A Most Jubilant Stalk of Grass

Jubilant 0039

Delighting in the jewels of an afternoon rain.  WordPress Photo Challenge – Jubilant

DSC_0045 - Copy (2)


Our world opens wide, as each seed surrenders to change. In this moment, we naturally reach for the sun. We  are gathering strength for transformations that come with new birth.

DSC_0043 - Copy (2)




Extending, reaching. Vibrating jubilant gratitude for the moment.

DSC_0040 - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy

Dancing with color and Light, we laugh, we thrive.


Expressing ourselves in our own unique way.

DSC_0040 - Copy (2) - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy - Copy (2)

We bounce off each other, seeing ourselves reflected in each other’s Light and Shadow.

DSC_0039 - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy - Copy (2)


Different parts – water, color and Light – resonating as one.

The drops don’t think about judging each other. They aren’t going to try to figure out what others want.  They are just being who they are – never questioning their destiny to nourish the plant,  to quench the soil’s thirst, to Love the Light.

We are in relationship with ourselves, as part of Spirit – as part of this moment.  We are One.

Layers upon layers we uncover, blessing ourselves and each other as we walk the path of Mindfulness and Love.

DSC_0040 - Copy (2) - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy (2)

Such treasure is water. The life blood our our Mother. May we protect Her.

We are enchanted by the gifts given to us by Spirit.

DSC_0047 - Copy - Copy (2) - Copy

Beginning to bloom.

DSC_0146 - Copy

In each moment is a choice to open and expand; to experience; to relate; to Love. It is our choice to create the reality that serves the Highest Good. It is our responsibility.






86 thoughts on “A Most Jubilant Stalk of Grass

  1. Beautiful words of wisdom Mary. Love the colors. “They are just being who they are – never questioning their destiny to nourish the plant, to quench the soil’s thirst, to Love the Light” We can all learn from this understanding in nature. Thankyou Lovely friend. 🙂

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  2. When you said: “The drops don’t think about judging each other. They aren’t going to try to figure out what others want. They are just being who they are…” I realized just how much time I spend trying to figure out what others want or need of me. I yearn for those times when I can just be… when I can remove the mask.

    Beautiful pictures and thoughts to accompany them. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you Wolfegeo! I appreciate that! I hope that this weekend you can spend some time just “being” without the mask. Are you comfortable removing it in some situations?
      Peace and Freedom

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  3. Beautifully said Mary as well as the beautiful pictures to further back up your words. Thanks for sharing this. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and stay happy out there in nature. Blessings…VK ❤

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    • Thanks VK! Yes, I will stay happy out here in Nature all week! I hope you have a lovely weekend as well.
      Blessings, Love and Light

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    • Thank you Caroline! So nice to touch in with you. Thank you for your blessings of water, light and love and I send blessings to you too. I hope your holiday weekend is wonderful.
      Peace and Love

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  4. Dear Mary, your photographs are really quite stunning and I loved the context you placed them in, or maybe the beauty of nature is the context and jubilant gratitude is what encompasses them – and ultimately each of us. I love the word jubilant, thank you for that gift, a wonderful present that I will be using in the presence of all that is around me. Peace and love, Harlon

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  5. Beautiful, beautiful life-affirming post. I loved this: “They are just being who they are – never questioning their destiny to nourish the plant, to quench the soil’s thirst, to Love the Light.” It just FEELS right. I’m always so caught up in your placement of pictures on your blog. You do such an wonderful job. And these pictures are just precious! Well done, Mary!

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  6. Such a delightful guided meditation, Mary, and what exquisite photographs to accompany one along the way. Your photography is really first rate, and the manner in which you’ve captured the water droplets on the grass seed is quite breath-taking. With much love, and gratitude. Hariod

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      • I still have the ‘idiot’ mode switched on, Mary. Rather ironically, it’s called ‘intelligent’ mode! Actually, I’ve not touched the thing for three weeks as I’ve had a bad bout of laryngitis and haven’t been venturing out much at all. As to whether I’m happy or not with the mirrorless design, then I have no experience of digital SLR’s or compacts to compare it to, but it seems a very fine little device, and have no cause for complaint so far – other than that I don’t understand it! I was sorely tempted by the Nikon D3300’s on-screen help for beginners, but we’ll see how I go.

