Growth, a Journey

DP Photo Challenge – Growth, link here


Reflecting all that is around it, a drop forms, a nourishing drip of melted snow. The branch experiences stillness, a quiet presence of possibility. The tree readies herself for the coming season.


Leaves sprout, holding and protecting the new born bud.



How did they get there? Did the tree have to run out somewhere and get it? No, it has been within the tree all along. The Truth is already inside us.

We just be, as we watch our lives flower and unfold.



The bud grows, still asleep, dreaming of her awakening.






She begins her unfolding, surrounded by her beloved sisters. Energy from deep in the soil nurtures them, as does the rain from the clouds.

She blooms, her sisters still dreaming of their own rites of passage. She experiences the sun, the dew and her community. She is fully present with being alive.




A snow storm, a late freeze brings danger to our bloom and sister buds, as well as needed moisture for the tree. I imagine the tree smiling sadly, with tenderness and compassion for its delicate flower. Divine Love smiling upon Her child.

The flower has no fear. She is present with what is. None of the others will experience this unique moment as she does.


The ice begins to thaw. This mirror is in the prime of its own short existence as a drop, holding the Light just before falling to the ground.



This leaf has made it through, holding for a moment the experience of wetness and warm sun.


The sisters are opening, feeling the same warm sun and wet droplets. New life abounds.




New buds appear











And bloom.


Fully awake in this stage of their growth. The fragrance is subtle, sweet, intoxicating.



Experiencing waiting, being in the moment.









The bees arrive

Being bees


A baby apple appears, a sister not far behind. A new chapter for this once closed up bud.

The harsh weather is not over…

Hail storms and whirling winds …..


She has experienced much so far, this little apple. Adversity has marked her, making her stronger whilst giving her character. She glows as she creates her seeds deep inside.

The Universe will provide us with many triggers, or opportunities to help us learn what we came here to experience. To help us grow.

Without loss, how would we know what true living is? Without sadness, would we know happiness? Without shadow, light? Perhaps it is within the contrasts that we learn the most here on this planet. In experiencing duality, we learn to grow beyond it, or awaken from it into Oneness and Love.

She is not embarrassed by her flaws, and fears not ridicule. She is part of the landscape, just as she is.

She is an elder now, her life complete. With my hand, I touch my friend gently. She steps onto my palm. She has given herself to me. We have been in relationship, as I have ducked beneath her on my walk along the path each day, noticing and loving her. I thank her reverently, and bite into her juicy flesh. Tart and sweet. I feel her life, her stages of growth within me as her energy fills my belly. I am completely mindful of each mouthful, how it tastes and feels. I eat three quarters, along with two seeds, which contain cyanide, an anti- cancer element in small doses. I can taste it, the flavor of almond. I take the rest to the horses. They will enjoy little morsels of apple. Maybe they will poop out the seeds and plant another tree. That is how most of the apple trees here began.

Though the apple’s life is complete, for the tree it has only been a season. Life experiencing life.








“May the seeds of pure understanding come into full bloom within your being.”            Mooji



72 thoughts on “Growth, a Journey

  1. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    Such lovely share by my dear friend, and kindred spirit and nature lover, Mary. I hope it touches your heart, as her reflections and muses always do my own. This is a perfect and sweet reflection of life’s journey and the grace and ease inherently available to us with growth.

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  2. “The bud grows, still asleep, dreaming of her awakening.” Beautiful words and intimate captures Mary of the miracles and cycles of life! Your pictures and wisdom remind us why the journey of birth and death teaches us to live fully in this moment. May we continue to dream our dreams into being, my friend. 🙂


  3. Ohhhh. Mary, Thank you ❤ 🌸. for this genuine , glorious , and gentle sensory experience of a journey through a life ; from beginning to final release The miracle of life ’s continuous cycle Your photos , EVERYONE, are perfect in their beauty and could only be enhanced by your words ; thrillingly leading us to experience and delightfully savor each exquisite step So beautiful, Mary , so full to the brim of Love.


  4. Lovely doesn’t even come close to describing this post. Wow! I’m taking it all in — all the Love, the Beauty, Wisdom, Light…Your Soul deeply touched mine. Thank you for the Gift!!! Brightest & Magical Blessings back at you, Mary!!! 🌞🌟💞🙏🌜 Om Shanti. Namaste.🕉 🙏🕉 NadineMarie


  5. I love your macro shots and the wonderful inspiring stories you weave, Mary.

    May this New year bring us fully into the Shift into the light for the planet and all humanity! And sooner than later would be my vote 🙂


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  7. Oh what a wonderful post of New Life, trails and tribulations and triumphs. We know by studying Nature how each Season brings with it tests. Nature just goes with the flow. And when we go with the flow we find the least resistance.
    I can not tell you how much I enjoyed each of your photos Mary, and your wisdom woven between..

