Basking in Pasque Flowers

On a hillside meadow amidst an oak woodland lives a small community of Pasque Flowers. Maybe they are wild crocus. I can’t identify them quite, in any of my Rocky Mountain or Plants of the Southwest books. There are slight deviations from each example. They come up just after domestic crocus, but before anything else, except a couple of dandelions, of course. I think they are called Easter flowers too, since they come up so early in spring.

DSC_0368 - Copy

They are hearty, and adversity brings out even more color as they venture above ground. Look at these sacred gems, holding drops of rain or melting snow!

DSC_0350 - CopyDSC_0352 - CopyDSC_0386 - Copy DSC_0327 - CopyDSC_0407 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Such treasures of inner beauty and wisdom, they reflect to the world.

I have watched how they handle rain, snow and the passage of time, with strength, elegance and generosity.

DSC_0415 - Copy  DSC_0404 - Copy

They are also nice, early food for the bees. This may be this flower’s first contact with a bee.

DSC_0522 - Copy

Can’t you just hear their spirits laughing, rolling around in there?

DSC_0430 - Copy

They are so in love with each other. A simple kindness and dependency shared between them.

DSC_0548 - Copy

Notice the pollen basket on this bee’s leg.  She will take it all back to her hive.

DSC_0446 - Copy

DSC_0425 - CopyThe bee’s knees.

It is almost too full for her to fly home, but she doesn’t want to leave her beautiful friend, Pasque. She may travel as far as two miles to engage here, but well worth the trip! Bees actually taste through their legs.

DSC_0534 - Copy

Bees remind us to drink in the sweetness in our life, and to enjoy community. Also to diligently pursue our dreams. I am reminded to just BEe.

DSC_0482 - Copy

Are you taking the time to enjoy your activities and productivity, and to find your truth?

DSC_0384 - Copy

I am in love with these flowers! I kneel to their Divinity, bow to their beauty, delight in all their unique personalities and lie down on my belly, and laugh with them, as we wait for bees, beneath the clouds and sun. We are all in relationship. We are in Spirit’s embrace.

DSC_0532 - Copy

Pasque flowers gather in groups, stand alone or with one or two friends.

DSC_0349 - Copy

DSC_0367 - CopyA wound came up for me to heal last week. It was my inner 12 year old. I just let her be with the flowers, say what she needed to say, feel what she needed to feel and express what emotions needed to be expressed.

DSC_0341 - Copy - Copy

I just loved her through it for several days, and now she feels fine. The flowers helped immensely. You just never know when the inner children will bring something up that you thought was already complete. Oh well. I guess we aren’t done until we are.

DSC_0389 - Copy

They also have an ethereal nature at certain times of day.

DSC_0355 - Copy

My friends here, mirror my own field, and I feel my centers strengthen as I gaze upon their color.

If I feel anxious, where is this anxiety coming from? What fear lurks?  What do I need to soften it? What excites me and gives me passion?

DSC_0562 - Copy

Is my Heart open? When do I feel it constrict? When does it feel more expansive? When I am still, I can connect to the Christ Consciousness, and be one with Divine Love. My relationships open my heart, as does my attunement with Nature.

DSC_0324 - Copy

Am I communicating too much, too little or in balance? Do I feel open? Free to express? Can I speak from my heart?

DSC_0354 - Copy

Attention to intuition

DSC_0500 - Copy

Unity with all that is.

DSC_0501 - Copy

They mirror my own Loving and mystery within my heart.

DSC_0420 - Copy

They reflect all different parts of me, if I look deeply

Just looking at her calms me. DSC_0449 - Copy


DSC_0356 - Copy_01

Feeling their presence and absorbing vitality.

DSC_0530 - Copy

DSC_0356 - Copy






DSC_0369 - Copy (2)

Twin Flames

DSC_0455 - Copy

Elegant Maturity

DSC_0403 - Copy

Girly girl. It’s fun to dress up once in a while.

DSC_0499 - Copy

DSC_0558 - CopyIndigo Children I have known

DSC_0424 - Copy


DSC_0452 - Copy


DSC_0529 - Copy


DSC_0459 - Copy (2)Parent and Child


Tiny Dancer

DSC_0377 - Copy

They bring me to this still now moment, and I feel well balanced.

