Chaos and Calm


When I look at the world around me, I see chaos. I see beauty. I am challenged by the riotous and frenzied clamor, and seek to find peace within it. Part of that, for me, is staying mindful in the moment, within both.  It is all the same energy. We are all one.

This ocean wave hits the rock. The droplets scatter, and separate into individual forms, and fall back into the oneness of the sea.


Turbulence ebbs.


When we find ourselves in rough water; instead of fighting it, we go with the flow. mfdsc_0825

We must ride the tide as our world changes, and as we do so, it can be kind of fun, with the awareness and trust that no matter what, we will be okay.  Can you see the little duck riding the wave?


Standing in the middle of pandemonium, we are solid on our foundation of Love and Harmony.


The best way for me to be a peaceful activist at my age is to pray; to Love the Earth and see Her as whole and well; to be happy and joyous; to put energy of gratitude, joy, freedom and love out there, like an arrow I shoot into the sky that bursts with color and covers the planet with Grace for the Highest Good.




I find a fine line between staying above the fray, and wanting to do something. How can I be of service, yet not get out of balance?


When I see this jumbled mess that seems to be our world today, I accept that it is what it is right now, and I do what I can in my own little part of the world to heal and transform, as I am called.


Part of this is healing and transforming myself through loyalty to my inner child and to my Soul. I try to live as authentically in my heart as I can, and let’s not forget the importance of humor!




When I feel tumultuous confusion, and helter- skelter all around,  I breathe in energy and it becomes so strong, it radiates out of my heart. I focus on the Divine.  Chaos cannot penetrate Light such as this.



Sunrise on the coast of Maine



I feel blessed to place my feet upon our Mother.



I breathe in her love, and as I exhale, I love her right back. I feel Her energy coming up through my feet as I inhale – up through my body, and out the top of my head. The Light from above fills me from the top of my head as I exhale, and I let it flow down through my body, out my feet and into Her, becoming rooted, balanced and centered.

So, when issues do inevitable come up, there is a rooted strength upon which to stand.


A strength from which to flow gently. Softly.


A flow can have magnificent strength,


as well as gentle, passing calm.


We can have the  strength to stand up within the issues, as well as the flexibility to flow with them.


How do we not get hooked or snagged by the chaos?


How do we find order within the frenzy?

How can we have calmness amidst the storm?


How can we learn from this entropy that seems to be occurring?

What is your deepest dream that can rise like a phoenix from the ashes, to heights you never thought possible?


When you are hooked by the uncertainty, how is it a mirror for you?


Do you see how the outer is a reflection of what is going on inside of you? The ego tells us stories about what is going on. The bigger picture is really quite different.


When you feel upside down and all topsy-turvey, can you let yourself just be there for a little bit instead of thinking it is wrong to feel that way?


Enjoy the feeling. Let it be. Acknowledge it. Love it. Forgive yourself for judging it as wrong.

Reflections are upside down.

We are in interesting times right now. Polarized. Never has the falseness of duality been so strong, and so apparent.

We are waking up. We are remembering who we are. More and more every day, we are coming into unity. It is a beautiful thing. Difficult at times, yes. But I do believe that what is in store for us is beyond our wildest wonderful dreams. It is happening right now, so be here now.


My cousin, Mike sent me this quote from a Dan Brown novel. The main character, a teacher says this:

” I should warn you that unveiling the truth is never easy. Throughout history, every period of enlightenment has been accompanied by darkness, pushing in opposition. Such are the laws of nature and balance. And if we look at the darkness growing in the world today, we have to realize that this means there is equal light growing. We are on the verge of a truly great period of illumination, and all of us…are profoundly blessed to be living through this pivotal moment of history.”


May the beauty of the uncertainty and formlessness assist you in the creation of your highest and deepest truth.



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97 thoughts on “Chaos and Calm

  1. Beautiful pictures and wise words. I think our inner peace despite outer turmoil can create more good than we might know. The world is not a bunch of separate objects, but all is connected in consciousness. And it is not always necessary to do any action in order to have an effect on the outer world.

    I came upon a channeling recently which I found very impressive and which I want to share here:
    “When Paul and Susan lived on Kauai and hurricane Iniki came through, and they were sitting in the middle of 200 [mile-per]-hour winds and feeling their teeth going like this [some sound and/or motion], they had the opportunity and the invitation, you might say, to panic. And when it came right down to it, they made commitment to not panic. They made commitment to life, rather than death and the fear of death. And I told them that the fact that they made commitment to their peace and to life, instead of fear, was what caused every house on their street to suffer almost no damage. And that if they had managed to stay completely in their peace, in spite of all the evidence, there would not have even been a wind or a breeze on the property they were on. ”
    (From the Raj (aka Jesus) channeling through Paul Tuttle, Raj Gathering in Asilomar , 1996 ,, page 97 (out of 257 pages) ).

