The Life of Death


17 thoughts on “The Life of Death

    • Hey Jen,
      Me too. I have watched this over and over. I can’t watch it without crying, but they are genuine beautiful deep heart felt tears, reflecting within me the beauty, love and exquisite symbolism of this piece. The animation is precious, and so well done.


  1. Thanks Scilla. It touched me very deeply. I don’t feel I have any delusions about death, but I think everyone grieves in their own way, and everyone’s idea of death is different. I think this will resonate with some people as it did with me, and some it won’t touch, and they can let it go by. The symbolism in this is so deeply in every movement, every expression, every passage of time. For me, it is truth. For others it won’t be.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  2. Beautiful Mary and so moving. I cried too , and what I learned from it again is that when we understand that death is beside us, waiting at anytime, we are more likely to live in the fullness of this moment. I hope I am ready when my time comes. 💗


  3. I knew you would see this as beautiful, Karen, and I knew you would feel it deeply. What I know is that you live life to the fullest in this moment. You are ready whenever the time is right.
    Deep love to you, my friend.

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    • Hey Calen,
      Yes, I found it very powerful too. Becoming friends with death helps me love life more somehow. I hope you will find yourself nearer to people, but you seem to get close. At least here on WP. You are so loving and kind.


  4. I’ve seen this before Mary, and like you I return to it again and again. It’s powerful and beautiful and is such a grace-filled reminder of the sacredness of both life and death and how we dance with them both.


  5. Thank you, Mary! Totally made me cry too…in a beautiful, heart opening way. There is a lovely illustrated children’s book too, a very similar theme, how a duck befriends death, and eventually goes on death’s journey, gently, when the time is right. Ps – I am in Estonia, in the land of my birth, this month, and discovered that one of my favorite magical beings, the dream-teacher Robert Moss is leading a shamanic workshop here on befriending death. I signed up right away! lots of love to you, hope you had a magical Birthday!!!

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    • Aw Katrin, I know what you mean. Such heart opening tears. That children’s book sounds good. What is it called?
      I would love to hear about your befriending death shamanic workshop! Just the name Estonia sounds so beautiful. I bet it is equally beautiful in person! Have a wonderfully deep time befriending death in the land of your birth.


  6. Oh Mary, you always Know what will do it to me, for me…… the time Death hugs the deer, well……

    yes, I LOVE what Deborah says, it’s all about the moment to moment Dance with Life and Death

    And………How can we humans Surrender to Death the same way the animals do? Our own, as well as that of beloveds……..

    I love you so……..

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  7. Yes, it is so hard to let go sometimes….a lot. I hope I will surrender to death the way animals do. Letting go of our beloveds. That’s way harder, but I think I’m getting better at it, I don’t know that my process is any shorter or less deep, but loving the process makes a huge difference for me, and loving myself through it.
    I love you too, so much, and miss you immensely.


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