DP Photo Challenge: Beloved



My Beloved is Spirit

My Beloved is Everything 

















My Beloved is All That Is

In the big picture, my Beloved is Spirit, and all that is within It.











I am my own Beloved, as I am part of Spirit,

as are you.











It is often difficult for me to feel all as my Beloved, but my Higher Self knows the Truth.

The people I love are easy to call my Beloved

The planet is easy to call my Beloved

My Beloved is Love

Animals and plants are easy.









I feel Spirit talks to me through Nature.







Nature is my Beloved

Little messages here,

little altars there.

Big picture messages

Interpretation of the messages come in meditation, prayer and receptivity.

What does each animal mean to me?


Each plant?

How does the behavior of the animal tell me what I need to see?

What am I asking when a messenger shows up?

For an example, I am crossing a bridge. There is no turning back.

I saw my hawk friend yesterday. We had just arrived home after being away for a couple of days. She was eating a mouse on a post. We stayed quiet and watched her.

When she was finished, she shook off her feathers, fluffed herself up, and let go of the old (in the form of a great big poop), and flew to the new, with fresh energy. She circled and sang that unmistakable red-tailed scream. “Listen to me”, she calls.

Again, she speaks to me of the big picture. She has eaten a mouse. Not a time to see with narrow vision as a mouse sees, yet also not allowing my detailed vision to be harmed.









All is my Beloved. I am grateful and happy.

May you be awake within your Beloved.

66 thoughts on “Beloved

    • Hi David!
      Nice to see you. I do better when ego isn’t so heavily involved, haha.
      I love that about Nature. No ego. Thank you David for making me smile calm this morning.


  1. Beautiful Mary. Love the red tail – reminds me of when this great bird came to say good bye and wish me luck on my journey back home from your magical home. Wonderful photos of nature! Think of you often and will forever feel blessed for having met you!! Love and Light!


    • Thank you so much Sandy!That was a wonderful time. I’m so glad it was meaningful for you. Nature always magically shows up. I am so grateful for that.
      I loved meeting you and getting to know you. I feel blessed too! Love and Light to you Sandy.

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  2. Beloved captures and reminders to each of us Mary. It is always harder to see it in ourselves, but we all lose when we dim our lights. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful light with us my friend 🌸🌿💕


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    • Nature is wonderful, Opher. You show that with your beautiful nature photos. You have been to so many fabulous places.
      I know how much nature means to you, and I appreciate your work in educating people to help sustain Her. Thank you for
      visiting, Opher. Always good to see you!!


  4. Mary, I am so pleased I spotted this post this morning. WOW.. just awesome and then some, both in your photos and words.. Nature holds so many truths, so many insights, and shows us if we care to look, Just how each of us are beloved upon this earth plane. And how each of us rely upon another, and that all are connected..
    Just stunning are your pictures, and encounter with your Hawk. She is indeed splendid. Just as the Mouse, gave of himself,

    Love and Blessings my friend. ❤


    • Hi Sue,
      I’m so glad you liked this. I honor your love of Nature and that you appreciate all the symbolism. I love Mouse too. I appreciate all the sacrifice of that particular animal to feed so many, including the Hawk. The Mouse gives sustenance, so that is symbolic as well as its gift of death. Whenever I am given symbols, I feel it is important to look at both the prey animal as well as the one doing the killing and what all that means together. Or in what direction are they facing, or what else is going on around it. Sometimes, Mouse vision is so important and needs not to be thwarted, as we also see the big picture. Thank you for coming by, Sue. I treasure your insight and our friendship. ❤

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  5. Yep, we can feel your connection Mary….It is strong and deep. A valuable gift you were given. It is sad how so many seem disconnected from the planet they are living on. A disconnection from the animal kingdom as well. I hope in time as we raise our consciousness we will begin to understand what this disconnection is doing to the world and her struggle to move forward. I keep praying and just try to do my part. I thank God my connections have not faded away.. I am having such a wonderful time feeding the rabbit that came to my porch in sub zero weather. I had never had it come before so I knew it must be starving. He and family come every night and chow down while it stays so cold and snowy out. Come spring it will be time to stop the food and get ready for summer! Until such time I’m having a blast 🙂 Take care and thanks for the great post….VK


