DP Photo Challenge: Beloved



My Beloved is Spirit

My Beloved is Everything 

















My Beloved is All That Is

In the big picture, my Beloved is Spirit, and all that is within It.











I am my own Beloved, as I am part of Spirit,

as are you.











It is often difficult for me to feel all as my Beloved, but my Higher Self knows the Truth.

The people I love are easy to call my Beloved

The planet is easy to call my Beloved

My Beloved is Love

Animals and plants are easy.









I feel Spirit talks to me through Nature.







Nature is my Beloved

Little messages here,

little altars there.

Big picture messages

Interpretation of the messages come in meditation, prayer and receptivity.

What does each animal mean to me?


Each plant?

How does the behavior of the animal tell me what I need to see?

What am I asking when a messenger shows up?

For an example, I am crossing a bridge. There is no turning back.

I saw my hawk friend yesterday. We had just arrived home after being away for a couple of days. She was eating a mouse on a post. We stayed quiet and watched her.

When she was finished, she shook off her feathers, fluffed herself up, and let go of the old (in the form of a great big poop), and flew to the new, with fresh energy. She circled and sang that unmistakable red-tailed scream. “Listen to me”, she calls.

Again, she speaks to me of the big picture. She has eaten a mouse. Not a time to see with narrow vision as a mouse sees, yet also not allowing my detailed vision to be harmed.









All is my Beloved. I am grateful and happy.

May you be awake within your Beloved.

Each Transformation (part 2)

Link to part one

We hold within us every age we have ever been. Each age had experiences, some more difficult than others. My inner 12- year -old who lost her mother, needs reassurance from me at times. We must be compassionate with the ones who were hurt, and support their healing. Most ages stay present, until they are healed. Some wiser ones stay on as they resonate with the frequency of Love and growth. Others we may enjoy become stronger. My 8 -year- old is a big part of who I am now. She is strong, wise, innocent and fun. My dog, Mattie, loves that part of me.

What we believe determines our experience. We must take responsibility for this. As we love what is, we become full of joy, gratitude and happiness.

When will we notice the transformation we are in now? How will we create peace out of the chaos? How do we create happiness and contentment within?

When will we transform the “power over” way of doing things to “Power within” and promote working together?  When we do this naturally within ourselves, we will see the changes in the outer world.

When will we wander through the portals into different, unexplored dimensions?

How will we move from duality to Unity consciousness with all life?

Change is constantly contracting and expanding. How will we change to resonate with peace and Love?

As seeds grow into adulthood, so must we grow into our Authentic selves






Enjoying the moment, yet ready to let go

Enjoy the now moment in all its purity and innocence.

Love what is without judgement or attachment. Transform beyond.

Judgements hold us back.   Discernment allows us to know when to step in and help.

As we experience dark nights of our Soul, so Gaia mirrors this for us as She goes through Her own, awaiting Her new dawn.









During these shifts that are happening now, we must trust in a Greater Truth. We must see the big picture. Hawk teaches us in the light of day

While Owl teaches us through the dark.

She teaches us about our own transformation. As we change through the dark, Owl helps us with our fears of the unknown.  She helps us in the world of shadow. As Dewin  says in a comment in one of his current posts,  “She is a perfect companion for navigating safe passage through the dark.”

Trust that everything is unfolding as it must.
















This unique earth vessel we wear is ephemeral,

while our souls are eternal.  A drop of water within a beautiful sea.






We bloom, we flower, we die…only to be reborn. Each small death grieved, each rebirth celebrated.







There is beauty in the death as well, as it offers seeds from its once vital life

Just as a flower grows and blossoms in an atmosphere of nutrition, moisture and plenty of sun light, so we grow more toward who we are in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and joy.

These asters are accepting of who they are and of what is.

If we see that mirror, we become more that way. Then it echoes all over the world.








The less judgement about what is, the more creative and expansive we will be.






The more we can compassionately forgive ourselves for our judgements, the more freedom we experience.

Into the flow of Love

The canvass is yours to paint.



Click on photos for a closer view

Each Transformation (part 1)

This week’s photo challenge is Transformation. Now, how could I let that one go by? It is one of my favorite words. This offering will come in two parts.

Transformations come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Each opening of a door, each stepping stone across a creek, each “aha” moment, each gate passed

Each new path started, each step across a bridge, each knitted row completed, then on to another piece entirely;

The turning of a page to our next chapter, or beginning another book altogether; the next rung on the ladder – each a metamorphosis.





