along my way, where I can escape that narrowness of perspective, and just be. That seems to be where the meditative and insightful parts reside.
      I am glad you enjoyed my images and words. I enjoy yours here very much. How are you liking your camera?
      Peace and Love


  8. Mary your photos are so detailed and I love your poetic words of inspiration. Always bringing new light to the world. What a wonderful post! Today I shall take my camera and explore nature at its finest. Love and Light!!


    • Hey Sandy,
      Yes, isn’t it just the most fun? Always happy with my camera around my neck.
      Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed this post. Thank you for believing I bring more light to the world with these posts. You do that as well, Sandy. Your posts are always so upbeat, beautiful and meaningful.
      Enjoy your nature time.
      Blessings, Love and Light

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      • Thank you Mary. Saturday was a beautiful mix of nature, history, and coffee shop – people watching. Wonderful photo day!! I have an open flight which I will use for NM when we are ready. Feeling very blessed – I’m grateful to have ‘meet’ you here!! Have a beautiful Sunday!

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      • I did have a beautiful Sunday and Monday as well. I also look forward to our time together, whenever that happens.
        Blessings on your week.
        Peace and love


  9. well, these are all lovely, really. But the one before the water strider is excellently excellent. And the two pink ones with water drops before the blue orchid is it before the magpie…WOW


    • Thank you BF!
      Excellently excellent is a wonderful compliment, and I appreciate that! Nature is so amazing. I love finding little things to photograph. Big things too, but I enjoy the details, that some might not notice.
      Are you still out adventuring, or have you come home to roost or settle for a minute?
      Thanks for coming by. Always nice to see your fishy, sunglass clad face.


  10. Dear Mary, you are my hero because you used the word picayune – that along with your insightful reading and incredible eye for “detail” in nature. And while I have you – and not to be at all dismissive of the great content – but where did the expression the devil is in the detail come from?
    As you were….(and as you may always be). Love from Harlon

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  11. You know, I don’t know where that came from. Maybe somewhere along our history, people got punished if they left out details. I put an addition onto my last house a while back. My contractor was a transgender woman. She was so amazing. Very creative, yet strong bodied enough to follow through with her ideas. She used to say, “God is in the details.” Now, that’s what I say.
    Happy Sunday, Harlon!
    Blessings and Love,


    • dear mary and harlon,
      this question about why the devil might be in the details came up for discussion somewhere in the Badfish and Chips cafe also. i recal replying to it there…. let me see if i can remember…

      in my opinion, its something like this. you know when you get official contracts to sign, like buying a house, signing a work contract, or something equally important involving money and time, and a lotta people skim thru the lengthy paragraphs, dont read the details, just look for the main game like how much the monthly mortage will be etc and SIGN on the dotted line, with no further ado….

      Well, im not one of those people. I’m one of those people who insist on reading every single paragraph of anything i mean anything ( inluding online agreements etc) that i have to give my signature agreement too.

      Why? because the devil is in the details. Once i refused to sign a contract for what would have been a wonderful opportunity – an agreement to go on an educational work trip to a foreign country, all expenses paid, as long as i worked for the company for another two years. as i wanted job stabliity it was really a wonderful win win opportunity. but i didnt go. why not? because the devil was in the details. one small clause said “if the employee dies before the bond period of working for the company is finished, the company will take cost of trip from the employees heirs”.

      WHAT! other people didnt bother worrying about things like that – after al, the company would have had little ability to police such a ridiculous concept anyhow, but for me it was the principle. i mean, would they really take money from a motherless child? even the thought is sickening.

      so the devil is in the details because most people dont bother reading it, and once there is something extremely yucky that the other party is legally able to enforce – theres nothing one can do if one has added one’s signature.

      come to think of it, politics is a bit like that. i am off the opinon that most australians dont bother reading too much about the details of the major parties policies ( voting is compulsory in Aus) and make voting judgements based on mass media propaganda. then they refuse to admit voting for the bastards. most australians, in my opinion, dont actually realise that they might get who they voted for!

      well a very long winded answer but i hope that has explained , in my opinion anyhow, what the expression means! xx


  12. Stunning photography Mary presented in such a way that is not only pleasing and inviting to the eye but also stimulating to the brain. The copy which accompanies it contributes to a more complete understanding of your presentation. wow! what a great post


  13. Ah! Mary…to be bathed in the beauty of this prayer and the visual stimulation of your incredible captures…I feel so blessed…so full of love…and the wanting to go and explore my gifts that I will bring to this world!! Thank you for your heartfelt connection…your soul vibrates pure love and for me, on this Monday morning after a tough week and weekend, I feel so grateful ❤ ❤


    • Thank you so much Lorrie! I feel blessed having read this right now! I’m so glad you felt so good about this. I’m sorry, though that you had a tough week and weekend. I’m glad you feel gratitude. For me, there is no better feeling. I hope this week turns out a lot better. Blessings blessings blessings to you. You are such a beautiful soul. Thank you.
      Peace, harmony and gratitude


  14. I feel like I just experienced a beautiful dream deep within reality, where most people don’t get to go. But you take us there. Yet, I am grounded and encouraged by your words: “Dream the idea, feel it already manifested in your heart, see it through visioning, then dive into the action of details that bring it to fruition.”

