DP Photo Challenge: Beloved



My Beloved is Spirit

My Beloved is Everything 

















My Beloved is All That Is

In the big picture, my Beloved is Spirit, and all that is within It.











I am my own Beloved, as I am part of Spirit,

as are you.











It is often difficult for me to feel all as my Beloved, but my Higher Self knows the Truth.

The people I love are easy to call my Beloved

The planet is easy to call my Beloved

My Beloved is Love

Animals and plants are easy.









I feel Spirit talks to me through Nature.







Nature is my Beloved

Little messages here,

little altars there.

Big picture messages

Interpretation of the messages come in meditation, prayer and receptivity.

What does each animal mean to me?


Each plant?

How does the behavior of the animal tell me what I need to see?

What am I asking when a messenger shows up?

For an example, I am crossing a bridge. There is no turning back.

I saw my hawk friend yesterday. We had just arrived home after being away for a couple of days. She was eating a mouse on a post. We stayed quiet and watched her.

When she was finished, she shook off her feathers, fluffed herself up, and let go of the old (in the form of a great big poop), and flew to the new, with fresh energy. She circled and sang that unmistakable red-tailed scream. “Listen to me”, she calls.

Again, she speaks to me of the big picture. She has eaten a mouse. Not a time to see with narrow vision as a mouse sees, yet also not allowing my detailed vision to be harmed.









All is my Beloved. I am grateful and happy.

May you be awake within your Beloved.

Each Transformation (part 2)

Link to part one

We hold within us every age we have ever been. Each age had experiences, some more difficult than others. My inner 12- year -old who lost her mother, needs reassurance from me at times. We must be compassionate with the ones who were hurt, and support their healing. Most ages stay present, until they are healed. Some wiser ones stay on as they resonate with the frequency of Love and growth. Others we may enjoy become stronger. My 8 -year- old is a big part of who I am now. She is strong, wise, innocent and fun. My dog, Mattie, loves that part of me.

What we believe determines our experience. We must take responsibility for this. As we love what is, we become full of joy, gratitude and happiness.

When will we notice the transformation we are in now? How will we create peace out of the chaos? How do we create happiness and contentment within?

When will we transform the “power over” way of doing things to “Power within” and promote working together?  When we do this naturally within ourselves, we will see the changes in the outer world.

When will we wander through the portals into different, unexplored dimensions?

How will we move from duality to Unity consciousness with all life?

Change is constantly contracting and expanding. How will we change to resonate with peace and Love?

As seeds grow into adulthood, so must we grow into our Authentic selves






Enjoying the moment, yet ready to let go

Enjoy the now moment in all its purity and innocence.

Love what is without judgement or attachment. Transform beyond.

Judgements hold us back.   Discernment allows us to know when to step in and help.

As we experience dark nights of our Soul, so Gaia mirrors this for us as She goes through Her own, awaiting Her new dawn.









During these shifts that are happening now, we must trust in a Greater Truth. We must see the big picture. Hawk teaches us in the light of day

While Owl teaches us through the dark.

She teaches us about our own transformation. As we change through the dark, Owl helps us with our fears of the unknown.  She helps us in the world of shadow. As Dewin  says in a comment in one of his current posts,  “She is a perfect companion for navigating safe passage through the dark.”

Trust that everything is unfolding as it must.
















This unique earth vessel we wear is ephemeral,

while our souls are eternal.  A drop of water within a beautiful sea.






We bloom, we flower, we die…only to be reborn. Each small death grieved, each rebirth celebrated.







There is beauty in the death as well, as it offers seeds from its once vital life

Just as a flower grows and blossoms in an atmosphere of nutrition, moisture and plenty of sun light, so we grow more toward who we are in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and joy.

These asters are accepting of who they are and of what is.

If we see that mirror, we become more that way. Then it echoes all over the world.








The less judgement about what is, the more creative and expansive we will be.






The more we can compassionately forgive ourselves for our judgements, the more freedom we experience.

Into the flow of Love

The canvass is yours to paint.



Click on photos for a closer view

Peeking At Me Peeking At You

The WP Daily Post Photo Challenge of this week is Peek.

When peeking at someone or something, it is enchanting to notice them peeking back.











A connection is made.














A momentary relationship.












A brief encounter that touches the heart.














And now, as I peek at your heart, there you are peeking at mine.

Blessed Be.


Bridging the Depths

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is “Bridge.