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    • I love my D3300. I paid about $700.00 for it, and now you can get it for about $350. Grrrr. But, I have enjoyed it, especially with the macro and the zoom lenses. Although, now the coolpix series have a much better zoom. The new P 900 looks tempting indeed. I find the point and shoots hard to focus, though, especially since you can’t do it manually. It wants to focus on whatever is closest in the field of view, so if you want a farther away bird, too bad.

      I do hope you get to feeling better soon!!

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  7. I absolutely LOVE how your voice one with All That Is, so when you write, you’re describing a dual POV, that of water – because being part of All That Is, we ARE the drops, and the drops are us!

    Interestingly, when I read this sentence: The drops don’t think about judging each other. They aren’t going to try to figure out what others want. They are just being who they are – never questioning their destiny to nourish the plant, to quench the soil’s thirst, to Love the Light.” I was seeing it or reading it as ‘trees’ and I’ve always thought of trees exactly the way you speak of the drops! I’ve felt since I was a young girl, that Trees were the most evolved beings because they are there, taking what the Mother brings to them, and with no complaints, they are so regal in their living! Then I realized, you’d said drops, and it expanded my own Universe to know that everything simply IS.

    Brightest Blessings, Mary! Your are an inspiration!

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    • Thank you so much, Doda!
      You have certainly started off my Saturday morning with a smile. 🙂
      You have a peaceful weekend too.

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  8. Thank you, Mary! I felt refreshed by these sparkling drops, and I love the word Jubilant – not a word that most of us use very often – seems, from your gorgeous photo essay, the world might be a more joyous place if we did:)
    PS- there are some joyously jubilant roses blooming in my yard at the moment, offering their beauty so freely and generously for me as well as the bees. Jubilant – such a perfect word for this season on bloom!
    Love & Blessings!

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  9. Such beautiful wisdom. And I’m always, always transported by your photos. I’ve always harbored a thought that all things like being seen, and they gift us with their beauty when we gift them with our witnessing. You clearly know how to encourage beauty. 🙂 BTW, I think it’s wonderful you’re signing your photos.

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  10. Thank you Deborah!
    I feel that way too. I think gifts of beauty can feel our gratitude and love, and they like it. Beauty can take me to me knees – to utter tears and rapture both. Thank you for saying that about signing my photos. I was conflicted about it. Seemed almost like bragging, or like don’t use my stuff. I don’t know. It does make them more authentic somehow. I appreciate your feedback on that.

    I’ve been in such technical nightmare-hood these days. Figuring out space management. I used up all the room on my computer. Then windows 10 downloaded without my permission. Like with a lot of people! I haven’t been too present on line, but I think I’m figuring it out.

    Thank you for coming here today. Always good to see you, my friend.

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  11. Mary, you are amazing! I thought of you this morning, too so it’s so nice to visit you/your sight 🙂 Thank you for sharing your gifts – your wisdom, words, perspective and photo’s. Just amazing. ❤


  12. Your words together with your pictures are a really powerful pointer to the power within us– our authentic expression that sits just right in the sea of all that is. When I read this and looked at these images I felt myself shift gears into a relaxed and holy flow. It was quite lovely. You and your land are a great team!

    Peace and Love

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  13. Thank you, Michael,
    Nature puts me into a relaxed and holy flow as well, especially if I have my camera with me. I like what you said, “our authentic expression that sits just right in the sea of all that is.” We are one, yet each have our own unique way of expressing in that oneness or all that is.
    I do love this land, and feel grateful for all that is here… haha and grateful for “all that is” while here.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment here today. I know you are quite busy. I’m glad you could shift gears and relax here for a moment.



    • Thank you Annette!
      It’s amazing we are having rain this month. Very unusual. But we will take it!! I’m glad you felt uplifted. 🙂

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  14. Your posts are always so beautiful, Mary. I’m never quite sure what to say in a comment, but I do want you to know how much I appreciate them. I find myself inspired by both your images and words. 🙂

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    • Thanks Randy! I’m glad that your day started out well, and having had a little something to do with that makes me happy.:)


    • Thank you, JoAnna! They are beautiful colors. I’m glad you liked the words as well. 🙂


    • Hey BF!
      I know, right? Quite jubilant! No, I didn’t spray them. We have had a lot of rain, which is very unusual for this time of year. Rains usually come the middle of July. So, I have been enjoying being out in it and taking pictures. I’m glad you liked the photos. 🙂


  15. Beautiful post Mary – feels so poetic! The stalks are jubilant – colorful and decorated with jewels. Your posts also bring me a little closer to spirit and nature. Not sure how I missed this post but what a wonderful way to start the day:) Love and Light!