Each riddle solved, that moves us closer to the Truth of Oneness and Love;








Each death,


each rebirth,




each movement from one state to another;



Each glimpse into who we truly are.  All are transformations of sorts. Small transitions to momentous and memorable shifts. Endings and beginnings.

Nothing stays the same.

Each time we walk into kindness with ourselves and others, we grow and transform.


Each stage of growth, each developmental task realized, learned and moved through;  these are our moments.

We need to appreciate each step along the way, I think. Love each small transition, each transcendental moment, as well as the momentous and memorable transformations.


Each Saturn return every 29 years, as well as each journey of the moon around the earth.






Embrace each fully.

How do we transform to create, accept and expand more loving in this world?

Our essential nature is Love. That is our Authentic Self.  How do we transcend our ego’s comfort zone?

Each time we transform our self and remember our Highter Self in some way, the collective takes another step.

Each mirror noticed, we ascend to new heights as a Whole.

Each time we visit our Shadow or come out of hibernation, we emerge transformed at least a little bit. As we walk through the light, we have to pass through our own shadow for a time.


It is our attitudes, thoughts and beliefs that define our experiences. How will we transmute our ego habits?


The ego shows us the layers and patterns we need to heal.







Thank you, ego.

As we transform into gratitude, peace, happiness, love and compassion, our unresolved issues influence our experience. That’s okay.

Our Authentic Self does not live in duality.  That is the ego’s realm. Ego holds misidentification of lack, unworthiness and fear.

As we awaken into who we truly are, our egos face challenges.  The ego may not be aware of the Authentic Self, so it feels threatened as we move toward the Light. Its job is to keep us safe. It has our best interest at heart. It doesn’t understand “capital H” Heart.  Ego doesn’t understand that being stuck in old patterns holds us back from joy and fulfillment. We need to expand and grow. Ego wants to keep us contracted. It holds on to these ineffective ways of being for dear life. We must love it though these transitions and transformations. We need ego to complete our healing process.

A big transformation is moving from ego identification to Soul identification.

Each time we transform our “little s” self into our Authentic Self,  again – the collective expands as well.

Ego will die many deaths as we grow. We are gentle with ego, as it loses hold of control. Authentic Self now runs the show. Past patterns and coping mechanisms will fall away, as we no longer need them. The trance of this physical manifestation transmutes to one of clear sight and Love. Our patterns are habits we must break in order to grow.

To be continued…..



Bridging the Depths

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is “Bridge.

When you perceive a transition in your life, how do you approach the bridge between where you are now, and what lies ahead? How are you with yourself when stepping on to this bridge? What do you take with you? What do you leave behind?

We may be drawn to cross a bridge, or to accept a challenge as Life’s opportunity for Heart to discover greater truth. What will be on the other side? What is the greater truth you are looking for? What do you think you will find there? How does this Truth connect you, or bridge you to Spirit?

As you start over the bridge, it may be a little scary. Are you afraid of heights? Transitions take a fair amount of courage. We may protect ourselves and cross a strong, sturdy bridge.

Or, throw caution to the wind and cross a rickety one. Either way, Trust is paramount.

When you start over the bridge, is your goal to quickly get to the other side, or do you enjoy the moment, and the scenery within? Take your time. You can stay on the bridge for as long as you like. Perhaps some reflection can teach you something. The new is patiently waiting for you to be ready, and will guide you to proceed in perfect timing.

When crossing the bridge into the unknown, we may walk into our shadow. Embrace it. Heal it. The Light is being held for you.

A way to get to a destination when it seems you can’t get there from here. There may be obstacles, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

Maybe you need distance from something in your life. I used to call it a geographical cure. Running from something? Or running toward something that serves you better?

What bridges the gap for you between suffering and living in joy? Joy is a choice. Choice is the bridge.

Dissolving the distance with a loved one who is physically far away over the Rainbow Bridge. Feel the connection in your heart. They are with you. Love is the bridge.

There is our physical world and the Spiritual realm. How do you bridge the two? For me, it is imagining, and holding the vision of Light, Love, Gratitude and Peace; and listening to the silence, to the still small voice within, to a Higher calling. It is witnessing my ego, healing it and experiencing Oneness. Feeling the Divine connection between Soul and personality.

How do we bridge the gap through our differences in this world?

Peace stands on the bridge, the green Earth Spirit guardian is but a breath away, a thought away,  a choice ~ a way.