When you perceive a transition in your life, how do you approach the bridge between where you are now, and what lies ahead? How are you with yourself when stepping on to this bridge? What do you take with you? What do you leave behind?

We may be drawn to cross a bridge, or to accept a challenge as Life’s opportunity for Heart to discover greater truth. What will be on the other side? What is the greater truth you are looking for? What do you think you will find there? How does this Truth connect you, or bridge you to Spirit?

As you start over the bridge, it may be a little scary. Are you afraid of heights? Transitions take a fair amount of courage. We may protect ourselves and cross a strong, sturdy bridge.

Or, throw caution to the wind and cross a rickety one. Either way, Trust is paramount.

When you start over the bridge, is your goal to quickly get to the other side, or do you enjoy the moment, and the scenery within? Take your time. You can stay on the bridge for as long as you like. Perhaps some reflection can teach you something. The new is patiently waiting for you to be ready, and will guide you to proceed in perfect timing.

When crossing the bridge into the unknown, we may walk into our shadow. Embrace it. Heal it. The Light is being held for you.

A way to get to a destination when it seems you can’t get there from here. There may be obstacles, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

Maybe you need distance from something in your life. I used to call it a geographical cure. Running from something? Or running toward something that serves you better?

What bridges the gap for you between suffering and living in joy? Joy is a choice. Choice is the bridge.

Dissolving the distance with a loved one who is physically far away over the Rainbow Bridge. Feel the connection in your heart. They are with you. Love is the bridge.

There is our physical world and the Spiritual realm. How do you bridge the two? For me, it is imagining, and holding the vision of Light, Love, Gratitude and Peace; and listening to the silence, to the still small voice within, to a Higher calling. It is witnessing my ego, healing it and experiencing Oneness. Feeling the Divine connection between Soul and personality.

How do we bridge the gap through our differences in this world?

Peace stands on the bridge, the green Earth Spirit guardian is but a breath away, a thought away,  a choice ~ a way.

May we live in Peace, Love and Joy together on this earth, until we cross the bridge to whatever is next.

Wonders of Imagination and Detail

When I ponder the topic of this week’s photo challenge, Details, my first image is mouse. I don’t have a picture of one, but you all know what they look like. If you can imagine what it might be like to be one, it’s easy to be in touch with the details of your life.

Sometimes I get too dreamy in my imagination, neglecting important details. On the other side of that coin, I can get way too stuck in details and lose sight of wonder and inspiration. Sometimes, I find myself chewing the weight of every detail to bits, long after I should have spit it out or let it go. I don’t want to be picayune, but to be mindful of both imagination and detail. We can’t be overwhelmed by the maze of this world, in all its weirdness, but must follow our own unique path.

DSC_0381 - Copy (2)

Hawk vision and mouse vision. The big picture, combined with attention to detail. However, hawk eats mouse, so we must be cognizant, somewhat, of a balance there, and notice where we are. When we get too focused, we may miss other opportunities. Not focused enough, we miss opportunities to manifest our dreams.

Dream the idea, feel it already manifested in your heart, see it through visioning, then dive into the action of details that bring it to fruition.

Hummingbirds spark details and imagination. Since they can fly backward, forward, sideways and also hover, they remind me of being in the now. I can see the mystery of cause and effect through their wings, which can move in a figure 8 movement, portraying infinity. The past and future are now. Cause and effect are now. The hummers are so quick. They seem to move from one reality to another as they spiral up into the air together and zoom down. Their dance and play remind us to aspire to a joyful vibration of gratitude, and to enjoy the sweet, rich nectar of our beings. They can be aggressive and protective, but even when they fight, no one seems to get hurt.


It seems impossible to fly as they do. We find it is possible to accomplish the seemingly impossible, as we grow and learn to fly, merging imagination with attention to detail.

They need 50 – 60 meals a day, yet can fly 2500 miles during migration. Amazing little creatures.

Their symbiotic relationship with flowers, reminds us we can have a symbiotic relationship between hawk vision and mouse vision.

“There are always many realities. The one we experience is the one we transmit from inside of us for our own experiences here.” Lisa Brown

2016 June 10 s lizard DSC_0068 - Copy - Copy

Your dreamer’s eyes

Behind armor and scales,

What lesson do you bring us from deep within the imagination?

Lizard encourages us to pay attention to the symbols and recurring patterns in our dreams. Are we lacking in dreams for the future? Imagination is the door to all new ideas and creations. It gives us sight into new dimensions of awareness. I may be aware of being here on our mountain, and even of being one with it, but I am also a city, a country, the planet, many galaxies.