    ” Perhaps it is within the contrasts that we learn the most here on this planet. In experiencing duality, we learn to grow beyond it, or awaken from it into Oneness and Love.”

    Wonderfully said.. And yes, we are each unique, our flaws are what makes us in our individuality . Learning from our mistakes, helps us all grow..

    Wishing you a most wonderful 2018 Mary.. Have a Year filled with abundance of Love, Peace and Harmony.. ❤


    • Thank you so much, Sue! Sometimes during the “tests” it’s hard to know what we are learning, but in looking back, it’s like, “oh, ok…”
      Going with the flow with detached compassion can be really hard in this world today. Challenging on a daily basis. Hard to know when to act, and when to know what things are too far above our heads to help significantly. Just do what we can in our own little way. May all our Lights shine! May your year be filled with Love, Peace and Harmony as well.
      Much love,

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  8. A marvelous chronicle, Mary. It goes right along with a book I’m reading: “The Circle of Life: The Heart’s Journey Through the Seasons” by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr. It reminds me a lot of your posts. 🙂


  9. Beautiful words Mary, so well expressed and accompanied by beautiful photos to tell the story. Well done! Love it and I love your relationship with nature….Stay connected 🙂 Blessings to you….VK ❤


    • Thank you so much VK! And thank you for loving my relationship with Nature. It is encouraging to me. I appreciate it. Blessings to you! Much love,


    • Thank you so much. Still waiting for snow here. We need it badly. Hopefully a lot of spring snow to get us through fire season, and hold the little buds back from blooming before the inevitable late freeze! Thanks for coming by!


  10. Incredible journey, Mary! The cycle and circle of life. There’s such a raw beauty to the way you narrate the photos…no one does it better. Thank you! I hope you are well and that just as you said we learn life from experiencing the opposites, I hope the dark is short and the light is long ❤


    • Hi Lorrie!!
      You are so kind! What a nice comment! Thank you! Yes, the light feels so much better. I have come to love the dark too though, even when I hate it, haha. I guess I have learned to be comfortable there, knowing it will pass, and I will come out of it somehow a little deeper into heart. Thanks again, Lorrie. So nice to see you. Always. ❤


      • You are so right!! That is the key, I think, Mary. To wait it out…and know that it will pass. I used to do backbends not to feel it…to try to suppress it…and it never worked…only made things worse.
        Sweet blessings to you. I’m so grateful to have you in my life 💜


      • I think those dark/shadow times are such great opportunities to see what still needs to be healed/forgiven. I used to hate it too, and tried not to feel it. Now, it’s like a friend. I just notice, feel it, love it and heal it. Not always easy, but not a fight.
        Blessings to you, Lorrie. You are such a beautiful, loving soul. ❤


      • I know exactly what you mean. It’s being able to be grateful for the wisdom and learning we receive. There’s nothing to fear…and everything to gain.
        Thank You, Mary, for your kind words and for the beauty of your soul 💜
        Sweet blessings!


  11. The flower feels no fear. The apple is not embarrassed by her “flaws” which give her character. So much to learn from nature. She is a patient and persistent teacher. I am thankful for this perspective. Blessings to you, Mary. ❤


  12. Oh Mary, tears, again, from the absolutely exquisite delicacy of this sharing. This sequence deserves It’s own little booklet. It is perfection. And You are Beyond the Beyond. Love you so deeply.


    • Aw, Jessica. I am so happy to see you here. I love you so deeply, my beautiful cousin. Thank you so much!! ❤


    • I absolutely love this comment, Ka!! Running with the horses with you? What a blast! I’m so glad you felt this so deeply with me. Thank you.
      Big love to you ❤ ❤

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  13. This is such a beautiful post. I’ve been reflecting on what my role might be in this scary time on earth. How to move forward, knowing the extinctions we are causing, just for example? And I’ve realized that it is what you have so eloquently expressed here~ ours is to be present, to experience our lives as they are, as we are. That is all, and that is beautiful.


    • Hey Melissa,
      Yeah, so hard to know how to be in this scary world – when to act, how to do that, etc. I just feel like all we can do is the best we can in any given moment. We are enough just to be; and if we feel guided to do something specific, then act. It’s so sad to see the extinctions we are causing. The grief is real and genuine. We must be gentle with ourselves, I think. Our experience, and how we relate to it is – or how we are with ourselves as we relate to it is so important. How present we are. Thank you, Melissa. Your paintings help the world. They capture such beauty. Beauty shared. ❤


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