Not Too Creepy

In response to Daily Post Photo Challenge called Creepy

DSC_0238 - Copy

I feel sort of bad saying this is creepy. I just couldn’t find anything REALLY creepy for this challenge.  This is more sad, or even embarrassing. He looks like a Turkey Vulture wanna be, but it is a Red-Winged Blackbird molting.

DSC_0240 - Copy

I hate to invade his privacy during this not so attractive phase. But, well…

DSC_0228 - CopyOk, now I have to admit, this one is kind of creepy.

But because of this loss of feathers, new ones will come in, sort of dull in color. As the year moves forward, the dull feathers wear away, and this is what he will look like next spring!

DSC_0012 - CopySometimes difficult phases are just worth it!

Grosbeak REpertoire

My friend, Sindy (Happy 3rd blogiversary Sindy!) from bluebutterfliesandme offered a”Retro” challenge for this Mercury Retrograde, which ends June 11th. Since a positive aspect of Mercury Retrograde asks us to look back, a lot of people are reblogging wonderful older posts.  However, since I have only been blogging for about 7 months, I didn’t feel that putting up an old post would be that Retro. Sindy said – “Just post something that starts with ‘re’ like renew or refresh’” So, I am answering the challenge with a post that I thought about doing about 3 months ago (so, sort of retro) when the evening grosbeaks were here. I took a lot of pictures of them, and they just made me laugh. We are all trying to make Mercury Retrograde fun­ since it can be so frustrating!!  It will be a miracle if I am even able to post this because my computer keeps freezing.  You guessed it – Mercury Retrograde!!

So in light of Sindy’s challenge, to look back and make it fun, this is what Mercury, in its sillier Self suggested I create.  So here you go.


bird talk 1

I’m a happy bird!


bird talk 2

Dude, check out that chick on that tree to my right. No wait! Don’t look…she’s looking over here.


bird talk 3

I’m kind of full. I can hardly swallow another seed.


bird talk 4

Ok, but you have to promise not to tell!  Any. One.


bird talk 5

Oh, Man!! Hahahaha! Stop! You’re killin’ me! Hahaha! Please stop! I can’t even get up!


bird talk 6

Shut up!


bird talk 7

What are they all talking about? The meaning of life? Are we here for a reason?


bird talk 8

Dude!  What’s with the photo bomb?!


bird talk 9

Huh….she seems mad.  Was it something I said?


bird talk 10

Making up is nice.

bird talk 11


Yay! I am jumping for joy.


“Funny how in dreams your feet never touch the earth.”  Heart


bird talk 12

Lalala…My, oh my, what a beautiful day. Plenty of sunshine coming my way. Zippity do da, Zippityay!


bird talk 13

Wow. It’s like that seed is in mid air.


birdtalk 14



bird talk 15

Girl’s night out tonight, Gladys?


bird talk 16

You look different.  Do you mind if I just peck you on the head?


bird talk 17

17 – 4. Ummmmmm….I know this one….


bird talk 18



bird talk 19

13! Yeah, that’s it.  13  Phew!


bird talk 20

Two girls.  Wow, my lucky day.


bird talk 21

Noooooo!  She likes him!


bird talk 22

Quit looking up her skirt!


bird talk 24

I hate it when I blush!


bird talk 25

You must like that Tai Chi move. You do it all the time!


Happy Mercury Retrograde, folks! I know it’s exasperating and hard. Try to enjoy it. It’s almost over! It can be fun to hang out with friends you haven’t seen for a while, watch old movies, or let yourself be distracted when you have technology glitches, and just do something different. Let’s take Sindy’s and my astrologer friend, Katrin’s advice and make Mercury Retrograde FUN!