Happy Earth Day, Mother!

DSC_0338 - Copy

My Beautiful Mother Earth, Thank You. I Love You.


55 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day, Mother!

  1. You too, dear Sue. Such an energy exchange, gardening. Giving each other Love – you and the Mother.


  2. Such a stunning photo, you really are capturing magic with your camera! I LOVEd the Pasque flower post too, they really look like beings from the Faerie realm… We did a beach-cleanup this morning here in Mexico, with a group of volnuteers, as a caring gift to the great Mother. Now, several large black garbage bags full of trash are prevented from being washed into the sea & soil…and, seems like local authorities are little by little putting up more signs & doing some public education, so the trash wouldn’t end up on the beach in the first place. Big hugs!!

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    • Thanks Katrin! And thank you so much for preventing all that trash from going into the ocean!! Happy Earth Day!!! Big hugs back!!


  3. Thank you Karen! I guess it was yesterday for you. I know you love Her.<3
    Many blessings and peace to you as well.<3

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    • Thank you, Jessica! It is wonderful to have that Love exchange, being One with Her. You know?
      I love you.


  4. Hey Badfish!!
    Thank you! I’m really glad you like them. I couldn’t choose a favorite either, that’s why there were so many of them! I get addicted to taking pictures and then narrowing them down is hard. Do you do that too? You always seem well balanced with photos. Oh well. I guess I can’t unbee who I am. Thanks for coming by and for this really nice comment. Good to see you.


  5. Thank you Deborah! Yes!, Different worlds within worlds of magic! Happy Earth Day every day!
    Peace and Magic


  6. Glorious indeed.
    Winks are nice things. What is it about winks? They almost always bring a smile.
    Peace, a wink and a smile


    • Thank you so much Julia!
      Happy belated Earth Day to you as well, although I believe it should be every day!
      Blessings and Peace


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