    • Hey VK!
      So happy about you and your bunnies! I’m glad they have you! I’m glad you have kept your connection to Nature. I hope more get connected to Her.
      I didn’t answer this sooner because it went to spam. Weird. Anyway, glad I found it. So nice to see you!! ❤

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  6. Awake! And be evermore aware of the Beloved.
    A follower mentioned in a reply , that nature has no ego. That Rings True. I believe Nature, little children and animals are without ego, they are simply an image(s) of the Beloved’s expression of Love. You and I and all creation are the Beloved ‘s images of the Beloved. It is the total lack of ego in Nature that draws me to the Depth of Nature’s Beauty , so masterfully shown in your photos and words.
    I LOVE all your photos , but a few stand out to me ( as hard as it is to pick a favorite among so exquisite a gallery) The Honey Bee is one. Her eye shines as a jewel surrounded by jewels. The detail and expression is gorgeous That blood moon ! The weasle, coming out from the rock haven! How in the world did you get that?
    Some of Nature’s Altars are best seen by the mouse! 🙂 The white spider! So magnificently displayed next to the blue
    Ha haa. I love the one way bridge! Courage <3. The Hawk perched , watching, with the perfect background , matching her feathers! She is so at home there, ruling over her domain. The topping of the cake in my opinion, is the Mary water drop! It reminds me of the photo of the sun shining on the edge of the earth , as seen from space. The image is fantastically clear and detailed!
    May I learn to become as able, through prayer , meditation , and receptivity, to interpret my messages from the Beloved.
    ❤ you


    • Hi Jen! Wow, what a thoughtful and profound comment. So many words of wisdom in there! Thank you for such a detailed view and contemplation of this post. I’m so glad you love the photos.
      I think you are very strong in your receptivity, prayer and meditation to your messages from the Beloved. Thank you again, for your focused attention and time put into this post.
      Much love to you! ❤


    • Thank you Deborah. I feel the same when I go to your site. Always such a pleasure to see you either place!<3


  7. Your blog is like a treasure chest. This post, especially, with it’s richness and clarity. Nature is my beloved. I am drawn to the little altars, but the big picture is exciting. Nice balance, beautiful post!

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  8. Beautiful post, Mary. A meditation, or at least it felt like a meditation to me. ❤

    I sometimes try to interpret the meaning of the animals and plants that show up. Yesterday's message is a mystery to me: A Bald Eagle high up in the sky dropped a stick near where I was sitting and enjoying the sun. I consider myself lucky that it didn't bonk me on the head. lol! I suspect he was telling me to wake up. 🙂

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  9. I commented on this a few days ago, Mary, but my comment disappeared into cyperspace. This is such a beautiful post. I think I wrote more than that, but beautiful sums it up well. 🙂


    • Hey Robin, your comment did come through. You talked about the post being like a meditation, and about interpreting the meanings of animal message, like the eagle that dropped a stick from its home on you!
      Thank you for writing again. I’m so glad you liked the post. ❤

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  10. You have captured such a beautiful selection of nature’s treasure and displayed it so perfectly that when
    viewing it one feels present observing the wonders herself/himself. Thank you Mary for taking us along with you. Love the carefully selected words that are combined with these great photos!
    Have that a great day,

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    • Thank you, Eddie. I’m glad you came along with me to observe the wonders of Nature this day.Always nice to see you. You have a wonderful day as well.

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  11. Beautiful reflections on the reflections of the Beloved all around us, Mary. You have such an array of amazing photos! Hearing the messages in the world around us is such a powerful gift, and I’m always drawn to those who, like yourself, have such a fluid and intimate relationship with all the forms of life around us. This post makes the world seem near to us, related to us, part of us. A very uplifting and healing offering here.

    Thank you, Mary!
    With Love

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    • I felt this comment in my heart, Michael. You have such an uncanny ability to do that through your own posts and comments on ours. With this short paragraph, I have felt seen just now, reading this. I don’t just mean my personality, I mean my soul. Thank you, dear friend. ❤

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