31 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. Perfect photo to create / illustrate/ capture the feeling and mindfulness / of not striving ,but of acceptance /love.. Serenity
    Wisdom; knowing when, and how to act; when to not.
    The moon reflects the light, May I, in the wisdom born from Love , hope to, with grace, be able to be a reflection of, in some way of the Serenity, so discerningly and elegantly defined by your photo.
    Very beautifully done Mary ❤


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  3. I’ve used this prayer a lot over the years. FYI, There is a longer version of it with a Christian slant. Parts of the long version I like, other parts, not as much. But this short version works very well for just about any situation. There is always something we can change – usually our own actions and thoughts. And, as a friend told me, acceptance doesn’t mean we have to like it. I do like this picture. It fits perfectly!

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    • Yes, I love this prayer. I first learned it years ago in Alanon. I always find it such a hard line, especially in the world today, where the line is between what I can help change and what I have to let go of, and then acceptance of that. Right, we don’t always have to like what we have to accept! But the serenity. Glad you like the picture with it.

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  4. Wonderful timing! Full Moon 🌕
    Mary ~ ❤ ~
    The serenity prayer fridge magnet found its way to my house 🏡 in the form of a gift from my sister a week or two ago. I often return to this prayer, again and again (or need to). We’ve been discussing the author’s name. How amazingly perfect this prayer is for so many!

    I not surprised to see it here, framed and honored magnificently with your gentle photography.



    • Thanks, Ka. Yes, this has been a staple (like avocados for my body) for my quiet mind for a long time as well. I keep coming back to it. It fits so many situations, so simply.


  5. The serenity of that photo! I found that quote to be a mainstay this year as I tried again and again to find my path to honor both myself and my service work in what appeared to be such chaotic times.


    • Thanks Deborah!
      Yes! A good way to put that. I have such angst around what I have control of doing and not; and how to accept what I can’t do, yet have the courage and wherewithal to do what I can. This prayer/meditation helps me a lot over and over again. Thanks for coming by!


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