Mirrors of the Heart

We see the world through the filter of our own experience, much of which is subconscious, and formed before we even had words. So our world reflects all that back to us, like looking into a mirror. As we learn to use the world as an external feedback mechanism, we can figure out what disturbs our peace, and go about changing  beliefs that just aren’t true.


We see through our perceptual filters, which are determined by what we believe to be true – our definitions of reality. Many people believe that their perceptions of reality really are true. Have you ever seen that bumper sticker that says, “Don’t believe everything you think”?  Yeah.


Our lives unfold each day according to what we believe is true. The outer reflects the inner.


I remember I used to think my brother was embarrassed by me, and not proud of me at all. I felt bad because of this.  I went to see him on a road trip to the west coast with my friend Judy several years before he died. On the way back to NM, she exclaimed how proud he was of me. I was astounded! I just hadn’t seen it, so I had interpreted a lot of what he said or did as disgust, while she saw pride. As I saw his actions through different eyes, I could see his deep love and respect. It was my own false belief that was hurting me. I judged myself, so that is what I saw coming from him.

Compassionate self-forgiveness is a very healing, magical salve.


Nothing outside of us causes disturbance, but it is how we react to it, and how we are with ourselves as we react.


An unresolved issue is anything that disturbs our peace. We create our future by how we respond to experiences now. We can heal our unresolved issues as they are stirred up, by gently exploring them, feeling them, loving them and forgiving ourselves for our own self judgements.


Here is my dog, Mattie, looking at her own reflection. I doubt she is contemplating her past, future or false beliefs about her world, but she is definitely having a good time in the present moment.

DSCN2270 - Copy

The present moment is what we have, and the best way I have found to remain in a peaceful state, is to be totally in it. She reminds me of that always.

As our lives become more and more filled with Acceptance, Love grows.


Love = Truth

So what isn’t a mirror, really? It’s all a mirror.












This sun flower is a mirror as much as this.




These are all expressions of Love.


We are all expressing consciousness. We aspire to Love. We are all One. So we see some part of ourselves in absolutely everything. If there is something/someone/some group or activity we don’t like, it is in us, part of us, like looking in the mirror on a bad hair day.

Today, I choose joy, and to look into the faces of those I love.


All this chaos all around me- I just can’t pay too much attention to it. It upsets me, and there is very little I can do about it. When people say we have to stand up against it, what does that even mean?

I used to know what it meant, and I did a lot of it, like marches on Washington back in the late 60’s, early 70’s, writing to congress people, creating petitions, speaking out, shouting my stance, etc.  Now I don’t know. I do know that Acceptance of what is, is far from resignation.


The Earth is dying – or the planet as we know it now. None of my “fighting” helped.  She cannot sustain life as we have known it anymore. This disturbs my peace in a big way.  A miracle could happen. Yes. Yet, any effort on my part besides beaming Love, believing in miracles and raising my vibration would fall short. I don’t want to contribute to the chaos with fear, anger and hatred. I have to Love it all somehow. My job is to Love the Earth. I really do try to do what I can, to stand up for Her. I honestly believe that Love = Truth, and this will set us all free. Acceptance of what is, personal responsibility for our own actions and words, and Love.


A Mirror of the Heart

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge ( Mirror)


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