May we live in Peace, Love and Joy together on this earth, until we cross the bridge to whatever is next.

A Most Jubilant Stalk of Grass

Jubilant 0039

Delighting in the jewels of an afternoon rain.  WordPress Photo Challenge – Jubilant

DSC_0045 - Copy (2)


Our world opens wide, as each seed surrenders to change. In this moment, we naturally reach for the sun. We  are gathering strength for transformations that come with new birth.

DSC_0043 - Copy (2)




Extending, reaching. Vibrating jubilant gratitude for the moment.

DSC_0040 - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy

Dancing with color and Light, we laugh, we thrive.


Expressing ourselves in our own unique way.

DSC_0040 - Copy (2) - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy - Copy (2)

We bounce off each other, seeing ourselves reflected in each other’s Light and Shadow.

DSC_0039 - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy - Copy (2)


Different parts – water, color and Light – resonating as one.

The drops don’t think about judging each other. They aren’t going to try to figure out what others want.  They are just being who they are – never questioning their destiny to nourish the plant,  to quench the soil’s thirst, to Love the Light.

We are in relationship with ourselves, as part of Spirit – as part of this moment.  We are One.

Layers upon layers we uncover, blessing ourselves and each other as we walk the path of Mindfulness and Love.

DSC_0040 - Copy (2) - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy (2)

Such treasure is water. The life blood our our Mother. May we protect Her.

We are enchanted by the gifts given to us by Spirit.

DSC_0047 - Copy - Copy (2) - Copy

Beginning to bloom.

DSC_0146 - Copy

In each moment is a choice to open and expand; to experience; to relate; to Love. It is our choice to create the reality that serves the Highest Good. It is our responsibility.






Abstract – WPC


DSC_0316 - Copy (3) - Copy (3)

Embracing a Sacred Tear

DSC_0322 - Copy - Copy

Voices from the Deep

DSC_0539 - Copy

As Above, So Below

DSC_0481 - Copy

Shades of Peace


DSC_0386 - Copy - Copy (3)


DSC_0410 - Copy - Copy

Gratitude in Lace








DSC_0374 - Copy

World Within a World, Within a World

DSC_0334 - Copy (3) - Copy

Fire and Rain

DSC_0334 - Copy (2) - Copy

Splash of a Water Sprite

DSC_0016 - Copy

Whale Tail and Seal

DSC_0051 - Copy - Copy

Dance of Water and Sky

DSC_0156 - Copy

Wiggly, Wavy Reflection of a Boat

DSC_0352 - Copy (3) - Copy - Copy

Becoming One

DSC_0356 - Copy - Copy

Purple Rain        (RIP Prince)

DSC_0002 - Copy_01

Beauty and the Beast


DSC_0350 - Copy (2)

Miracles Abound


Ancient Being Watches



DSC_0528 - Copy - Copy

Jewel in the Rough

DSC_0457 - Copy

Radiance in a Peaceful Heart

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract

Basking in Pasque Flowers

On a hillside meadow amidst an oak woodland lives a small community of Pasque Flowers. Maybe they are wild crocus. I can’t identify them quite, in any of my Rocky Mountain or Plants of the Southwest books. There are slight deviations from each example. They come up just after domestic crocus, but before anything else, except a couple of dandelions, of course. I think they are called Easter flowers too, since they come up so early in spring.

DSC_0368 - Copy

They are hearty, and adversity brings out even more color as they venture above ground. Look at these sacred gems, holding drops of rain or melting snow!

DSC_0350 - CopyDSC_0352 - CopyDSC_0386 - Copy DSC_0327 - CopyDSC_0407 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Such treasures of inner beauty and wisdom, they reflect to the world.

I have watched how they handle rain, snow and the passage of time, with strength, elegance and generosity.

DSC_0415 - Copy  DSC_0404 - Copy

They are also nice, early food for the bees. This may be this flower’s first contact with a bee.

DSC_0522 - Copy

Can’t you just hear their spirits laughing, rolling around in there?

DSC_0430 - Copy

They are so in love with each other. A simple kindness and dependency shared between them.

DSC_0548 - Copy

Notice the pollen basket on this bee’s leg.  She will take it all back to her hive.

DSC_0446 - Copy

DSC_0425 - CopyThe bee’s knees.

It is almost too full for her to fly home, but she doesn’t want to leave her beautiful friend, Pasque. She may travel as far as two miles to engage here, but well worth the trip! Bees actually taste through their legs.