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    • Thanks Sandy! Thank you for saying that. It means a great deal to me.
      Love and Light!


  16. What a glorious ‘song’ to our Earth Mother and Gift to ourselves you have given us here Mary with your wonderful Earth Medicine. Jubilant and most beautiful ode to one of Mothers greatest and most richest of gifts.. A stalk of Grass. That you have shown here so wonderfully in all its morning glory as the magic of the spheres of water that other most Magical of gifts sit perfectly capturing rainbows of light.
    Your words a delight for the Soul dear Mary.. And upon such a dreary cold wet day here in the UK this first day of June, has brought Warmth and delight into my day..
    Thank you my friend..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx ❤

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  17. Hi Mary,
    It’s a sacred moment to be able to settle in with each blade of grass and focus on its message. Beautiful as always and glad you are leaving your watermark, signature. It’s a challenge the artist faces and it is okay. Being part of one is fun. Looking forward to seeing where your treasure takes you, and by that I mean into deeper states of peace, love, and joy. Looking at these images brings me reverent pause.

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  18. Thank you! Yes, just as I am disappointed that one has gone, another comes to spark joy and creativity!


  19. Oh, Mary! I feel as though each one of those drops has rolled through my soul leaving behind the most extraordinary kind of love!! So beautiful…so loving and compassionate. Thank you beautiful soul for enriching my day. May you have the most blessed weekend ♡♡

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  20. Wow, Lorrie! Thank you so much. I will definitely have a “most blessed weekend” in part because of this amazing comment. What a loving thing to say! ❤ ❤


  21. Haha! Thank you Cate! I am easily entertained, and we had such nice rain that made nice droplets to capture. So much fun!


  22. Every word you wrote and every picture you clicked constituted a perfect description of the exciting and beautiful journey called life. Loved every bit of it, Mary. Thank you so much for these wise words and the treat to eyes.


    • Thank you Val! So glad you liked it!
      I’ve been having lots of technological problems,so haven’t been on line much. Hopefully I will be able to catch up soon! I’ll come see what you are up to. 🙂

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      • I’ve missed your presence Mary. So glad all is okay! Technology can be a real stressor when it doesn’t work!! Thats when I spend more time away from its grasp 💛


  23. While WordPress indicates I have been following your blog, I’ve missed your recent posts in my “reader.” Truth be known, I do not peruse it as frequently as one can. If it wasn’t for mutual blogging acquaintances who in recent comments, highlighted your blog, I might still be wandering our rich community absent the benefit of your beautiful words and images.

    Now that I have intentionally visited, it is abundantly clear why many speak so well of you and what you choose to share in your posts. You speak a language I understand, in a tone that not only warmly resonates but invites. I truly value and appreciate the lens through which you see, communicate and inspire.

    Being in and with Nature is my sanctuary. I can easily find myself ‘in the zone’ when blessed with and by her presence. To conjure her, mentally, while reading your poetic composition and appreciating stunning photos that accompany, the virtual experience you share in nearly as nourishing as being literally ‘with the land.’

    Thank you, Mary, for soothing!


    • Wow! Another beautiful comment from Eric! Thank you for this heartfelt comment. I’m happy that you love Nature, and that She is your sanctuary. Yes, it’s nice to be “in the zone,” isn’t it? Thank you for valuing “the lens though which I see.” That means a great deal to me. I think the language of the heart is pretty universal, and by touching into that, we understand each other well.
      I don’t understand the whole “reader” thing. I never go to mine, but I get emails when people I follow post something. Do you?
      Thanks again, Eric, very much!


      • Most who I follow/read are WordPress bloggers themselves so their posts automatically appear in the the “reader.” I just don’t get to it often enough and thus, miss out on some lovely posts. A few who follow my blog have opted to receive email notifications when I newly post though I suspect most of them are ‘outside’ of WordPress readers; if that makes sense. I’m simply happy to be able to read what’s available when I create the time to do so. Here’s to more reading and writing about the “language of the heart.” 🙂

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