Each Transformation (part 1)

This week’s photo challenge is Transformation. Now, how could I let that one go by? It is one of my favorite words. This offering will come in two parts.

Transformations come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Each opening of a door, each stepping stone across a creek, each “aha” moment, each gate passed

Each new path started, each step across a bridge, each knitted row completed, then on to another piece entirely;

The turning of a page to our next chapter, or beginning another book altogether; the next rung on the ladder – each a metamorphosis.





Each riddle solved, that moves us closer to the Truth of Oneness and Love;








Each death,


each rebirth,




each movement from one state to another;



Each glimpse into who we truly are.  All are transformations of sorts. Small transitions to momentous and memorable shifts. Endings and beginnings.

Nothing stays the same.

Each time we walk into kindness with ourselves and others, we grow and transform.


Each stage of growth, each developmental task realized, learned and moved through;  these are our moments.

We need to appreciate each step along the way, I think. Love each small transition, each transcendental moment, as well as the momentous and memorable transformations.


Each Saturn return every 29 years, as well as each journey of the moon around the earth.






Embrace each fully.

How do we transform to create, accept and expand more loving in this world?

Our essential nature is Love. That is our Authentic Self.  How do we transcend our ego’s comfort zone?

Each time we transform our self and remember our Highter Self in some way, the collective takes another step.

Each mirror noticed, we ascend to new heights as a Whole.

Each time we visit our Shadow or come out of hibernation, we emerge transformed at least a little bit. As we walk through the light, we have to pass through our own shadow for a time.


It is our attitudes, thoughts and beliefs that define our experiences. How will we transmute our ego habits?


The ego shows us the layers and patterns we need to heal.







Thank you, ego.

As we transform into gratitude, peace, happiness, love and compassion, our unresolved issues influence our experience. That’s okay.

Our Authentic Self does not live in duality.  That is the ego’s realm. Ego holds misidentification of lack, unworthiness and fear.

As we awaken into who we truly are, our egos face challenges.  The ego may not be aware of the Authentic Self, so it feels threatened as we move toward the Light. Its job is to keep us safe. It has our best interest at heart. It doesn’t understand “capital H” Heart.  Ego doesn’t understand that being stuck in old patterns holds us back from joy and fulfillment. We need to expand and grow. Ego wants to keep us contracted. It holds on to these ineffective ways of being for dear life. We must love it though these transitions and transformations. We need ego to complete our healing process.

A big transformation is moving from ego identification to Soul identification.

Each time we transform our “little s” self into our Authentic Self,  again – the collective expands as well.

Ego will die many deaths as we grow. We are gentle with ego, as it loses hold of control. Authentic Self now runs the show. Past patterns and coping mechanisms will fall away, as we no longer need them. The trance of this physical manifestation transmutes to one of clear sight and Love. Our patterns are habits we must break in order to grow.

To be continued…..



76 thoughts on “Each Transformation (part 1)

  1. Mary, this is so incredibly special! Are you planning to publish this in a book? I so hope you do. Your talent, and Soul, should be shared in every way you can. It is a gift for all of us.
    Much love , Linda

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    • Thank you Opher!! I tried to watch your nasty bird video, but I couldn’t make it work.
      I will be over there, though.


  2. So well put together Mary….Beautiful thoughts and words, beautiful photos.This is definitely a moment of universal transformation on so many levels, you can feel the tug of energy in the air urging us all to become more by becoming real! While quite trying at times and often exhausting, the excitement of knowing what we are witnessing is intense, one paradigm collapsing as another steps forward in its infancy. It shall be an amazing journey. Thanks for sharing

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    • Yes, though really hard sometimes (often), it is a privilege to be here at this time. My hardest thing is the destruction, but I do trust in the bigger picture. Hawk talks to me about that on a daily basis. She will be part of part 2 of this piece. Thank you for coming by and sharing your wonderful perspective, VK. Nice to see you.

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  3. W O W ! Is your last photo , dandelion seeds full of Mary Drops? Whatever , it is Exquusite ! Once again I’m blown away by your images , that so incredibly illustrate your thoughts
    Embracing each moment of our transformation, sometimes very difficult, especially when Ego fights to remain in the familiar husks, that must fall away.,.. is always worth the struggle.
    Diving into that blinding shadow, created by the light that will transform us, and lead us to our Authentic Self, takes courage. I love how you wrote about each movement forward , sometimes backing up a bit, in reflection, , but forward ultimately, is a continuous feast of adventures. “ the turning of a page” … each a metamorphosis”
    Lovely, soul searching and so thought provoking. I’m looking ‘forward’ very much to part two. PS your moon and clouds photos blow me away

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    • Hey Jen,
      What a beautiful, thought provoking comment. I am so glad you liked the photos. Yup, drops on dandelion seeds. “Ego fights to remain in the familiar husks, that must fall away.” Great way of putting it. Thank you for coming by and for all the thought and feeling that went into this comment.