The flowers are on their way out now. I think I took my last pictures of them today, after a snow. I am so grateful for their presence and friendship these last 3 weeks.
DSC_0410 - CopyThank you, Easter Flowers!


108 thoughts on “Basking in Pasque Flowers

    • Thank you Laura! I know you understand. It’s amazing how understanding flowers can be. Thank you for coming here today.
      I really appreciate it. Take good care of you.

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      • Oh, yes, I do understand! I have been relishing all the beauties in our yard. Planting fall bulbs is about the last thing I want to do at the end of a long garden season, but those little gems are the best gift when spring rolls around! Love, Laura

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      • Yes! I love spring bulbs. We have trouble with gophers and squirrels eating them, but I have daffodils, tulips, crocus and Iris sprinkled throughout the woods. The nice thing about the Pasque flowers is they are wild, so they are totally naturalized to their hillside. We also have wild iris, which I love!
        I hope you have a wonderful garden this year!

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  1. How beautiful! Such awe. I like your suggestion of “Flower Therapy” for the wounds that surface on my heart. Had one just today, as a tear rolled down my cheek after a conversation with my son. Nothing ‘wrong’, just time and change. I’m sure a friendship with a flower would be perfect therapy for that!

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    • They are very understanding! I’m sorry you had tears today, although they can be very cleansing. Do you have flowers yet where you are. Is spring there? We had snow today, which is great. I love how strong the Pasque flowers are and also the daffodils. I keep thinking the snow will ruin them, but they keep coming up for more! Enjoy your flower therapy!

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      • We have scilla siberica and violets on our property, and there are anemones and spring beauties in bloom on the woodland trails. Neighbors have daffodils already in bloom. We’ve had 2 days in the 70s this weekend, so lots of flowers are pushing up!


  2. Wow Mary! Captivating journey for my soul and senses. What an intimate and prevledged experience to view your world and heart with the incomparable beauty of the Pasque Flower. Your blogs are as lovely and inspirational as this exquisite flower. I’m hooked on both.

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    • Aw, you are so nice. I love that you are hooked on both. I wish you could see these flowers in person! Do you have them in WA?
      Thanks for your comment Jenny. 🙂 ❤


  3. It is a beautiful flower Mary. I love your connection and thoughts with them as you learned about them and how they grow and are nurtured by nature and the bees! As nature is always changing and layering in growth so do we. Allowing these changes to arise and learn from is the secret. And yes there is always another layer to find. Thankyou for drawing us in to your wisdom and view of the world. Very beautiful 🌸🌸❤️❤️❤️🌸

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    • Thank you Karen!
      Yes, lots of layers. Just when I think I am close to the end of that onion, oops, another layer. It’s nice to have the tools to know how old the wounded one is and to have an understanding of what went on at that time. Nature is always what helps the most…or at least it gets me in the right frame of mind to deal with whatever is going on. Thanks for your comment, Karen. Always so nice to connect with you. 🙂

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    • Thanks Katelon! I love that green frilly stuff too. I love everything about them. Thanks for complimenting the photos. I hope you are well.

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    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. I will have to look Alberto Caeiro up. He sounds like someone I’d like. Thank you for coming here and commenting. Take care.

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    • They are remarkable little beings…beeings haha. They really are. I got to know a lot about them when I tried to keep a hive. I’d like to do that again. One of these days…


  4. Aw, Eliza, that is so nice! I love that I made you smile!!! That makes me smile!:)
    You and I see a lot of the same things in nature that make us both smile. So nice to connect with you.


  5. aah, dear Mary….. i woke up to your beautiful words and exquisite photos, scrolling through this beautiful vision and inspiration on my phone. Now I take my time to read again and drink it all in on my laptop, during a break. The photos are beyond exquisite, stunning portrayals of nature’s beauty, matched only by your wise words. I too have been dallying with ‘inner somethings’ these last weeks, and my breakthrough came on the weekend. Roses inflitrate my office, i bought them last friday and a new vase to go with them, this morning a delicate scent filled my office when I arrived. Reading your post reminds me to thank the difficult memories that surfaced and remind my now self that now is not then. How this ancient wounds come up to haunt us…. and how wonderful the flower medicine helps. It reminds me of the flower medicine of Bach flowers…

    I love flowers and loved meeting this new flower through you. How beautiful she is , and i loved your description of the dance between the flowers and the bees. Before I go I want to recommend another of my favourite blogs, the very underestimated La Floralie. Here she is

    if you love flowers, you will love her beautiful flower pictures.

