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  1. Mary, I looked at your musings and
    miss you. You live in Cloudcroft? It is a lovely place to live, I remember visiting there with you many times. I have been looking for you over the years and I’m so thrilled to know you are.doing so well. I’m your old friend Jenny Lyons . Now I go by my first name Virginia and I’m married to Gary Dick. We live in Everett, Wa. I would love so much to hear from you.’Chicken of the Seaaaaa!’ Love Always, Jenny


    • I am so grateful to be reconnected!! I thought maybe you had died when my last letter was returned – or gone underground because of your awful ex husband. I have been looking for you for 40 years. I can’t believe you finally discovered facebook. I have missed you every day. It was good to talk on the phone today – like I just saw you yesterday. I love you, my dear friend!


  2. Mary, your experiences with the whales and dolphins are so incredible it is hard to express my thoughts about it. I’m completely blown away!!! Especially
    about the whales! What an experience and healing! I will go and read your experience again. Where were the dolphins? I saw that the whales were off the Big Island of Hawaii. Were the dolphins in Hawaii too?


    • I have been swimming with dolphins a lot over the years. The spotted dolphins from that post were between Florida and Grand Bahamma Island. There is an area in the ocean, where they used to hang out. I don’t know if they still do. It has been a long time. I also love to swim with the spinner dolphins off the Big Island. I will write more about dolphin experiences. They are such sensitive, intelligent, loving and playful beings. They always open my heart wide open.


  3. Again I’m totally amazed at the opportunity and experience you had with these wonderful animals! They are so intelligent and sensitive and for the honor and trust they gave you and you gave them! The love you and they experienced together! WOW! What an amazing experience! To overcome the natural fear that something that large instills in us and to give and take love like that….so amazing. I’m awestruck


    • It really was quite amazing – to be right on that edge of love and fear – and choosing love. The depth of love I felt is still in my heart. Thanks for sharing Jenny.


  4. Yes, they are very amazing! I’ve read many stories of their amazing intelligence. I saw one time a story about the Japanese fishermen and their nets. I admire the brave people who fight against that kind of careless greed.

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  5. Mary, knowing people like you is one of the things that bring me Happiness. I feel so blessed to know you and get to share Life, Nature, animals, relationships, and BREATH! I would love to come visit your lovely home out in nature sometime. Sending you Big Hugs and lots of Love. Keep up this priceless sharing.


    • Aw, Linda, thanks! I would love to have a day in nature with you! Let’s make that happen! Big hugs and love back atcha!


  6. On Finding Your Own North Star
    What a lovely and thought provoking blog. I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts and really good photos.
    I can Identify with every one of your triggers to happiness. You said they are endless and they are. When you mentioned the geese, I immediately thought of the fall when the Canadian Geese fly very high over our house honking and in perfect formation. One other memory I would share with you is when, my dad, brother and I would sometimes climb the ‘Rim Rock’ at Lake Ohop near Eatonville, Wa. and at the top were Bald eagles flying. They seemed so close that you could reach out and touch them. It is a centering memory for me even though at the time I was 10 and a little frightened of them. Bravery and self- sacrifice, I believe, are the greatest expressions of love.
    My North star is the Word of God, the Bible. It is constant, never changing, and always points me in the right direction. My heart smiles when I think of the people I love and those I aspire to be like. Two scriptures that come to mind when reading your inspiring blog are “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear…” 1John 4:18. And “And as you would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise” Luke 6:31. And an addendum to 1 John 4:18, Matt. 7:12b “for this is the law and the prophets”
    Thank you Mary for the lovely thoughts and pictures, and your friendship.
    Love, Jenny


    • What a beautiful, heart felt comment, Jenny! Thank you! I can just see the little 10 year old Jenny watching the eagles, being afraid, yet going for the experience. I love your image of the geese, and as you described their formation, I could almost hear their distant music. The scripture you quoted is so apt. To me, fear and love are opposites, and John says that in a very comforting and affirming way. The Luke 6:31 is beautiful, but I wish he would have included all of nature, not just people. I wish we could all live by the Golden Rule, or at least aspire to it. World peace. Yes! Thank you for you friendship as well, Jenny. ❤


      • Oh, nice, a sunny day in WA?! Yay. Special days, those are. You know, I meant to say in my last comment how happy I am that you have and know your North Star, and that it is so deep within you.
        Today is springy, but hopefully snow this weekend. I did see a bee yesterday. Love you too, Jenny.


  7. Mary, thank you soooo much for this incredible journey through the rocks! What marvelous pictures!! We all are so lucky to take this trip through you and your camera. Many of these are worth framing. Love you. Linda Smarrella


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