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    • I am humbled and feel so honored by your comment, Hariod. My hand was on my heart as I read it. Thank you so much.
      You are such a gift.

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    • Hey Sandy!
      Thank you so much! Yes, those mushroom pictures were from our time together. I know you have some very similar pictures. 🙂
      I am glad you are still passing through gates. I know you well know how important each one is. So nice to hear from you.
      Much love,
      Mary ❤

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    • Wow, did our letters cross?! After all this time?! Haha! Totally in sync!
      Miss you too! Big Love and hugs. xoxo


  5. Hi Mary. I was so happy to see this post reflecting on transformation. Your stunning visuals of nature always add something special to your talent in passing on spiritual understanding. “Each time we transform our self and remember our Higher Self in some way, the collective takes another step.” Yes…to the journey of awakening. ❤


  6. You have done justice to this important topic. I like to think my ego gets glimpses of my higher, authentic self, but forgets so easily. You have taught me to value the little steps and to love the ego, to talk gently to ego. This is a beautiful post with much wealth. I am still processing. I love the purple and how you’ve arranged the photos.

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  7. What a remarkable and beautiful post on the transcendence from ego to our Soul awakening. Your photos and words will be with me for a long time. May we all pause and be each step in the transformation of ourselves and everything in nature. 💕


  8. Ah….so lovely, Mary! It is great to see a beautiful post from you. What incredible captures and heartfelt words to create a wonderful marriage!
    Transformation…yes…it is a great word…a necessary process full of many experiences.
    I hope you are well and that the holiday season finds you in good heart and health! Many blessings, my friend 💜

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  9. Transformation – one of my favorite words as well Mary. Such powerful energy! I’ve been thinking of it a lot lately as promise manifest, and really feeling my way into that. Once again I’m enchanted by the photographs you’ve chosen and shared, and your always insightful comments. Your posts always feel like such heart gifts, and I’m always so grateful.

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    • I love that! “Promise manifest.” Yes, isn’t transformational energy the best?! Sometimes hard if we resist it. So much better to flow with it and bloom a little more.
      It means a lot to me, Deborah that you feel like my posts are heart gifts. I feel that way about your posts too. May we continue to give each other heart gifts! 🙂 ❤


  10. Mary, what a beautiful post, which had me in ore of your photography skills let alone your philosophy in the wonderful words you used.. Many say ego we have to let go of.. Yet in fact it is essential to learn from it. I agree.. I aids our growth if we learn to not allow it to rule us.. But it is there to help us reach up and discover more of who we are..
    We are all works in progress, transforming and changing along each step of our journey both here and BEyond. ..
    Loved this post Mary.. May we each learn to adapt and change as we grow within the flow.. 🙂 xxx ❤


    • Hi Sue! Thanks! Yes, you and I are so on the same page. I like how you said BEyond.
      Yeah, the trick is not to let ego rule us. I often get lost in it and find myself upset about something, and then I remember to be gentle, forgiving and loving to my own ego, and everything always turns out fine. Thank you for coming by. Here’s to works in progress! Much love, Mary

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  11. What a beautiful post, Mary. I embrace everything your post says. But I must admit I’m struggling with this transformation through the MG. My family is in denial that this is a new norm. Makes it really hard to come to terms with it. But even that is a transformation, I reckon’…


    • Hey Calen,
      Chronic illness has so many layers of difficulties. Not only are you dealing with it yourself, but you have to deal with loved ones who have their own issues/denial with it. It is so hard to navigate all of that, especially when you don’t feel well! Eventually, they will come around and be there in a more supportive way.
      There are also gifts within an illness, ones that only you will see, and in time, the transformation will be more clear. I think one goes through the stages of grief with an illness, since life as we knew it is no more…for everyone – you and your loved ones. I find that there are many many puzzle pieces, which are unseen for so long, it’s hard to know they are even there. I guess we just need to trust. So hard! I feel so much compassion for you, going through this. I wish sometimes (a lot) that I had a magic wand. Alas, all I can do is send you love and healing energy. I hope you can feel it. I bet a multitude of people are doing that, as you are just that kind of person that people love.
      Peace and healing,


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  13. Thank you for the compelling nature photos and your wise perspective,Mary!
    I was truly fascinated with the beauty that surrounds us and the way you juxtaposed the transformation.All so well-connected and magically displayed!Peace to you & worldwide 🙂


    • Yes, it really is. It was gone when I walked back by later on. There is something beautiful about impermanence, isn’t there? I think that’s why I like having a camera. I get to enjoy the moment and be able to see it later – not as good as real life, but a sweet reminder. Thank you, Mike.


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