Those are some fingernails!

The dream is born in seeds of imagination

Dsc 0397s seedhead skirt June-july - Copy

There is unique individuality in the detail of each seed within the whole.

DSC_0408 ssseedhead with purple june-july - Copy

Seeds in the comfort of the Loving and Spiritual Home.

DSC_0796 - Copy



We learn of Light, as we absorb the blueness of our atmosphere,


and Shadow, as we take in the void, the Feminine.

DSC_0793 - Copy

Each unique seed holds the potential of the future. Where will you fly? One has to leave the whole to become form. We forget for a moment because life seems so foreign.

We  re-learn we are part of the collective. We are all One. Then we break off into our own form, and have to remember it all again.

DSC_0797 - Copy

“Whew! Thank you, friend” she says.  “You have lightened my fall. I would have hit the ground. Please hold me as I remember who I am and why I am here – until a breeze takes me on my journey to find the best soil for my growth. I will sail just like a dream.”

DSC_0494 s droplet june-july - Copy



Sometimes details blend together to create something new. The big picture blends with the minute. Just being their own unique selves, these drops express an authenticity all their own. Everything is within them.



As several details blend, the whole emerges.

DSC_0502 s droplet abstract june-july - Copy

Walking on water as if on skis, the water strider rests, gazing at his reflection, or is it a shadow?

DSC_0427 - Copy

Is he floating on the sky? He reminds me that I am supported by Spirit, all the time no matter where I am.

Intricate and unique: A portrait in detail.

DSC_0888 - Copy

Alignment with love and peace, magic and beauty, bliss and abundance, Light and purity.

Dreams manifesting into detail

DSC_0905 - Copy

Behind feathered Light, he watches, waiting for his beloved to feed. A valiant, courageous knight.

DSC_0283 s rufus sitting june-july - Copy

DSC_0123 - Copy_01



Looking back tentatively, a dream horse catches my eye, beckoning me to hop upon her back of thick pink and green fur. Ok, so it’s a baby oak leaf in the rain. Dreams begin in the imagination before details emerge.





An elegant gown to wear for gathering food. The thistle and the butterfly dance. One pollinating,

DSC_0115 s butterfly june-july - Copyone receiving the gift of nourishment.

It’s a sweet relationship – just one detail of this beautiful life.




Point by point, detail by detail, we split hairs as we go, figuring it all out. A magnetic attraction, drop to drop to drop, until the forms become One, ready to venture forth and spread their love upon the soil.

DSC_0056 - Copy (4)



DSC_0056 - Copy (2) - Copy (2)Though divided, we soon remember, and come back together.

Such loving attention to detail, like rivers or an angel in our midst

DSC_0021 - Copy s Iris - Copy

Magpie feathers are iridescent in the sun.

DSC_0053s adult magpie 47 - Copy





DSC_0095 s - Copy baby magpie white feathers - Copy



This baby’s feathers are still white. They still live in a black and white world, colors yet to be explored.


More details of wonder and discovery

A mandala surrounded in yellow; inner circles ever closer toward the center of our hearts. We are sacred geometry.

DSC_0292s sunflower June-July - Copy

A  mandala of joy, or opening, or doing this right now. Endless expansiveness.

DSC_0393 - Copy

Prayers and blessings go out all over the world, all of the time. Imagination and detail made manifest.

DSC_0383 - Copy

Folded Hands

The energy is Love, Grace and Peace. Take it in and send it back out. In Unity, we thrive.

A Most Jubilant Stalk of Grass

Jubilant 0039

Delighting in the jewels of an afternoon rain.  WordPress Photo Challenge – Jubilant

DSC_0045 - Copy (2)


Our world opens wide, as each seed surrenders to change. In this moment, we naturally reach for the sun. We  are gathering strength for transformations that come with new birth.

DSC_0043 - Copy (2)




Extending, reaching. Vibrating jubilant gratitude for the moment.

DSC_0040 - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy

Dancing with color and Light, we laugh, we thrive.


Expressing ourselves in our own unique way.

DSC_0040 - Copy (2) - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy - Copy (2)

We bounce off each other, seeing ourselves reflected in each other’s Light and Shadow.

DSC_0039 - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy - Copy (2)


Different parts – water, color and Light – resonating as one.

The drops don’t think about judging each other. They aren’t going to try to figure out what others want.  They are just being who they are – never questioning their destiny to nourish the plant,  to quench the soil’s thirst, to Love the Light.