DSC_0534 - Copy

Bees remind us to drink in the sweetness in our life, and to enjoy community. Also to diligently pursue our dreams. I am reminded to just BEe.

DSC_0482 - Copy

Are you taking the time to enjoy your activities and productivity, and to find your truth?

DSC_0384 - Copy

I am in love with these flowers! I kneel to their Divinity, bow to their beauty, delight in all their unique personalities and lie down on my belly, and laugh with them, as we wait for bees, beneath the clouds and sun. We are all in relationship. We are in Spirit’s embrace.

DSC_0532 - Copy

Pasque flowers gather in groups, stand alone or with one or two friends.

DSC_0349 - Copy

DSC_0367 - CopyA wound came up for me to heal last week. It was my inner 12 year old. I just let her be with the flowers, say what she needed to say, feel what she needed to feel and express what emotions needed to be expressed.

DSC_0341 - Copy - Copy

I just loved her through it for several days, and now she feels fine. The flowers helped immensely. You just never know when the inner children will bring something up that you thought was already complete. Oh well. I guess we aren’t done until we are.

DSC_0389 - Copy

They also have an ethereal nature at certain times of day.

DSC_0355 - Copy

My friends here, mirror my own field, and I feel my centers strengthen as I gaze upon their color.

If I feel anxious, where is this anxiety coming from? What fear lurks?  What do I need to soften it? What excites me and gives me passion?

DSC_0562 - Copy

Is my Heart open? When do I feel it constrict? When does it feel more expansive? When I am still, I can connect to the Christ Consciousness, and be one with Divine Love. My relationships open my heart, as does my attunement with Nature.

DSC_0324 - Copy

Am I communicating too much, too little or in balance? Do I feel open? Free to express? Can I speak from my heart?

DSC_0354 - Copy

Attention to intuition

DSC_0500 - Copy

Unity with all that is.

DSC_0501 - Copy

They mirror my own Loving and mystery within my heart.

DSC_0420 - Copy

They reflect all different parts of me, if I look deeply

Just looking at her calms me. DSC_0449 - Copy


DSC_0356 - Copy_01

Feeling their presence and absorbing vitality.

DSC_0530 - Copy

DSC_0356 - Copy






DSC_0369 - Copy (2)

Twin Flames

DSC_0455 - Copy

Elegant Maturity

DSC_0403 - Copy

Girly girl. It’s fun to dress up once in a while.

DSC_0499 - Copy

DSC_0558 - CopyIndigo Children I have known

DSC_0424 - Copy


DSC_0452 - Copy


DSC_0529 - Copy


DSC_0459 - Copy (2)Parent and Child


Tiny Dancer

DSC_0377 - Copy

They bring me to this still now moment, and I feel well balanced.

The flowers are on their way out now. I think I took my last pictures of them today, after a snow. I am so grateful for their presence and friendship these last 3 weeks.
DSC_0410 - CopyThank you, Easter Flowers!

Easter Regeneration

Today is Easter Sunday!

Yesterday, we were blessed with snow.

DSC_0396 - Copy

DSC_0430 - Copy

DSC_0433 - Copy

I got up before first light, this morning to watch the rising of the Easter sun.

What I saw first was the waning moon and the sound of hen turkeys coming down from their roost, calling to one another. I tried to be quiet, but the snow was crunchy beneath my feet. It was 17 degrees.

DSC_0454 - Copy

First light is in the east.

DSC_0453 - Copy

Then, the tops of the trees see the sun before it becomes visible over the mountain.

DSC_0465 - Copy

DSC_0491 - Copy

And finally the sun!

DSC_0502 - Copy

Even the red-winged blackbird looks up to the Heavens this morning.

DSC_0316 - Copy

Then as he sings, it condenses in the air and looks like smoke. We can see his song

DSC_0532 - Copy

Though the history of Easter is fascinating,  originating thousands and thousands of years ago with the Dawn Goddess Eostre or Ishtar, my early memories of Easter were dressing up for church, and having our pictures taken. I still have those old black and whites from the 50’s with the squiggly edges.

We went to an Episcopal Church, where my mom sang in the choir. Later, we went to a larger Episcopal Cathedral, where my brother sang in the choir, before his voice changed. After college he became an organist and choir director.

This is how I remember it. This is not our church, obviously, but very similar.

This is my favorite Easter hymn.   YouTube.  I don’t know how to put the actual video here, but the link should take you there. Then push the arrow on the upper left of the YouTube screen to come back.