    Thank you Mary, for this beautiful post.

    Did I say how much I loved the incredible photos? 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Debbieee!!Hi!!
      Thank you for your kind and generous comment.
      Isn’t it amazing that this stuff still comes up? Sounds like you have good tools to deal with the little inner ones. You do flower therapy too!! Your roses sound lovely. I’m glad you liked the Pasque flowers. I’m sad to see them go. But they will be back next spring. I am addicted to taking pictures. I may have taken 500 pictures of them. I just couldn’t stop, and they lasted 3 weeks! That’s the thing about digital. You can take as many as you want!
      I am glad you are feeling better. So nice to see you, as always. I will check out La Floralie. Thanks for the link.
      Did I say how great it is to see you?:)

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      • Hey Mary!!!! so good to see you too.. even better medicine to read and view your wonderful post. I love flowers, especially roses, but a spot of Retail Therapy works wonders too! 🙂 ( i spent the weekend with my daughter indulging, was great!)…. incredible how this ancient stuff comes up indeed, even though we think we’re done and dusted with it – but each time – well hopefully lasts less of a time and we dont go through it all – though it is intense and difficult at the time.
        i hope you dont mind but i have saved some of your lovely pasque flower fotos and am about to print them and place them in my office space – we need some inspiration and some floral beauty. one of the things i love about china is i can afford to buy flowers, often, and have determined, after the roses, to buy fresh flowers each week for my office!
        and i agree about digital fotos!

        have i ever told you i have a friend who makes ‘medicine pictures’? she uses a special lens with a kaleidoscopic program combine with expert intitution to create these medicine photos which simply WORK!

        oh and i used to make flower remedies in my garden back in my pre-China days… gem remedies also. Have you read Garudas? amazing books on flowers and gem stone remedies..

        think ive exceeded my word limit here – feel free to post more of those 500 snaps of pasque flowers – they make excellent medicine!!!! 🙂

        lots of love to you Mary. 🙂

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  6. Medicine pictures sound great.
    That’s cool you used to make remedies.
    I have never read Garuda, but it is the name of my tai chi studio where I go. I will have to check it out.
    Lots of love to you as well,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Trini!!!
      I am late in getting to other sites. I know I have missed a couple of yours, which I look forward to reading. We have had a lot of snow recently, and our internet goes out at the fist hint of cloudiness (satellite).


  7. Such a beauty! Wow, the pictures are amazing. And I love how you connect that with what is going on inside. Everything can become a metaphor for what we experience on the inside.

    I find that the universe points me constantly to this truth that the outside is a mirror of the inside and that in the end there is no difference between outside and inside because it is all happening in consciousness (or in awareness), therefore all of it (the psychological stuff as well as the 3d world) are inside of consciousness.

    “Are you taking the time to enjoy your activities and productivity, and to find your truth?”
    Thanks for that reminder today. I sometimes forget to find joy in the things I do. I am often too absorbed in just fulfilling my duties and obligations, and that can become joyless.

    I will remember to just be(e). That made me smile.


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    • Thank you so much, Karin. I totally agree with every word you wrote. You phrased it well.
      I am always seeing metaphors in Nature. They are never not there. I like how you said, “I find that the universe points me constantly to this truth that the outside is a mirror of the inside and that in the end there is no difference between outside and inside because it is all happening in consciousness (or in awareness), therefore all of it (the psychological stuff as well as the 3d world) are inside of consciousness.”
      So nice to hear from you, Karin. I always love our conversations.
      Peace and be(e)ing,

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  8. I REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t know HOW you do it! Every posting is more Incredible than the last one. These photos are W A Y OFF THE SCALE for Exquisiteness, imagination, inspiration, and the purest beauty possible. You must be an Easter Emissary, Mary. You have brought us all the Resurrection energy of absolute deLight. And I especially loved that the flowers brought healing to your beautiful little girl. WOW, Who Are You Really?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much Jessica!!!
      It makes me so happy that you love my blog. You always make me feel so good about it. Wow, the Resurrection energy of absolute deLight? You are so generous! I love how you capitalized L in deLight. Thank you for acknowledging my little one, and her healing. I love you so much!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I wish I could have posted JUST this posting to my fb page for all to see and share…..I couldn’t find any way to do that. It really is totally off the charts for beauty. I want EVERYONE to see it!

