Each Transformation (part 2)

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We hold within us every age we have ever been. Each age had experiences, some more difficult than others. My inner 12- year -old who lost her mother, needs reassurance from me at times. We must be compassionate with the ones who were hurt, and support their healing. Most ages stay present, until they are healed. Some wiser ones stay on as they resonate with the frequency of Love and growth. Others we may enjoy become stronger. My 8 -year- old is a big part of who I am now. She is strong, wise, innocent and fun. My dog, Mattie, loves that part of me.

What we believe determines our experience. We must take responsibility for this. As we love what is, we become full of joy, gratitude and happiness.

When will we notice the transformation we are in now? How will we create peace out of the chaos? How do we create happiness and contentment within?

When will we transform the “power over” way of doing things to “Power within” and promote working together?  When we do this naturally within ourselves, we will see the changes in the outer world.

When will we wander through the portals into different, unexplored dimensions?

How will we move from duality to Unity consciousness with all life?

Change is constantly contracting and expanding. How will we change to resonate with peace and Love?

As seeds grow into adulthood, so must we grow into our Authentic selves






Enjoying the moment, yet ready to let go

Enjoy the now moment in all its purity and innocence.

Love what is without judgement or attachment. Transform beyond.

Judgements hold us back.   Discernment allows us to know when to step in and help.

As we experience dark nights of our Soul, so Gaia mirrors this for us as She goes through Her own, awaiting Her new dawn.









During these shifts that are happening now, we must trust in a Greater Truth. We must see the big picture. Hawk teaches us in the light of day

While Owl teaches us through the dark.

She teaches us about our own transformation. As we change through the dark, Owl helps us with our fears of the unknown.  She helps us in the world of shadow. As Dewin  says in a comment in one of his current posts,  “She is a perfect companion for navigating safe passage through the dark.”

Trust that everything is unfolding as it must.
















This unique earth vessel we wear is ephemeral,

while our souls are eternal.  A drop of water within a beautiful sea.






We bloom, we flower, we die…only to be reborn. Each small death grieved, each rebirth celebrated.







There is beauty in the death as well, as it offers seeds from its once vital life

Just as a flower grows and blossoms in an atmosphere of nutrition, moisture and plenty of sun light, so we grow more toward who we are in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and joy.

These asters are accepting of who they are and of what is.

If we see that mirror, we become more that way. Then it echoes all over the world.








The less judgement about what is, the more creative and expansive we will be.






The more we can compassionately forgive ourselves for our judgements, the more freedom we experience.

Into the flow of Love

The canvass is yours to paint.



Click on photos for a closer view


38 thoughts on “Each Transformation (part 2)

    • Thank you Opher. Always great to see you. Yes, Nature is wonderful, indeed. We must protect Her in every way we can. You are good at educating people about that. I appreciate you.


  1. Mary this was perfect in every way, from each sentence paired with magical photo’s that took me deeper into your words..
    What a profound and enlightening post my friend.. We are indeed transforming, growing and through like darkness the dawn emerges.. And its always darkest as they say, before the dawn light..
    I Hug your 12 yr old self.. And I wish you Joy with your eight year old and your beautiful dog.. Have fun this December..

    Love and Joy my friend ❤ 🙂 Sue xxx

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    • Haha, she is a cutie, and so loving. It is nice to see beauty in small things. I am so grateful for that, as I know you are too.
      Sweet deep peace to you, Eliza

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  2. Beautiful photos and writing, Mary. I’m looking forward to the transformation and living in Unity consciousness. I’m sorry for the loss of your Mom at age 12. I can understand how traumatic that must have been.

    My intense trauma happened at age 10. I had just been told by Jesus, the year before, what I was here to do. But in 5th grade, the entire class had a club against me and refused to talk to me. In all 3 5th grade classes, only one girl talked to me. Neither my parents or the principal stopped it even though I talked to them. I learned that I had to take care of myself from then on.

