Happy Holidays!

May you all be blessed this holiday season with hearts full of Love, your beings  with the quietness of the still small voice inside you, and may deep peace fill you in this coming year. May you be surrounded with Love and Light, always.

Thank you all so much for reading and for filling me up with your love and support!

With love, gratitude and respect,


Photo challenge: favorites

56 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Exquisite photos. Hawk is so wise. Her expression is profound,; full of beauty, courage and nobility.
    Merry Christmas my 🌟friend.🌟
    Love, TFFBB


  2. Happy Holidays, Mary, to you n yours! Thank you for all your exquisite photos and deep words of beauty and wisdom. You are loved! Linda Smarrella


  3. Have had a Muse with all your posts since Transformation 1, and am Stunned by the ever increasing Brilliance and Radiance! As you might guess, my faves are the last two pics in Transformation 1……over the top and simply monumentally Beautiful. As well, though, struck by the tone of your writing…..with a seeming increase in “allowing” and acceptance even while holding Strong to the Visioning……..ex, in Ascension, it comes through so clearly. THANK YOU, GREAT VISIONER. love you immensely


    • Thank you, Jessica. I’m glad you liked them. That means a lot to me. I love you immensely, dear cousin!


    • Happy New Year to you, fugefly. Thank you so much for commenting and for reading! May your new year be full of happiness and inspiration!


  4. Mary these are two lovely photos. You have been a loving spiritual guide throughout the past few years. You have captured two photos – both with great depth in more ways than one. Love having you as a part of my life. To a beautiful woman – may you continue to share your knowledge and spirit throughout 2018 in your photos, words, and spiritual energy. Love and Light!

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  5. Thank you Mary, I am late again, for your Christmas Greetings, but not too late to wish you a Very Happy 2018 my friend.. Thank you for your wonderful friendship and visits, and I wish you a Wonderful 2018, May it be filled with Love and Peace and many more wonderful photos of nature.. These are just beautiful

    Happy New Year! Sue ❤


    • Thank you so much, Sue! Lateness isn’t an issue. Seems like we always end up on each other’s site for beautiful friendship and inspiration. Times is just such a weird concept, isn’t it? I am always glad to see you here, as I am always glad to visit your site. May 2018 be stunningly wonderful! ❤ ❤

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      • 🙂 Yes Time is as you say a weird concept.. Its both illusive and precious. Which is why we spend it wisely, and enjoy each and every moment of it..
        Sending you greetings for an Abundant filled year of ever more time to do the wonderful things which bring Joy and Happiness..
        Love and Peace to you Mary.. Hugs Sue xxx ❤


    • You have a gift, dear Calen. I really hope your 2018 is full of joy and health. Such challenges you face, and with such grace. ❤


    • Thanks Badfish! I was gone for a while too and now I’m off and on. I have missed you too. May your 2018 be wonderful as well.

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  6. It’s always a joy to find a post from you Mary – like a beautiful unexpected treasure brightening my day. So even though I’m late finding this wonder, I guarantee you it’s well greatly appreciated. Wishing you a fabulous 2018, filled with magic and great delight.


    • Thank you, Deborah! I love finding posts of yours and I love finding a comment from you here!
      I will happily take you up on your 2018 wish of fabulousness, magic and great delight! May you have the same!


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