    On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 9:38 AM, Walking my path: Mindful wanderings


    • Thank you Jessica!
      What I have done on fb, is to just put the link, which you can highlight and then paste (if you are at the post on my site, it will be in your top address bar) and say something on your fb. Or just put in the link and this post will show up because it is most recent. Thank you so much for wanting to share it!!!


    • Aw, thanks Tania. I love how you see the world too. I love our connection! I love you ❤ !
      Much love and beauty,

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  10. Wow! Really beautiful pictures…Looks like you went crazy 🙂 Spring is so invigorating when the colorful flowers begin to pop forth. Especially if you are living in snow country where all you see is white for so long. lovely to look at. Thanks for sharing….VK


    • Hey VK!
      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed them. Yes, it is invigorating. I was so happy that these flowers were able to withstand some snow, although they are covered in it right now. I doubt they will come back from this one, but they are on their way out anyway. I always go crazy taking pictures. There is just so much beauty everywhere! Thanks for your comment.

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  11. “Wonder of wonders, Miracle of miracles’ I came to visit Mary’s blog today
    Sweet in the moments, discover in recovery, here in this wonderland I stopped to play.
    New Flowers have touched us
    From her loving lens
    For hours we listened
    The sound of evolution
    Flowing forth from our Pure One’s Heart
    Bringing the breath of ages
    The Beauty is ever enticing
    Words within the pages
    Of love, and living, and sharing and giving
    Like doves on the wing, allowing us to sing
    The morning dew, the bee’s delight
    The petal’s flair, and maiden’s hair
    We’ve never seen this vision before
    It’s beauty opens a brand new door
    So glad am I for your blessings here
    To my heart, you’re so very dear!

    Blessings and Love

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  12. Another beautiful post, Mary. Your Pasque flower images are so stunning they almost took my breath away. Thank you so much for sharing them, and for your meditative words. It was a great way to start my week. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Robin!! I’m glad your week started well and that I might have had a teeny tiny something to do with that!:) ❤


  13. So I was thinking. You’ve discovered this beauty. Perhaps never seen before.
    Thus, you should give her a name which speaks to and of your heart.
    What does Pasque mean? I looked it up, but found nothing in


    • It means Easter. And because they come up so early (right around Easter), they got named for it. I first noticed it about 5 years ago. I have always loved it. This year we went way deeper. haha. I hadn’t photographed her before. I really love Easter. It is the one Holy day I really celebrate, and for Pagan reasons as well as Resurrection in general.

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  14. Dear Mary, I love the whimsy and the playful elements in this. Yes, just beE. That’s all the you need to be because there is nothing more perfect than the authentic you. Peace and love, Harlon

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks Harlon. I love the word whimsy. I love what it means and I just love saying it. My cousin named her goat Whimsy. Isn’t that a cool name for a whimsical goat?
      Yes, just BeEing is the best, being in the authentic self.
      Peace and love to you as well, Harlon. Good to see you here.

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  15. Oh my gosh, Mary. I just sort of immersed myself in your post the way I would a scented bath! Gorgeous pictures, wise thoughts and questions. And I especially liked this: “A wound came up for me to heal last week. It was my inner 12 year old. I just let her be with the flowers, say what she needed to say, feel what she needed to feel and express what emotions needed to be expressed.” So often I say something like that to a friend and they look at me like I have goldfish falling out of my nose. It’s so nice to know there are wonderful, intuitive people who understand.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hahaha! Goldfish falling out of your nose!
      Yes, it is really nice to have the tools to work with myself in that way. Sounds like you do to. I feel a little sorry for your friends that don’t understand. How do they heal stuff?
      Thanks for coming by Calen. A scented bath. Wow, that is high praise. Thank you so much! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

