This week the daily post photo challenge prompt is Ascend


Each one of us has a different idea, belief, perception or feeling about ascension.

I find that for me, since I don’t understand how all this works, I try to keep a constant intention to raise my vibration in the now. The now moment is what we have.

My desire is to resonate with Harmony, Gratitude, Love and Light.

Then maybe I will be ready when and if the big A happens.




Maybe it happens at different times for everyone.










Perhaps it happens all at once.





Then again, maybe a few at a time. Or maybe a little over time, as we grow. Not suddenly. 





The way the world is now, we definitely need a miracle of some sort. As I have mentioned before, it has helped me to stay in the big picture, and that my beautiful hawk sister has helped me with this.


Standing in the eye of the storm with compassion also seems a good place to be.

May we all rise like a Phoenix from the chaos of purifying fire.  







And  all become part of the Divine Oneness – all of us including the Earth, as none of us are really separate. We are already One.


As one, we rise in Light

Heaven on Earth…now.

Imagination and meditation can create higher frequency visioning. I let my mind go, and climb upon my hawk friend’s back, and ascend high for even a glimpse of Divine Light.

Quietly within serenity, leaving this 3 dimensional world behind, we rise to 5th dimension.

Echoing and reflecting Divine Love for the Highest Good. 

As we release attachments and old patterns, we become lighter. Our frequency lightens and becomes more light filled.

Current choices are based on old beliefs. The old beliefs dictate how we perceive. Your beliefs can change your DNA or keep it stuck where it is.

Allow your beliefs to go into beginner’s mind. When you feel yourself resisting, move through it, and give yourself permission to feel, think and perceive differently.

May we see a mass change in Consciousness that resonates with Divine Oneness, Love and Light.

May we Ascend

51 thoughts on “Ascend

    • Hi Opher!
      Thank you very much. Indeed, what could be better. I do so love this planet!
      Nice to see you, Opher. Happy holidays.


  1. You are absolutely correct…Einstein said it so well and I’m paraphrasing, we cannot change problems we want to change using the same minds that created them! Everything it feels like is speaking to us and urging us to raise ourselves up and move forward in our thinking and our beliefs at this time. Beliefs have great power which is why it is so difficult to change them, they become a part of our lives, a part of our identity. But change we must!!! Beautiful pictures that expressed well what you were writing! Happy holidays to you…..Blessings…VK ❤


    • Hey VK!
      Yes, I love that quote of Mr. Einstein. I was visiting some loved ones in DC in October and we went to his memorial statue. Such a great man.
      Yes, change we must. Happy holidays to you too, VK. Thanks for coming by and sharing.
      Blessings, Love and Light ❤


  2. Dawn has broken
    Once AGAIN , Mary Hawk Sister , your photos and thoughts on Ascend soar!
    For me ‘Gratitude ‘ is my beginning of awareness and perception of Harmony , created by Love Truth tears down old perceptions allowing growth towards my soul’s Ascending The Eye of the Storm is my Faith. , gained by Grace.
    I Love your photo of the ( I love all your photos) Hawk , allowing you to hop on , and soar above and embrace ‘ Her ‘Vision,Perception’ , of now. ..; gathering strength and understanding for your Ascension.
    Your contrasting photos of sky with ethereal clouds ( as the Phoenix ) and that of the exquisite flame are stunning. Your photo sketch of Heaven is truely inviting.; so beautiful.!
    Nature’s incomparable beauty perfectly presented in your blog , inspires my Gratitude for all the steps toward our Ascending ❤


  3. So beautiful Mary. I’m going to reblog. Watching the horrid US administration bills raising up the rich and corporations, all while lying to everyone else, with so many buying the lies, I pray that this ascension and shift into the light happen quickly, lifting all of us up to a better world that works for everyone not just a few 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on Empower and Balance and commented:
    Love these beautiful photos and powerful message about Ascension. May we all soon experience the Shift into the light and all who choose it lifted up to live in 5 D, on the timeline of Oneness and Abundance for all, honoring each other and the planet.


  5. I felt and feel myself rising above and beyond reading your words and loving your pictures, especially the cloud phoenix who reminds me of sister hawk. I believe it is a process and look forward to this ascending. Thank you for bringing it more into focus.


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  7. Beautiful and poignant as always, Mary. Exquisite photos. To rise above my self, to take the high road, to rise again, to keep my head up, to see the big picture, to raise a glass, to lift up mine eyes to the Lord, to reach for the stars, to seek the highest good, to climb every mountain, to move up in the world, to rise above it all. There seem to be many phrases in our language that utilize the concept of ascension as a desirable goal. Birds are a perfect iconic symbol for ascension. Well done, Mary!


    • Hey Krisser,
      You are right! So many phrases toward upward movement. Here’s to the Highest Good!(she says raising her glass). Thank you for your beautiful comment. You should write more. You certainly have a way with words. Has anyone ever told you that before? Haha! 🙂 ❤


  8. I’ve been too caught up in the horrid dark US politics, so it kept me focused on that as reality. What I’m choosing to do now is know and trust all that darkness in US and world, even my own situation, is just the old 3D duality rising to the surface to be dissolved. I am choosing to start redirecting my focus to 5D, to the truth of THAT reality and hold it in my heart, knowing and trusting that all that old darkness cannot remain in the light but instead will be transformed to that which fully honors, supports, uplifts ALL beings and the earth.


  9. Amen to this dear Mary.. Such a profound beautiful post.. Each photo a beautiful magnificent image that offsets your words brilliantly..
    May we indeed rise up, and become that which we were always meant to be..
    Happy Christmas Mary and a Peaceful New Year to you
    ❤ Love Sue xxx


  10. May we ascend, indeed, Mary! I have to say that is exactly what I feel when I read and see your beautiful work!
    I hope you are well and that this new year will hold magical moments. Sending warm wishes of love 💜


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