In response to the WordPress Daily Post photo challenge, “Vivid.”

While in Albuquerque one day, this guy came right up to me and pretty much begged me to take his picture. I thought his coloring and his personality were both vivid.

He is a roadrunner, the New Mexico state bird.

DSC_0085 - Copy

30 thoughts on “Vivid

  1. What a wonderful picture, as well as an amazing adventure to have an exchange with such a cool being!
    It’s funny, because in the morning, at breakfast, we’ve been listening to some vinyl records, and Q has a collection of Old Television themes, and today’s included The Road Runner!!! LOL It was Beep Beep. 🙂

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    • Hahaha Beep Beep. They don’t really sound like that., but I certainly remember the cartoon. Hi legs were like a wheel when he took off. I keep pairing him with Woody Woodpecker in my mind.

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  2. Mighty Mouse was pretty cool. Here I come to save the day! Do you remember Tom Terrific? I liked his dog, Mighty Manfred.


    • Was Popeye Looneytunes? I always loved spinach. Not sure if it was his influence. Loved Oliveoil. Hated Brutus. Looking back at old cartoons, I love catching the funny things they say under their breath that I didn’t get as a kid.


      • The Roadrunner is beautiful . The pheasants here in WA. State have the fluorescent quality to their feathers also. The rainbow behind the eye is truly unique . Both are lovely. Maybe the Roadrunner was using you as a human shield from Wiley Coyote. Nevertheless, something about you attracted him or her.. Fabulous picture ! Thanks Mary.
        P.S. Do you remember ‘Little Audrey’? and the song “Swinging on a Star”?


      • “Carry moonbeams home in a jar.” And yes, I remember Lil Lulu. I had the doll.


  3. I know. So many of my old toys would be worth a lot right now! No idea what happened to any of my things. My cousin, Ellen had one too. We played with them together. We both remember.


  4. Wow! Finally got your blog about the roadrunner.

    Roadrunners, to me, look alot like some prehistoric being with their penetrating, sharp eyes and flashing tails, I can just see them darting around looking for some other birdie’s nest to raid. And they do! then sit back and say, “I am the State bird and I am protected”. They do have an attitude and fearful of nothing. Even cars. They just know you could get fined and put in jail for killing one of them. loved the photo. MM


    • They look prehistoric to me to. I notice they eat a lot of the kind of snail that can go through a garden in no time. I wonder if they really do know they are the state bird, lol. Thanks for your comment, Michele.


  5. Hey Mary,

    Perhaps it was the zygodactyl prints of this fleet footed feathered friend that led me back here this evening…tracks that had me going around and around in circles trying to distinguish the direction to take. The little fella held a curious fascination for me the first time I saw him here, and he still does, perhaps he always will 🙂

    I have been reading a little more about them, and researching something of their folklore, myth and legend. Quite fascinating as I am sure you already know being the state bird on your doorstep. He is quite a sensational bird! I even found a tale or two to tell the story of the flash behind each eye…a legend that finds our feathered friend returning home through a lightening storm having dared to rescue a stricken comrade from the clutches of lions. Had he been quicker, the flash behind his eyes may never have happened 🙂

    I have a new regard for this incredible bird…the Mercurial Correcamino aeronaut of the road. He is a great find and welcome at anytime, although I’d hazard a guess to suggest that UK weather would be far to cold.

    Have a fabulous evening and a wonderful week ahead. Take care


    DN – 28/06/2015


  6. Wow, Dewin, I had no idea about this legend. I am so happy to know why the vivid color behind his eyes exists. Yes, UK weather would probably be too cold for him unless in your dreams. He is a fascinating bird. Interacting with this one was a joy. What does Correcamino mean? I don’t know this word.
    It is always such a treasure to see a comment from you. Thank you.


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