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    • Thank you so much, JoAnna,
      That means a great deal to me. I am so glad that this resonated with you both as a beautiful dream deep within reality as well as a grounding feeling as well. I feel very fortunate to be so close to Nature every day.
      Thank you for coming by and for your uplifting comment.

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  15. I just love your beautiful posts, Mary. This one is no exception. Particularly drawn by the phrase the humming birds teach us “to enjoy the sweet, rich nectar of our beings” and your musings on us as scared geometry.

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    • Thank you so much Julia. I’m glad you like the posts. I feel very fortunate to be so close to Nature, and to hear Her voice within. I appreciate your visit here, and your comment full of sweet, rich nectar from your being. 🙂

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  16. Hi dear Mary, this again is another wonderful masterpiece filled with Animal Magic and wisdom coupled with your beautiful narrative it was a beautiful pleasure to read.

    As was you last post Curves Around Here and There, I do hope you got to read my reply to that post also.. For that too was a great delight my friend..

    I hope you are well.. The photo’s all so beautifully captured from walking on water to floating Umbrella’s, let us all keep the magic of our dreams in tact as we give thanks for natures beauty for her Details are incredible when we stop and take time out to notice the marvels she creates..

    Thank you for sharing such beauty dear Mary..


    • Thank you so much Sue. She does create some pretty marvelous masterpieces, our beautiful Mother.
      I am well, thank you. Still having technology problems, but I can feel it turning around finally. Yay!
      I’m finding it hard, this summer, to find time to be on line much. Same is true for you, with your beautiful allotment!
      Take care, Sue. Thank you for stopping by and saying such nice things.
      Much love

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      • Yes I am spending less time with technical stuff and more time in nature.. I am just having to go with the flow., We are both of us following what calls us.. it is that simple.. And I appreciate the time you took to visit also dear Mary.. Sending love and Light dear friend.. Take care.
        Love Sue ❤

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  17. You are balm for my soul Mary. Your photos always astound me with their beauty. And when woven with your deeply thoughtful remarks I always feel like I’m called into the most magical of places where I can see with a bit more clarity and feel with a bit more nuanced gentleness. Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift that you are.


    • Aw, Deborah. Thank you so much. I am so glad you enjoyed this. Your beautiful comment, so nicely written from your heart has touched mine deeply.
      Happy weekend!


  18. I’ve always loved your posts, Mary. You let us into a wondrous, photographic journey from the heart. I always come away with a sense of how beautiful your world is. I was struck by the words, “there are always many realities” and if we desire to change our reality, all it takes is a dream. ❤


    • Sure enough, Olga, this was in spam! I marked it not spam, so hopefully it won’t happen at least on this site again. Thank you for this comment. I’m glad you like my photos. I sure do enjoy taking them!
      The Earth is beautiful, and I love sharing the details I see. Thanks for coming by, Olga. Sorry about the spam filter.
      Love and beauty

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  19. I so enjoyed your musings on the details of our lives, where we place our attention, interwoven with pictures that emphasize your thoughts, in such loving detail. We miss so much when we don’t take the time to focus on the small details in the design and coloring of a butterfly, the iridescence of hummingbird throat and wings, the waves and lines and curves of our own inner experiencing…


    • Hi Annette!
      So nice to see you. It’s true. We miss a lot. I feel so fortunate to live in a place where I get to notice such beauty all around me. Thank you for your beautiful comment. Have a happy weekend of noticing the details in design around you.
      Peace and beauty

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  20. In the words of Ellie in the movie Contact, “I had no idea!”. This is seriously insightful stuff, thank you! Is it a water bug resting on water or a satellite hovering over the earth?


  21. Mary Mary Mary Mary!
    I am SO happy to be back in blogsville ( now that ive done all the other serious stuff like pay overdue bils etc that just pile up when one has no internet access)… and to finally have time to read your beautiful posts.

    All i can say, for now, is this: this post is so chock-a-block with inspirational beautfy -a Magician’s work indeed, as someone else said – you are a Magician with words and Images – that i do believe that this post will become another of my favourites of yours, like the North Star post that i read first and got me hooked on your blog and led us to becoming friends. I will revisit, reread, and recomment!!! 🙂

    For now, one more thing to say: as i read i thought about the plethora of so called ‘wisdom cards’, ‘new age advice books ‘ and all that stuff that abounds in bookshops, online etc, often of – well – lets just say some are beautiful and some are just repetitive and uninspirational.

    Reading this post I wondered – you could find the shiniest of the gems in your posts and either make them a book – or i am thinking, kind of inspiratational divinatory cards – with your incredible photos and wealth of wisdom – and people could use them as a kind of ‘pick a card you are drawn to’ for inspirational advice.

    You could get some costings then crowdfund it on places like Kickstarter. I for one would promise to cofund and I’m sure many of your blog followers also would.

    Your wealth of wisdom, great love genuine gentleness and deep humanity is SO needed as guidance for us all as we co-create the new world.

    love, love, love
    and hugs

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    • Debbie Debbie Debbie Debbie!!!
      You are such a shining star! You have been so supportive of this blog, for which I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate. This comment takes the cake! I am about to leave for a week for family reunion, and now I can take this love with me on the road, and smile every time I think of it! I would like to do a coffee table book or inspirational card deck some day. I will certainly ask for advice if and when I get to that place. Thank you , thank you, thank you! So glad you are back. I missed you!
      Big Love and hugs,


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