  16. Mary, this is such a deliciously gentle and peace-giving post – a wonderful meditation in itself. I can feel your sense of connectedness vicariously, and it is very special; you are privileged to experience it so. Your macro photographs are quite exceptional, technically and artistically, if I may say so. I just bought myself a camera and am still using it in ‘idiot mode’, so to speak, but one day I would be thrilled if I could take pictures as good as these. Could you tell me what camera/lens you used for these shots? Many thanks, Hariod.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hey Hariod,
      That is so exciting you bought yourself a camera. Be careful, you will become as addicted as I. I just can’t stop clicking! Sometimes it takes me deeper into the moment, and sometimes it takes me out of the experience of just be-ing. I really love it, and I hope you do too. My camera is a Nikon D3300, and the lens I was using for the close ups is a macro 40mm. What camera did you get? If I might ask.
      Thanks for your comment, Hariod, and I can’t wait to see your pictures! 🙂
      Peace and happy clicking,

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      • Hiya Mary! I was going to buy a D3300 myself, though the new ‘P’ kit lens was suddenly withdrawn, along with stocks of the body only, and the older kit lens was all that was available. That gave me some thinking space and I realised I really wanted a mirrorless camera anyway. I got a Lumix DMC-GX7 bundled with the kit lens, but will get a pancake 35mm in time, once I learn the camera’s system and something about photography. I was torn between the Lumix and a Fujifilm EX-1 with a fixed lens, but went for the Lumix to save a few pennies. They launched here 3 years ago at £800 and the remaining stocks are being cleared at £300 via a good retailer – and it came bundled with Photoshop Elements too. Much love, Hariod.

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      • Ooooh! I was going to ask you if you had gotten a mirrorless! I am soooo jealous! I had a Lumix point and shoot for years. It was great, so I think you chose a great brand. I will be very interested to know how you like it. I would love to get a mirrorless camera. They weren’t a thing when I got my camera. They came out shortly after, or I became aware of them shortly after. I am too invested to change over now. I have the lens that came with it, the macro, a 200 mm zoom and a 500 mm zoom, so that’s kind of a lot. And you got such a great deal! AND Photoshop. I don’t have that. I think now, instead of buying the program you pay so much a year for it, so it is nice that you have it. I am so excited for you!!!
        Much love back,

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  17. Yes, let the love flow in nature’s healing embrace. Well said.
    Thanks for coming over, Val. Always good to see you. 🙂

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  18. My favorite parts of this post, Mary, are the little tags and descriptions you gave to the various pictures. They were all so perfect and deeply observant, and you have a beautiful way of illuminating the field of living meaning in these beings. The sisters. The harmony. The twin flames. Such perfect play by play for Nature’s unfolding. You illuminate the images somehow. I can’t explain it. And glad you got more snow as well…!

    In gratitude,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Michael. I spent a lot of time with them. I hung out with them every chance I got. Haha. My poor dog. She’d say, “Mom! You took those pictures already. Come on. Let’s go further today!” I just couldn’t stop clicking. They usually last 3 weeks, and I didn’t want to miss a minute. Gee, do you think I have an issue with letting go? Thank you about the snow. It snowed all weekend. It was fun to take pictures of the snow on the flowers. My knees got kind of cold! I’m glad you liked the names. I can’t take credit for that. They told me their names.:)
      Thank you for saying such nice things. I love that you used the word illuminate. That felt good.
      Peace and Love

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  19. After reading your post, I love the Easter flowers too! What fabulous photos, Mary. Especially the ones with water on the flowers – you do macro photography very well. Loved the bee’s dance with the flowers too … and yes, we all need to learn to just be(e)! Looking forward to the next post. Cate x


    • Thanks Cate! I’m so glad you liked the photos. I love taking them. It was amazing to me how strong they are through snow and rain. And I love how the drops of rain and melted snow stayed on them because they have like …hair that holds the water. I also really love bees and bee-ing. Thanks for coming over Cate. Always good to see you. I haven’t seen a post of yours for a while. You still writing? Travel?
      Peace and Bee-ing


  20. Such an intimate connection! Your clarity and depth transcend the limits of my computer screen, and the limits of time for 12 year old girls, to bring delight and peace.