We are in relationship with ourselves, as part of Spirit – as part of this moment.  We are One.

Layers upon layers we uncover, blessing ourselves and each other as we walk the path of Mindfulness and Love.

DSC_0040 - Copy (2) - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy (2)

Such treasure is water. The life blood our our Mother. May we protect Her.

We are enchanted by the gifts given to us by Spirit.

DSC_0047 - Copy - Copy (2) - Copy

Beginning to bloom.

DSC_0146 - Copy

In each moment is a choice to open and expand; to experience; to relate; to Love. It is our choice to create the reality that serves the Highest Good. It is our responsibility.






For Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mother, who died 50 years ago.  I love you.   You, my first love are part of me. You hold a place in my heart, sacred beyond the beyond. I feel you all around me, in me and of me. Thank you for being my Mama, for your love and for instilling love so deeply within me.  I felt it in the beating of your heart, while in your womb. As I grew, you were always there…until the end. Yet, the day you died, I knew deep down that you would never leave me. Not really. You have been with me every step of the way.

DSC_0392 - Copy

DSC_0375 - Copy

Me, before she got sick.

And for my Beloved Mother Earth, I honor you today. You have given me life in a whole different way.  I Love you. I love you. I Love you.

DSC_0491 - Copy (2)

Thank you for the apple blossoms today. Thank you for the fullness of my Love. Thank you for everything. Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s day to all who have been, will be and are mothers in any way.


Basking in Pasque Flowers

On a hillside meadow amidst an oak woodland lives a small community of Pasque Flowers. Maybe they are wild crocus. I can’t identify them quite, in any of my Rocky Mountain or Plants of the Southwest books. There are slight deviations from each example. They come up just after domestic crocus, but before anything else, except a couple of dandelions, of course. I think they are called Easter flowers too, since they come up so early in spring.

DSC_0368 - Copy

They are hearty, and adversity brings out even more color as they venture above ground. Look at these sacred gems, holding drops of rain or melting snow!

DSC_0350 - CopyDSC_0352 - CopyDSC_0386 - Copy DSC_0327 - CopyDSC_0407 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Such treasures of inner beauty and wisdom, they reflect to the world.

I have watched how they handle rain, snow and the passage of time, with strength, elegance and generosity.

DSC_0415 - Copy  DSC_0404 - Copy

They are also nice, early food for the bees. This may be this flower’s first contact with a bee.

DSC_0522 - Copy

Can’t you just hear their spirits laughing, rolling around in there?

DSC_0430 - Copy

They are so in love with each other. A simple kindness and dependency shared between them.

DSC_0548 - Copy

Notice the pollen basket on this bee’s leg.  She will take it all back to her hive.

DSC_0446 - Copy

DSC_0425 - CopyThe bee’s knees.

It is almost too full for her to fly home, but she doesn’t want to leave her beautiful friend, Pasque. She may travel as far as two miles to engage here, but well worth the trip! Bees actually taste through their legs.

DSC_0534 - Copy

Bees remind us to drink in the sweetness in our life, and to enjoy community. Also to diligently pursue our dreams. I am reminded to just BEe.

DSC_0482 - Copy

Are you taking the time to enjoy your activities and productivity, and to find your truth?

DSC_0384 - Copy

I am in love with these flowers! I kneel to their Divinity, bow to their beauty, delight in all their unique personalities and lie down on my belly, and laugh with them, as we wait for bees, beneath the clouds and sun. We are all in relationship. We are in Spirit’s embrace.

DSC_0532 - Copy

Pasque flowers gather in groups, stand alone or with one or two friends.

DSC_0349 - Copy

DSC_0367 - CopyA wound came up for me to heal last week. It was my inner 12 year old. I just let her be with the flowers, say what she needed to say, feel what she needed to feel and express what emotions needed to be expressed.

DSC_0341 - Copy - Copy

I just loved her through it for several days, and now she feels fine. The flowers helped immensely. You just never know when the inner children will bring something up that you thought was already complete. Oh well. I guess we aren’t done until we are.

DSC_0389 - Copy

They also have an ethereal nature at certain times of day.

DSC_0355 - Copy

My friends here, mirror my own field, and I feel my centers strengthen as I gaze upon their color.

If I feel anxious, where is this anxiety coming from? What fear lurks?  What do I need to soften it? What excites me and gives me passion?

