Abstract – WPC


DSC_0316 - Copy (3) - Copy (3)

Embracing a Sacred Tear

DSC_0322 - Copy - Copy

Voices from the Deep

DSC_0539 - Copy

As Above, So Below

DSC_0481 - Copy

Shades of Peace


DSC_0386 - Copy - Copy (3)


DSC_0410 - Copy - Copy

Gratitude in Lace








DSC_0374 - Copy

World Within a World, Within a World

DSC_0334 - Copy (3) - Copy

Fire and Rain

DSC_0334 - Copy (2) - Copy

Splash of a Water Sprite

DSC_0016 - Copy

Whale Tail and Seal

DSC_0051 - Copy - Copy

Dance of Water and Sky

DSC_0156 - Copy

Wiggly, Wavy Reflection of a Boat

DSC_0352 - Copy (3) - Copy - Copy

Becoming One

DSC_0356 - Copy - Copy

Purple Rain        (RIP Prince)

DSC_0002 - Copy_01

Beauty and the Beast


DSC_0350 - Copy (2)

Miracles Abound


Ancient Being Watches



DSC_0528 - Copy - Copy

Jewel in the Rough

DSC_0457 - Copy

Radiance in a Peaceful Heart

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract


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