    Thanks for sharing. Peace and blessings.

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    • Thanks Karin. That is beautiful about those people in the midst of Iniki. I was there shortly after, and saw the devastation. They were brave, and thank goodness!
      I agree that ” I think our inner peace despite outer turmoil can create more good than we might know. The world is not a bunch of separate objects, but all is connected in consciousness. And it is not always necessary to do any action in order to have an effect on the outer world.”
      Thank you for coming by, Karin. Very nice to see you!
      Inner Peace,

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      • Thanks for your reply.
        Oh, you were even there shortly after the devastation by Iniki! What a synchronicity. I wondered why I felt compelled to share that channeled text right here…

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  2. Hi Mary,
    Beautiful pictures ! !
    No words
    to explain this
    sense of quite wonderment,
    awe inspiring beauty,
    Captured by you
    of this incredible place
    How can anyone not look at this color
    And not fall down
    Knees bent in prayer
    and say Thank You


      • Looks like you were out east in Maine and we were in Maine, we just missed each other. We spent 6 weeks in Vermont, in the land that grabs you and never lets you go. Hope you enjoyed your travels!!!

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      • Yes, thanks Kristina. It was a wonderful trip – every minute! I used to have a friend that lived in Vermont. I love it there too. This is my third trip to Maine. One of my favorite states.I hope your travels were equally as great!

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  3. Mary as always you bring a sense of peace to all who read your words. We are moving toward light and it always seems the darkest just before the light breaks through. Your photos are magnificent. When I first saw the Autumn leaves I wondered where you were, then remembered you had vacationed in Maine. Thank you for sharing your love and peace with all who visit your site. Love and Light!

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    • Aw, thanks Sandy! What a nice comment! So nice to see you. I’ve been having so much tecnological trouble the last 6 months, I’ve hardly been around. I feel like today I turned a corner. Yay! Really good to see you Sandy. Thanks for coming by! Yup, Maine. It was an awesome awesome trip!!
      Love and Light to you!

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  4. A beautiful expression of balance and flow Mary. We have all experienced chaos and storms in our lives, but your words and pictures guide us back to the truth. That there is always a way through the darkness and that there is always an equal amount of light to lead us back to our Mother. Always a pleasure to visit your world Mary! Much love 💚🙏🏻

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  5. Your photos are a feast of beauty to the eyes and heart. Your words stir my soul.
    It is always a delight to read your blog.
    Your crashing waves especially ; excite and satisfy
    Thanks Mary


  6. Well said and JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Thank you! Connie

    (I wish there was a link so that I could save this to my PINTEREST ACCOUNT!



  7. Mary. Some of these photos would be stunning enlarged and framed! I love several of them but one of my favorites is the first one of the stones on a beach, I would guess that’s the locale. Congratulations to you on your amazing talent! Still encourage you to consider publishing a coffee table photo book!!! Much love, Linda Smarrella

    Sent from my iPad

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    • Hey Linda!
      Thank you. Maine is exquisite. We had a wonderful 10 days there last month. Perfect time to be there. I loved every minute.
      Thank you for loving my post. I appreciate it so much! Thank you for you comment.

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    • Yay Katelon! I’m so glad you feel that. Looking forward to that shift!
      Thanks for what you said about the photos!
      Take care. Thanks for visiting.

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    • Thank you Val! Yes, and there is so much turbulence. May we all support each other here to encourage staying in balance. Your blog is full of wisdom.
      Take care, and thank you so much for your comment.
      Peace and Love,

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  9. An exquisitely interwoven tapestry of wisdom and visual imagery, dear Mary. Your articles are invariably oases of calm for us all to savour awhile. Let us hope that come tonight the world can breathe a little easier, returning to more tranquil waters, if I may mix my metaphors clumsily. H ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Hariod! Your comment rests peacefully in my heart. Thank you so much! Yes, I hope it will be peaceful after tonight, although I don’t know how long this will drag out. If one party loses, the vote may be contested and it could take months to know who our next president is! We shall see. This whole process has been so 4th grade!! Thanks for coming by, Hariod. Always lovely to see you.
      Peace and love,

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  10. Thanks, Mary, I needed that today. Election day, and the anxiety and weight of the moment is very stressful. I love your calm, mindful way of embracing the transition. Be the world we want, live the life we believe in, and we’ll be a positive force for goodness and love. We love you, Mary.


