Peeking At Me Peeking At You

The WP Daily Post Photo Challenge of this week is Peek.

When peeking at someone or something, it is enchanting to notice them peeking back.











A connection is made.














A momentary relationship.












A brief encounter that touches the heart.














And now, as I peek at your heart, there you are peeking at mine.

Blessed Be.


63 thoughts on “Peeking At Me Peeking At You

  1. I hope this beautiful post is from your new book!! Beautiful captures Mary. Our connection to life is far deeper than the eye can ever see. What a gift to be part of this connection. πŸŒΏπŸ€πŸ€πŸŒΏπŸπŸ

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  2. Hi Mary!! I got so happy when I saw your name in my email 😁 The captures are so beautiful…and remind me that I am not spending enough time in nature! Yes…life has been hectic and it is sad that my connection with nature has been put on a back burner.
    I hope you are well and that light is shining on you πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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    • Hi Lorrie! So nice to see you! Yes, I am well. Just super busy. I hope to be here on WP a lot more this winter. I encourage you to get out in Nature. It is always so rejuvenating. I will come visit your site soon. Much love.

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  3. Love this Mary. πŸ’› Your choice of photos that enhance how we are connected… and opening a door for so much more through nature.
    Welcome back into this magical and healing realm my friend.
    The time is right. So many have been waiting to hear your voice πŸ™

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    • Hi Eliza! Thank you! Yes, I am enjoying the autumn. Working hard trying to get wood stockpiled for winter. I haven’t been here on WP much. I want to be here a lot more this winter. I miss you all! I will come visit your site soon.

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    • So true, VK. Always fun to see. Thank you for stopping by. Nice to see you. Thanks for liking my photos.


  4. Mary, so good to see your work here again. I know I had been busy and slacking in the WP universe… I was thinking about you the other day. Will you be in Arizona sometimes soon? Please drop me a note if you are coming this way, I am still in Prescott, email me to the email associated with this comment. Take care, and thank you for the photos!! ❀

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    • Hey Kristina!
      I was almost going to be in Prescott for Thanksgiving, but alas, plans changed. It would be great to meet you in person. It will happen. I’m certain of it.
      Thanks for coming by and for enjoying the photos. Do take care.

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  5. Aww Mary the connection you have with your subjects is inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for your vision of the world. πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’›


  6. Sweet moments. I had these peeking moments with some blue tailed skinks in my back yard and deck over the summer. They did not run away quickly, but just studied me studying them for up to a minute if I didn’t get to close.


  7. Masterful photography , Mary. I love the expression of sweetness, friendship and love in the beautiful face of the squirrel.
    Thank you for sharing a peek , in your skillful gentle way , to better understand connecting. Your photos breathe


  8. Lovely. Yes those moments of I saw you, in nature are powerful. And they see us.
    I wonder what they think and I suspect there is much to learn. Nature can feel that it is all about survival, I’d rather think about it as co-existence. Peace, Harlon


  9. Wonderful when those moments speak out as they Peek out at you from Natures Hides.. And loved your photo’s Mary.. And I love nothing better than peeking into Natures Paradise..
    Many thanks for your recent visit Mary, so lovely to see you and happy to see a post of these wonderful creatures..
    Wishing you a wonderful week.. ❀ Hugs Sue


    • Thanks Calen. The “pink stuff at the end” is 2 raindrops on a pink snapdragon flower.
      So nice to see you here. ❀


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