    Learning to love, heal and welcome all parts of ourselves is quite the journey 🙂


    • So hard that must have been in 5th grade! Amazing how cruel kids can be. I’m sorry the principal or your parents didn’t do anything. Bullying needs to stop right this minute. Thankfully, more protections are in place now than there were back then. Yes, quite the journey. It’s all good.
      Peace to you, Katelon


      • Thanks Mary. I’m sure my suffering wasn’t as great as you losing your Mom. I hope you had others in your life who stepped up to nurture and support you. Hope Edelman wrote a book about losing a Mom. She’s a wonderful writer. You might like her book.

        I’m looking forward to the big transformation upcoming of ascension and rejuvenation 🙂


  3. Love the picture of Mattie in your hat!! It’s “Mattie B!”
    Exquisite photos as always, Mary! I love your 12 year old . . . and your 8 year old . . . and your 6 year old . . . and your 28 year old . . . and your 53 year old . . . and your 62 year old . . . Oh, hell, I just love YOU, Mary!


  4. Great thoughts and wonderings Mary…So very well said and the pictures were beautiful as well…I had to laugh at the expression on the dog running 🙂 Boy what determination. You are spot on Mary. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings to you…VK ❤


    • Thank you, VK. She loves to run and it makes her smile. Thanks for coming by. You have a great weekend too!
      Peace and Blessings,

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  5. Thank you, David. Trials and trauma seem so small, as the inner children have made themselves known over the years, and healed. Now, to transform our world and its treatment of our beautiful planet! Detached compassion for the world, and fiercely protective of our Mother. One day I will see all as One all the time.
    Nice to see you, David.


  6. This is right on time for me. Healing the past self, compassion for judgments……acceptance….. I am blessed and nurtured by your words. And the photos are beautiful as always.


  7. Hi Mary Robin
    Sometimes I feel like I left my Authentic Self in my 7-8-9 and 10 year old , and must find her again.; Tempered and transformed , by life, my adult self now can recognize my Authentic self, in her. As I’m transformed by the moments in my journey; hopefully releasing the parts of life that were needful for growth, but now being blown away by the wind of change, and transformation; leaving only me , refined by life. Love , Pain, recovery, rebirth; I’m Dying of self in the refining fire , born anew by Grace. Your photos are so beautiful, Mary; windsome , full of humor, wit , heart and skill. I too LOVE Mattie in your hat 😄. So you, so her. I so enjoy the second to the last pic of your dandelion progression. (it might be another dried flower) It looks so much to me like a wise grizzled , whiskered Woods Creature, ready to give some funny tale, full of ageless wisdom. 8-)) It would be such fun to describe with you my thoughts about each photo; some so deliciously quizzical , others full of worlds inside a simple drop of water. The two , almost headless dandelion stalks , with little dried arms engaged in an animated conversation. I’m fascinated by all the different stages of a dandelion , the same dandelion, (maybe) you used as illustration. Is the hole in the bark of one of your trees, big enough for the night guide ? Looks like a very likely home.
    Thanks Mary 😎 for an incredible view , journey of thought , and adventure. <3.


    • Thank you Jenny. Yes, it would be fun to know how you see each one. I love how you anthropomorphize the plants as I seem to. I also love the animated conversation between the dandelions. The bird hole is a bluebird’s house from this summer in the oaks a little away from the path. I didn’t realize they had a house there until they fledged. That was neat.
      May your path be full of Grace and Love, with a bit less pain, although I agree, the pain forges our growth sometimes by fire.
      Much love to you, dear friend.


    • Thank you, Eddie! Yes, the way forward is right now.
      Bless you, Eddie and thank you for coming by. Always such a gift to see you.

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    • Thank you so much, Eddie! Yes, the way forward is right here right now.
      Bless you, Eddie and thank you for coming by. It is always such a gift to see you.

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    • Hi Mike! Haha! Mattie! I was just walking up on the hillside and spotted it on the tree. Had my camera and zoom lens with me. Glad you like it!


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