    • I love you too!!! I know, so much will be known at the end of tonight…..nor not. Thank you for your comment.
      Talk to you soon.

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  11. “I should warn you that unveiling the truth is never easy. Throughout history, every period of enlightenment has been accompanied by darkness, pushing in opposition. Such are the laws of nature and balance. And if we look at the darkness growing in the world today, we have to realize that this means there is equal light growing. We are on the verge of a truly great period of illumination, and all of us…are profoundly blessed to be living through this pivotal moment of history.” What a wonderful, BALANCED way to look at life. I found your post and pictures very calming this morning. So many of those picture. Oh my gosh, they are gorgeous.

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  12. Your post is an exquisite visual and guided meditation, Mary. Soothing and calming amidst the chaos and such balm on this day. Thank you! ❤
    Looks like you had fabulous weather for your visit to Maine. Your eyes saw much beauty – thank you for sharing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Eliza. I loved every minute of being in Maine. We had mostly good weather. We had one stormy day, but we explored the coast anyway. We were soaked through and through, cold and very happy like little kids. Nice to see you here. Thank you.

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  13. In my deep despair this morning, your words, your images are a beacon of hope. I can’t truly feel it/them at the moment, but I hang on them, like a life raft in the blur of unacceptability. I love you, Mary B, for who and what you stand for, in the face of it all. May you be blessed, All Ways


  14. This is a Magnificent post dearest Mary..
    You astounding photos and beautiful wisdom is balm to my ears..

    “When I see this jumbled mess that seems to be our world today, I accept that it is what it is right now, and I do what I can in my own little part of the world to heal and transform, as I am called.”

    Exactly.. going within the flow, knowing all is transitional and that Change is constant and all part of the process.. It may seem chaotic while we are in the midst of the turbulence.. But like water.. We change our form from time to time..

    We may well get carried along within the currents and some of us may at times crash and separate within those droplets that disappear within the heat of the Sun.. 🙂 But as we know those vapors soon rise once again to form new droplets that flood our terrain replenishing those parched lands with new growth and vigor.. And we are ALL of us held within the Ocean of Consciousness merging back within the world of Oneness..

    A great analogy Mary.. I so Sooooo Loved your wise words dear sister xxx
    hugs ❤
    Sue xxx

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    • Thank you, Sue. I wrote this before the election, and your words helped me anchor back my own heart! I was reeling for a week, now trying to anchor back in to Unity. Wow, big stuff!!! Hugs back!

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      • Yes Big Stuff happening around the world right now and I feel even bigger stuff for next year..
        The best we can do is live within our own NOW and send out our Calmness into the world encouraging Peace and Unity.. Knowing each of our thoughts contribute to the Matrix of Creation.. And we both know it is often darkest before the New Dawn Light..
        Changes are never easy.. And sometimes in life we hit the storms, but they come to us often to shake us up as we set a new course as we close doors and open new ones.. So I know the rainbows will eventually come.. Even though I also feel more rain yet to come.. <3…
        And I again loved your post, I am often amazed at how many of us are being guided right now in our words..
        Thank you Mary.. Love and Hugs my friend xx ❤

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  15. What an incredibly gorgeous posting, both prose and images, it soared off my screen and I went with it, going with the flow, which as you wisely observed is how one can also move forward or ride the wave or see beauty in the crash – because the crash is a bunch of sparkles.

    It’s bedtime here, this is the sort of posting I’d love to have someone read to me before I went to sleep.

    Thank you for the sweet dreams – and may yours be the same.

    Peace, Harlon

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  16. lovely, Mary, beautiful.
    i was hoping for a Mary post soon, to help calm the turbulent waters, and here it is, my prayers answered.
    and fantastic photos too. love the ocean shots.

    yes, never has the world been so polarized. but we are on our way to our wildest dreams. eventually. we just can;t give up. not now, not ever.

    love, love and more love. thats what its all about really. hugs Mary 🙂

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    • Thank you Debbie. You are right, giving up is not an option. Love is what it’s all about. Hugs back, Debbie!


  17. As usual your pictures are amazing Mary! You have so much talent, I am in awe!

    Your words and the Dan Brown quote are so helpful and relevant to these unsettling times. Thank you


      • We are happily settled in what we fondly refer to as our halfway house in Longmont. The house we are building is coming along very slowly as there is a labor shortage here. We hope to be in sometime this winter. We feel so lucky that we fell into a good deal and were able to buy the little townhouse we are in now – we will either use it as a rental property or sell it after we move. How is your new house? Hope you will come visit one of these days!