DSC_0562 - Copy

Is my Heart open? When do I feel it constrict? When does it feel more expansive? When I am still, I can connect to the Christ Consciousness, and be one with Divine Love. My relationships open my heart, as does my attunement with Nature.

DSC_0324 - Copy

Am I communicating too much, too little or in balance? Do I feel open? Free to express? Can I speak from my heart?

DSC_0354 - Copy

Attention to intuition

DSC_0500 - Copy

Unity with all that is.

DSC_0501 - Copy

They mirror my own Loving and mystery within my heart.

DSC_0420 - Copy

They reflect all different parts of me, if I look deeply

Just looking at her calms me. DSC_0449 - Copy


DSC_0356 - Copy_01

Feeling their presence and absorbing vitality.

DSC_0530 - Copy

DSC_0356 - Copy






DSC_0369 - Copy (2)

Twin Flames

DSC_0455 - Copy

Elegant Maturity

DSC_0403 - Copy

Girly girl. It’s fun to dress up once in a while.

DSC_0499 - Copy

DSC_0558 - CopyIndigo Children I have known

DSC_0424 - Copy


DSC_0452 - Copy


DSC_0529 - Copy


DSC_0459 - Copy (2)Parent and Child


Tiny Dancer

DSC_0377 - Copy

They bring me to this still now moment, and I feel well balanced.

The flowers are on their way out now. I think I took my last pictures of them today, after a snow. I am so grateful for their presence and friendship these last 3 weeks.
DSC_0410 - CopyThank you, Easter Flowers!

Easter Regeneration

Today is Easter Sunday!

Yesterday, we were blessed with snow.

DSC_0396 - Copy

DSC_0430 - Copy

DSC_0433 - Copy

I got up before first light, this morning to watch the rising of the Easter sun.

What I saw first was the waning moon and the sound of hen turkeys coming down from their roost, calling to one another. I tried to be quiet, but the snow was crunchy beneath my feet. It was 17 degrees.

DSC_0454 - Copy

First light is in the east.

DSC_0453 - Copy

Then, the tops of the trees see the sun before it becomes visible over the mountain.

DSC_0465 - Copy

DSC_0491 - Copy

And finally the sun!

DSC_0502 - Copy

Even the red-winged blackbird looks up to the Heavens this morning.

DSC_0316 - Copy

Then as he sings, it condenses in the air and looks like smoke. We can see his song

DSC_0532 - Copy

Though the history of Easter is fascinating,  originating thousands and thousands of years ago with the Dawn Goddess Eostre or Ishtar, my early memories of Easter were dressing up for church, and having our pictures taken. I still have those old black and whites from the 50’s with the squiggly edges.

We went to an Episcopal Church, where my mom sang in the choir. Later, we went to a larger Episcopal Cathedral, where my brother sang in the choir, before his voice changed. After college he became an organist and choir director.

This is how I remember it. This is not our church, obviously, but very similar.

This is my favorite Easter hymn.   YouTube.  I don’t know how to put the actual video here, but the link should take you there. Then push the arrow on the upper left of the YouTube screen to come back.

Easter has always been my favorite Holy Day because it makes things new. It is about renewal and rejuvenation.

DSC_0331 - Copy


DSC_0315 - Copy

New life

DSC_0424 - Copy

Resurrection andTransformation

DSC_0313 - Copy







The rising of Christ and Christ Consciousness

DSC_0382 - Copy

Maybe we can rise too. We can at least raise our vibration to one of deep Gratitude, Love, Generosity and Happiness.

As I walk, the snow melts, some in long strings of Light, which I couldn’t catch with my camera, and some in small drops.

DSC_0400 - Copy (2)

Each drop on the pine needles feels like holy water in my heart.

DSC_0395 - Copy

DSC_0406 - Copy

When I was 45, I had a bunny. Trinabinabunny.

DSC_0348 - Copy_01

I had her for 7 years. Every Easter morning, I would greet her with, “Happy Easter, Bunny!” I would pick her up, hold her and stroke her soft fur. Though she has been gone over 10 years, I still say it on Easter morning, as I did this morning.

DSC_0321 - Copy

Now I represent her with these

DSC_0371 - Copy


DSC_0373 - Copy




Easter also reminds me of angels

DSC_0411 - Copy



It is afternoon now, and it seems like a regular day, as I sit here with a cup of Jasmine Tea. I won’t forget this morning. It filled me up. I feel new.

May you feel new today, and as we move forward into Spring, may you be blessed with Joy and Happiness as new growth blooms in your heart.

Happy Easter!