leapard-frog-1Thank you for stopping by my site! I am glad you are here, and I hope you come back often.

First of all, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know how I came to write this blog.

I am a wanderer at heart, following the signs that Nature shows me. As far back as I remember, I have been deeply connected with Nature. I follow the messages that She shows me, perhaps a feeling to go in some particular direction – a sudden breeze, a sound or sense. Perhaps a butterfly floats by, close to my face. I follow. Maybe she leads me to the next sign or discovery. Maybe she lands on a bush, within which is hidden a mamma bird sitting on speckled eggs. A hawk lands on a branch before me and beckons. I follow, only to see something very special around the next bend, maybe a spider web in just the perfect light with prism like dew projecting purples, yellows, blues and oranges. I might feel thrilled to the marrow over this, and peace makes itself comfortable in my heart. I may sit there for an hour or five minutes before something else, maybe a lizard takes me elsewhere.

wild-iris-1Sometimes I follow a path, an animal trail or a familiar route. I let my Spirit lead me to where I need to go, and am never disappointed. I pay attention to what attracts me and what repels me, and I look for the meaning, the symbolism, the message that brings a clarity to my inner world. The outer is a reflection of the inner, so I look to Nature to help me figure things out, to guide me along my path. A snake, in fact, told me to begin this blog site a year ago.

I have mostly free associated my way through life, sometimes on a determined path, sometimes wandering, but I know that the road is as important as the destination, if not more so.

As a child, I would set out at dawn, alone or with a friend, with no particular destination, other than to see, to feel and to know the natural world. I would walk creeks, turn over stones to find salamanders and snakes; watch tadpoles grow legs and become frogs. Such a magical world to explore, to discover; such mysteries to unveil.

I am grateful to have kept that childlike wonder.

I like nothing better today than to set out at dawn with no particular destination, but to follow the songs of birds, see where a snake might lead me, talk to a lizard. They all teach me and make me aware of my next step.

I am saddened by how out of touch with Nature people are today, especially young people. Technology has taken over so many minds and hearts.

Climate change saddens me too. I see the changes. My heart feels them. On our land here in northern New Mexico, I grieve for what once was, how it was when we first came. I watch as my plant and animal friends die as they lose their habitat, as the wetted land becomes dryer. I feel helpless, hopeless and the only thing I can ultimately do is adapt to the changes and do small things on the land to buy them some time, so that they too might adapt as well.

Sometimes it is hard to reconcile with my Soul what I see with my eyes. I don’t believe the majority of people understand what we are all losing. My choice is to focus on living in the moment’s beauty, not on fear and loss, but I am not always successful. Acknowledging the loss, though, is important too.

I strive to be in the moment – to be with what is, but I am a deep feeler. I am grateful for this, and feel it to be a gift. I feel the beauty, gratitude and love in each day, but my sadness goes deep as well, and it hurts to see the changes that I judge as bad or wrong. This is my struggle: to be happy – not “because” of anything, but just to be in that state no matter what is going on. The “because” can be gone in a moment. I imagine if you have found yourself at this site, you may share this dilemma.

I try to stay balanced in positivity, in hope, in love, in trust and faith that everything is unfolding perfectly. I aspire to balance my internal knowings, wisdom, grace and intuition with the frustration and anger I feel about how the world is today – the things that disturb my peace.

How have I contributed to this? If we are all part of Consciousness, how have we created this? How can we create it differently? Ultimately with love. Love is always the answer.

porcupine-1This blog is about all of this. It is my internal conversation that I suspect is similar to many of yours, only expressed somewhat differently, because honestly I guess I am a little unusual, talking to animals and such. But to those who can relate and share in this conversation, Welcome!

Together, may we love the Earth.

I do believe that the more we heal ourselves, it echoes all over the world. The more we see/feel/meditate/visualize the healing of the planet, the more that creative energy comes together to form a bigger and bigger glob of peace. The more love we put out there, it grows. It is all I know to do. So I strive to be in just love, gratitude and happiness; to be present in the moment. Nature helps me do this.

I have lots of stories – animal encounters in mountains and in oceans. Hopefully, you will enjoy them. I shall enjoy sharing them with you. So very blessed and gifted I feel by them.  I hope you will share comments and we can start a conversation.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will come back, and feel at home.

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I love this story of your journey and the beautiful and connected soul you are. I find great solace and restoration in nature and also delight in receiving her messages, but I’ve never immersed myself in her in quite the way you seem to do, allowing one thing to lead to another and take you on to the next beautiful discovery. Just hearing of your communion with nature lifts my heart. It makes me want to carve out the time and space in my life to do the same. At the very least I hope it’s an incentive for me to get up earlier and take long walks by myself (well, not really by myself as I’ll be communing with nature and the whole of the Universe!) now that my beautiful four-legged friend finds it a struggle to walk far. You have inspired me greatly and I thank you for the gift of your writing and photos and the beautiful being you are.


    • Thank you Denzil! I’m glad you like it here. Yup, I got your email, and responded today.


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