Easter has always been my favorite Holy Day because it makes things new. It is about renewal and rejuvenation.

DSC_0331 - Copy


DSC_0315 - Copy

New life

DSC_0424 - Copy

Resurrection andTransformation

DSC_0313 - Copy







The rising of Christ and Christ Consciousness

DSC_0382 - Copy

Maybe we can rise too. We can at least raise our vibration to one of deep Gratitude, Love, Generosity and Happiness.

As I walk, the snow melts, some in long strings of Light, which I couldn’t catch with my camera, and some in small drops.

DSC_0400 - Copy (2)

Each drop on the pine needles feels like holy water in my heart.

DSC_0395 - Copy

DSC_0406 - Copy

When I was 45, I had a bunny. Trinabinabunny.

DSC_0348 - Copy_01

I had her for 7 years. Every Easter morning, I would greet her with, “Happy Easter, Bunny!” I would pick her up, hold her and stroke her soft fur. Though she has been gone over 10 years, I still say it on Easter morning, as I did this morning.

DSC_0321 - Copy

Now I represent her with these

DSC_0371 - Copy


DSC_0373 - Copy




Easter also reminds me of angels

DSC_0411 - Copy



It is afternoon now, and it seems like a regular day, as I sit here with a cup of Jasmine Tea. I won’t forget this morning. It filled me up. I feel new.

May you feel new today, and as we move forward into Spring, may you be blessed with Joy and Happiness as new growth blooms in your heart.

Happy Easter!



With Spring Equinox approaching, I can’t help but think about balance. Balance of dark and light. The one day of the year when darkness and light share equal time. All the world shares this equality of day and night on the same day.

DSC_0548 - Copy

I wonder in my own life, what is out of balance. Then I think of how this world is so much based on duality.  Dark/light. Good/bad. Yes/no. Up/down. Asleep/awake. Black/white. Above/below. Dead/ alive. Within/without, Us/them. Why do we do that so much? It is what our egos know. Ego divides all experiences into good or bad. They learn early how to survive. What is acceptable/not acceptable? Do people see me (or the image of me) in a good light or bad? Does my ego perceive the world as bad or good? Trustworthy or not? What beliefs have I formed along the way that make me perceive through certain filters?

As I let go more and more, of ego perception, I notice when it is present. I notice when I judge things as bad or good. Coal bad/solar good. Monsanto bad/7th Generation good.

On this day of equal light and dark, I want to explore balance.

As always, I go to Nature for answers.

I was hoping to see my first lizard of the season. Ah, there he is!  An older one. Very cautious, but I talk him out from beneath a stone and we have a chat.

DSC_0199 - Copy

Lizard says, “Close your eyes.”  I don’t. He does pushups, saying, “come on now, do you want to know what I have to say or not? Now close your eyes.”

I do, but just for a second. I open my eyes. Dang! He opens his like he knows I opened mine. Pushups again. “Slow your breathing,” says he.

Ok, my eyes are closed. My breathing is slow and deep. I feel the warmth of the sun, hear the chirping of a robin, and smell the fragrance of pine. I try to remain neutral. Suddenly, I find myself underground in a tunnel. Dark. After a while I come out at a lake. It is a lake I know from when I was a child. I loved it there. It is a place of Light. I look over and see Lizard sunning himself. He opens his eyes, and I swear he smiles and winks. We remain there for what seems like an hour, talking about balance between dreamtime and awake time, and how they can be one and the same. We go back through the underground, back to the original rock. I open my eyes. He does too. We hang out for a little bit. “You can do this anytime, you know. Switch realities. Have a little vacation”

Looking at my watch, only 7 minutes have passed on the clock!

DSC_0381 - Copy

I look up. A Red-tailed Hawk! It cries out to me, “Be in the big picture. See far.” She circles me, blessing me. She balances my energy field. I am humbled, and thank both Lizard and Hawk.

I look down. Lizard has gone. I look up, Redtail is gone.

DSC_0052 - Copy

Tancha relating with Magpie

We have horses grazing in our field over the winter. They are both strong and sensitive. I know I have a wild horse inside me. Sometimes I have to contain her wildness, collect her canter. Sometimes I let her run, experiencing thrill and joy. I’ve had to learn that balance over my lifetime. Balance work/play, power/sensitivity. Leading from the Heart, horse speaks of balancing adventure and patience.