    • Thank you JoAnna. They are special beings, those flowers. Beautiful and healing.
      So glad you came here today.
      Peace and delight,


  21. Thank you , Olga! They are lovely, healing flowers, those friends of mine. :)Thank you for seeing their beauty with me.


  22. Mary these photo’s are exquisite .. Such beauty to behold .. Each petal so perfect each drop of moisture a perfect sphere.. Love the Bees.. 🙂 And they are loving the breath of Spring..
    Your commentary here a delight to read.. And each lifted my soul in tune with the colours of creation..
    Fabulous and your images of the bee at work were wonderfully clear.. My own pictures blur in comparison. 🙂

    Happy Spring Mary.. You just opened my own heart even wider to her beauty xxx
    Much Love ❤ Sue xxx


    • Oh Sue…thank you so much. I really appreciate this comment. I know how much you love Her beauty. I love that I may have given your heart a little boost in Her today. I’m so glad you like the pictures. I sure enjoy taking them. Happy Happy spring to you as well, Sue. I know you are a busy bee right now!
      Love and a big hug ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes I am juggling lots right now.. And I am away next week until the 4th of May.. so I am trying to shedule some posts not being very successful as I keep dipping into my email back log of posts LOL.. I so enjoyed my visit.. Your photo’s were stunning.. Love and Mega Hugs to you xxx Sue

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  23. Oh Mary you’ve done my heart such good this morning as I found your post. Those flowers – oh my! I don’t know them, but now I feel like I’ve been introduced to a beautiful new being. Such gorgeous photos! And the bees! Swooning over those photos as well. But it’s your gentle and insightful commentary that always catches my heart, always inviting us to look more, see more, understand more. Today you’ve been very good “flower therapy” for me – thank you!


    • Thank you so much Deborah! I’m so glad these beings touched your heart. It makes me very happy that this makes you want to look deeper, and that you see it as flower therapy! I really appreciate this comment!


  24. Brilliant photos and words, thank you. I too love Parque flowers but haven’the seen them in a long time, grateful for you sharing. Bees kneed & Girly Girl, you are so clever. You post was like an extension of my morning meditation. I will be savoring your clever words & photos. Peace and joy, Trish


    • Hey Trish!
      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked this. So glad this extended your morning meditation! Wow!
      Peace and Joy to you Trish!!


    • Hey Sandy!
      I am so happy you liked this. Yeah, I thought she was mostly healed by now. Just out of the blue, something else came up. It was nice to do the love and healing surrounded by these beauties.
      Love and Light to you!

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  25. Thank you for sharing your insight, words and pictures so beautifully. So grateful that you can put into words for many to enjoy. Love you my friend.


    • Hey Helene!
      How are you?! Thank you for commenting. I am happy you liked this post.
      Much love to you!! ❤


  26. And I am ever so grateful that b I did not miss this post dear Mary!! What an incredible journey you have had over these three weeks with these lovely fellas. I am happy you worked your way through your 12 year old’s pain…isn’t it amazing how it can pop up…when you least expect it…
    Much love to you…and thanks for the beauty you shared here 🙂 ♡♡

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  27. Amazingly, they are still blooming! What hearty little delicate flowers.
    I am so happy to see you, Lorrie! I’m glad you came.
    Yes, when you least expect it. I thought I had worked through, processed and healed all that stuff. Haha. At least when remnants come up, all I have to do is love whatever part is hurting. Flowers help. 🙂
    Much love to you too, dear Lorrie. ❤


  28. Mary I just went back to review this post. Breathtaking is all I can say. When I lived in my house with my ex I planted 106 crocus bulbs. Every Spring the ground around my tree in the back yard looked like fresh snow from the deck. I loved sitting amidst the flowers under the tree. The bees are having such a wonderful time playing in the center of the flowers. Each photo is a precious gem as are you!!! Love and Light!


    • Thank you Sandy,
      What a kind and generous comment. I love crocus. I planted about a hundred of them over 3 years, and now only 4 or 5 come up. Squirrels mostly, I think. Plus, they just don’t get the water they need. The ones that are still here are really pretty. That’s why I love love the Pasque flowers so much. They are wild and grow all over this one small meadow, and they last a month, and even when they go to seed, the seed head is beautiful! Thanks for coming by. Love and Light to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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