      • Happy Thanksgiving Nancy! Yes, we need to see each other’s homes. Mine is livable, so you come here first! Haha.
        I love you!


  18. Hi Mary,

    Your words and images somehow–so beautiful– always cause a natural return to the center for me. It is effortless when I read one of your posts. It is so much fun to see how Nature has an example for every moment, and to remember that the process is part of a greater movement into an age where less is hidden, and truth is plain to see. Dan Brown? Of course, Dan Brown! Ha! So many places I think. I hope we are collectively riding the wave, like that duck, on a path that will carry us between the biggest boulders and into calm waters ahead…



    • Hey Michael,
      She does seem to have an example for everything (Nature). Such a mirror, such a gift.
      It is a big wave we are riding now. I look forward to those calm waters ahead! Into the age where truth is plain to see. I’m glad you liked the post, Michael.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Deborah! I have been gone a lot, it seems. So nice to check back and see your smiling face! I am grateful for your presence too, friend.


  19. This was so helpful and much needed. Thank you for the encouragement to “do what I can in my own little part of the world to heal and transform, as I am called.” Thank you for this hope and the beautiful images. I was especially drawn to the iridescent reflections – not clear, but beautiful colors of uncertainty which make anything possible.


    • Thank you JoAnna. I’m so glad. I love those pictures too of the iridescent reflections. Nature is so amazing. All the colors. Yes, uncertainty. That is sure something that is up for most people right now! Good to think of it making anything possible.


  20. Dear, dear, beautiful Mary! Wow! Thank you for this beautiful meditation healing with incredible photos included! In a time of great discord for me personally as well as what is going on nationally…heck…all over the world, I received a beautiful blessing from the calm knowing of your post and I feel washed anew! Thank you for the beauty you bestow and the peaceful sense of love. I can tell that you are well because this beauty tells me so…I will just say thank you…and many blessings ❤


    • Thank you so much Lorrie! I think it has been a rough week for a lot of us. I’ve been determined to stay with my feelings and not white wash any of them, so I can get back to balance. I want to get back to where I was the day before the election, when I wrote this. Getting back…slowly but surely. I think everyone’s stuff is up right now. As Alison said in a comment on Michael’s last post, “it isn’t getting worse. It is getting uncovered.” Seems very true.
      Thanks for coming by and for your lovely comment. It is always a joy to see you. Blessings, Love and Light!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I did see that comment, Mary, and it felt profound. I think the key for me is I am learning in my own life that everything happens for a reason and then I learn to deal with whatever it is. If that is so for me personally then it has to be so for the big picture…and now I/we have to deal with it 😉 But I’m not going to say that there isn’t a whole lot of fear attached to that.
        Blessings to you always ♡


      • Yes, I have to trust that it is all unfolding how it is supposed to. It is uncovering a lot for people right now. Maybe that needs to happen for the masses to wake up. I don’t know. Yeah, it is what it is.

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  21. A soothing reflection in words and images of the importance of each soul’s journey to find balance and peace amidst present day’s chaotic world events. May peace come to us all. ❤


  22. It is absolutely true that as the world reaches for greater enlightenment, dark forces rear up to fight it. I agree, it was a shock that so many in our country feel the way they evidently do~about race, about women, about nature, etc. It is ugly and dark and frightening. But you are right, the light is more powerful. This post is so beautiful~thank you for creating and sharing it.


    • Thank you Melissa. I haven’t been able to write since the election, as I was freaked out about not being able to walk my talk after the election (notice I wrote this right before). Now I am finally seeing the Light again. Your comment was perfect timing for me. I appreciate you. ❤


  23. Hi Mary,
    This is one of those posts that I can return to, again and again; the chaos around is so very upsetting at present. May be that we do not have control over the chaos, and that even still, nature is and always will be our resource and our friend. We can keep trying to protect it despite this current administration’s negation. I believe that life is stronger than any attempts to override it. I take inspiration in your pictures, and I take inspiration in the way a weed can grow through concrete. Our beautiful breath is here, and I join with you and Rumi beyond all the fields of rightdoing and wrongdoing, beyond all light and dark. Aloha, till we meet here again, Ka


  24. I came back again dear Mary to browse through some of your posts.. and this one once again caught my eye.. I needed your balm upon the chaos today.. And I thank your lovely Spirit for the gift you share with our Earth Mother.. I know that the Phoenix is rising.. Even now..

    Love and Blessings always.. Take care..
    Hugs Sue xx


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