DSC_0037 - Copy

I don’t see them but a sound reminds me of Prairie dogs, who live near here, and are out of their underground, into the light already. They balance dark and light. They tell me, “bring together what is above and what is below. Be alone and be with others. Take care of yourself and of others. Understand what is conscious and what is unconscious. Look into your own unconscious and the Collective Unconscious. Meet others there. Be one with them.”

Thank you prairie dog, you beautiful little creature.

DSC_0106 - Copy

Magpie is intelligent and wiley.  They speak of using knowledge in an artful and clever way. Communication is key. Often in the summer, I enjoy meditating outside – but then, “Neeeer meep meep. Boopboopboopboop, whistle, whistle meep meep meep. Dooleeleedo.Meep!” Humorous sounds make it hard to concentrate. They say,” Balance fun and work. Don’t believe everything you think. Light and Dark. Black and White. Everything in balance – even balance itself needs to be in balance with not balance as the black in my feathers are refracted by light into green, blue and purple. Our nest have a roofs. Above/below.”

DSC_0313 - Copy

I see 32 ducks in our wet field right now. They help navigate the waters of our lives with grace and balance. They put their heads under the water to eat, showing us to ground our emotions. And they sound like they are laughing. They play, turning over and over in the water and splashing around(duck post).

_DSC0871 - Copy

DSC_0855 - Copy

Oh, there is a Morning Cloak Butterfly! They are always the first in the spring, dressed in their black wings, adorned with lacey tan edges.

DSC_0410 - Copy

She has just had her pupal experience, her dark time. Being a caterpillar, they devour everything in their path. Then they build a cocoon. Julian, in his last post said that imaginal cells, which are in the caterpillar’s  DNA begin to take over. They resist it at first, as their bodies see these cells as foreign. Then they give in, and they are completely transformed into a butterfly, at which time they leave the cocoon and lightly flit and float on the air from flower to flower. I hope we as humans,  so very not in balance, get over our devouring stage soon, and transform and fly as we evolve into something different. As we become more and more awake, we accept the imaginal cells and become butterfly. Maybe the whole world emerges, leaving behind mass destruction and chaos. I love that! Imaginal. That is actually the scientific name! I love to imagine. Richard Bach said, “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.”

DSC_0421 - Copy

I look at our wetland. It is in perfect balance. It is enjoyed by us, by deer, frogs, herons, kingfishers, raccoons, bunnies, fish, fox, elk, bear, ducks, geese, mountain lion, bobcat, porcupine and many other animals. Its balance lies with one animal – the beaver. It is the keystone species for the ponds.

Our keystone is Love.

At night, I hear Owl hooting. This one speaks of clarity of vision, and precise action. In its attunement to the harmony of life, Owl brings the two together in the dark. She is a messenger of secret wisdom.

These are the animals I saw or heard today, while thinking of balance and  stepping over stones.

My Higher Self knows ego quite well. Ego only knows of Higher Self, and only as an idea. There is a balance between ego and Self. As we work effectively within the ego to fulfill our spiritual curriculum, we transcend it, and remember more and more who we really are.  Ego brings up all old wounds we need to heal. Anything that disturbs our peace is an issue that needs resolving. Ego shows us our shadow. As Self grows and awakens, we no longer need ego and it will eventually disappear. It helps us with mental balance, as it shows us old beliefs and judgements, which we can let go of and open to new wisdom. It helps with emotional balance, as we let go of feelings of anger or bitterness – feelings that no longer serve us. We can balance the curious child and the wise elder within, the inner critic and the mature leader, the scared infant and the nurturing mother. This is how Authentic Self and small self can live in balance, until we transcend ego.

Living in the Now, we can use our inner compass – our Balance. Living in Balance with others – with all sentient beings, with all life, with all energy, with Gaia, and with Spirit – we can all know Unity.

In balance is the natural flow of life. Feel the flow. Be the flow. The more we are balanced, the more we find balance around us. Our Shadow is important to embrace, as is our Light. Find balance by grounding and attuning to Earth. Find equilibrium of body, mind and Spirit.

So with Equinox, may we be in balance. May we see where we are out of balance in ego, and find peace from our Authentic, or Higher Self.

The night after I wrote this, a gentle frozen myst blew from the east, dusting only one side of each tree with frost. DSC_0347 - Copy_01

DSC_0348 - Copy_01

Artist unknown (an old card I had) Does anyone know?









Happy Equinox everyone!