For Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mother, who died 50 years ago.  I love you.   You, my first love are part of me. You hold a place in my heart, sacred beyond the beyond. I feel you all around me, in me and of me. Thank you for being my Mama, for your love and for instilling love so deeply within me.  I felt it in the beating of your heart, while in your womb. As I grew, you were always there…until the end. Yet, the day you died, I knew deep down that you would never leave me. Not really. You have been with me every step of the way.

DSC_0392 - Copy

DSC_0375 - Copy

Me, before she got sick.

And for my Beloved Mother Earth, I honor you today. You have given me life in a whole different way.  I Love you. I love you. I Love you.

DSC_0491 - Copy (2)

Thank you for the apple blossoms today. Thank you for the fullness of my Love. Thank you for everything. Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s day to all who have been, will be and are mothers in any way.



66 thoughts on “For Mother’s Day

  1. Mary
    What an extraordinarily stunning beauty; your Mother. The beauty of her adoring, devoted love for you, shines in the glorious joy of your young face. Her love. is , has , and always will be with you ,
    Your friend


    • Hey Jen,
      I think she was, but I’m a bit biased. I do believe she is always with me. Her spirit is in my heart.
      Happy Mother’s Day Jenny. ❤


  2. Mary, what a beautiful post. That must have been so hard for you to lose your Mom at such an early age. I’m glad you still feel her with you.

    My Mom was always bailing me out financially, through all my leap moves as a single Mom. She did this up until she died. A year or so after she died I was woken up one night with Angel wings beating against me and I knew it was my Mom.

    She has showed up twice now in regards to this latest leap move, and subsequent being on the road for 3 1/2 years now. Before I left town, I had only managed to scrape up a small amount of money. Out of the blue, my oldest friend sent back 3 gold bangles, of my Mom’s, ones I had given her after my Mom died, stating that perhaps I could use them to help me. She didn’t even know I was planning to leap again but I was able to sell the bangles and get an even better price than the first time I checked. Then, later, while in Scottsdale, visiting one of my Mom’s best friends, she first told me that my Mom would be very proud of me. Actually, if my Mom had been alive, she would have freaked at this leap of mine, but it was still good to hear. Then, my Mom’s friend handed me this gold charm, said that my Mom had given it to her and that she was letting go of things now that she was getting older, so she wanted me to have it,. Before leaving her, she reminded me that my Mom had been listening to our conversation and was watching over me. Later on, I looked at this “charm” she had given back to me and it was a St. Christopher’s medal, the Saint of travel, keeping one safe, and it was from a necklace my Mom wore everyday and I had gifted it to my Mom’s friend after she died,. So it is clear to me that our loved ones do take care of us, reaching through dimensions to share with us.

    Happy Mother’s day to you, too.

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    • How very cool – angel wings beating on you! Sounds like your mum is definitely around you! That’s really nice.
      Happy Mother’s Day Katelon.

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  3. I looked at this photo of you and my laughter suddenly turned to tears as I wept for all the love I feel for you, my best friend, my soulmate.


    • Thank you Eliza! Me too! I can totally go into raptures over apple blossoms. They are lasting longer than usual this year and I am just loving it! The simple beauty and fragrance. Heavenly.

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    • Hey Ka,
      Always so nice to see you here and feel your loving energy. Heartbeat. I love all of our connectedness and our Mother who holds us all.
      Love you

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  4. I love the pictures, Mary. There is something incredible about them from knowing there is a mother and a daughter there. I think this something incredible is made visible partly in the way your mother’s smile is a little quieter than yours in these two images. I can see the movement and the flowering of a single heart, but also the distance it has crossed. The clothing, the ages, they are different. Love can cross any distance… Very touching.

    Peace and Love,


    • Thank you Michael,
      Yes, she was a bit more quiet than me, although she could really laugh! Though that picture was taken about 12 years before I was born, she didn’t change that much until she got sick. I remember the dress, and she kept her hair like that for a long time. This is a glam shot, but she was so naturally beautiful. I think so too, that Love can cross any distance.

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  5. Mary what a beautiful tribute to your Mother on Mother’s Day..She was indeed a very attractive lady.. And lovely to see a photo of you as a child.. Love that smile..
    I have some apple blossom on my own small tree a cooking apple for the first time this year, I am excited.. My eating apple hasn’t blossomed so hopefull it will next year..
    Hope you are having a lovely week..
    Hugs Sue xxx ❤


    • Thanks Sue! She was beautiful inside and out. All of our apples are wild. Some are really good, some not at all, but I still love the blossoms. All of them.I hope you get some good ones this year!
      Much love and hugs,

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  6. I had not thought of using the words, “first love” to apply to a mother, but it makes perfect sense! I’m so glad to know you have this kind of bond with your mother, beyond the beyond. ❤


    • Thanks JoAnna. I can’t wait to see her again. Well…I can wait, and I hope it’s not for a while Haha, but it will be sweet.


  7. Never too late to read such a post no matter the date.I am hopelessly behind,but as I was going through my inundated email inbox,your post caught my attention.Great tribute to your sweet Mother and beautiful the apple blossoms.My sweet and affectionate mum departed in 2006,my life is not the same since then,she has taken part of my life with her.Nevertheless,it feels as if she were still alive and around me.She will really die when I cease thinking of her …
    Thank you for your touching post,Mary.Have a peaceful Sunday evening. Doda 🙂


    • Hey Doda!
      So nice to see you here! I know what you mean about being inundated with the email in box!
      Then! Ok, I’m going to vent a little here…Microsoft decided to download onto my computer, without my permission, Windows 10. I’m having a heck of a time figuring out how to negotiate around it! Grrrrr! But your comment certainly made me smile…even if a bit sadly. Losing a mom changes everything! Yours died 10 years ago. Doesn’t time just fly? And yet it goes slow sometimes. You probably will never stop thinking of her. The memories keep them alive in our hearts.

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      • Hi there,Mary!Thank you so much for your rich and astute reply and your nice soothing thoughts.I might not visit your space regularly,when I am almost away from WP,but each time I call in,I always find peace.Btw,I know what you mean about Windows 10,it happened on one of my laptops and I don’t dare even to touch it right now.I’m still working on the one with Windows Vista,there is not any problem so far ~ cross your toes and figures …Happy weekend.Peace to you too, Doda

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