Responding to Flying Dreaming Loving

This post is in response to a beautiful post by Michael from Embracing Forever, called Flying Dreaming Loving. Everything in quotes is his. The link takes you to his post.

Your writing always astounds me Michael, the depth of your heart and soul that you can reach with words.  Words are hard to find, and usually don’t say what they mean to say.  Words that go from one to the next to the next taking on completely different thoughts and meanings as they are passed along, like that game we played as children called “gossip” or “telephone” where one person whispers a sentence into the next person’s ear, then that person whispers it to the next and so on around the circle. It was always funny how different it ended up, when the last in the circle said it out loud.

DSC_0221 - Copy

Perhaps that is how we have gotten to the place of which you speak, “organized powerlessness.” We have listened too much to the last sentence that has lost its meaning. Words are powerful. Thoughts, feelings, words. We create with them. Do we know what we are creating? Are we basing our creations on what the last person in the circle said?

“We pick up the words we find, clean them off, and try to put them in order.”  You do that well, Michael. You are aware.

Our real power comes from Love. We seem to have forgotten this somewhere. Now our power comes from “systems and structures and codification,”   and now we are “complying with the rules that have been accepted before.” Then, your line that sums that paragraph all up, “All our power is now powerlessness that has gotten organized.”

But your words – they ring true.  They have a power all their own. What you create with your heart and words takes power back – gives power back.

DSC_0535 - Copy

True Power is Love

You said, “Boundaries had to be broken for us to create sight.” That some gene or two went AWOL and created it.  We transcended blindness. “The past has to be transcended.”

The Now has to take its power back. The present moment is about Love.

I remember those days of running, stumbling over stones or gopher holes, splashing across streams, running until there was a fence. “The sky didn’t stop at the railing, but we did. We did and something else kept going. Going and going and going, until we looked away. And then we ran again down a path this time…” What if we didn’t look away? Or did we have to in order to learn what we came here to learn?  If we are spiritual beings having a human experience, maybe we knew we couldn’t keep going. Maybe in that moment, before we continued to run, we saw our Spirit eye to eye. For a glimpse of a moment we shared deep eye contact. For a glimpse, we remembered, but knew we couldn’t fly off with it. It was not yet time to merge. So we continued to create, and created badly sometimes.

DSC_0324 - Copy

The ceremony you spoke of, from the academic history book. It is something for which people long. We long for Love.  I am blessed to have groups like that. We get together and “remember how much we love each other.” Maybe it is with one person for a day, 10 people for 5 days, 50 for a week. I am filled by all of my tribe. Love sustains us. My tribe is large. I am grateful. It is sacred.

DSC_0163 - Copy - Copy

But that part – the part that kept going from the railing. It stays with us always. It connects with us every day in Love. To love us from the fence and back. That is our power to transcend the past, to transcend the organized powerlessness that stands in our way. Remembering who we are, remembering we can keep going to the sky and be here at the same time.

DSC_0686 - Copy

“From that alone – starlight and gravity – holiness echoes in all directions.”

There is motive in Nature. The motive is Life. And just because of that, new Life is created. It changes, it mutates, it erodes, it builds, becoming something else entirely. It develops sight. Beauty is created for Life, which is created by Love.

DSC_0084 - Copy - Copy

Human motives are created from I don’t know what. From the sentence that is last spoken in the circle, from judgments imposed. I don’t like what we are creating, but I love what Nature creates every day. It stays in balance. We don’t.  I don’t like this organized powerlessness.

My vision is that we create something different. We are creating something different.  By reading your true words, Michael.  By knowing that we can go past the fence, and to be here now. By living in Love, by living as Love. . By being Now.

DSC_0295 - Copy

Yes, I agree. “Time to throw our reasons back in the water and stop seeking explanations from each other.”

Let us look for the best of ourselves reflected in each other’s eyes. Let us transform our powerlessness into Power. The kind of power that transcends blindness. The kind of power that gives of itself in beautiful creation.

DSC_0308 - Copy

Everyone knows how upset I am about how we are hurting the earth. The tricky part for me is to love the people, who in my point of view are raping Her- for power and greed. I know I need to forgive “them.” I know I need to forgive myself as being part of creating this mess we have all made. I want to blame “them,” which only takes me out of my loving, which only decreases my power to help change. It only gives power to the very energy that I don’t like, which is in all of us. Most everyone knows the story of the two wolves inside everyone – the greedy one and the loving one. Which one do we feed?

DSC_0637 - Copy

Cranes teach us to celebrate our creative resources and keep them alive, regardless of the conditions in which they are manifest, both by simply having the proper focus in your life (Ted Andrews)

The only things I know to do are:  to Love Her, to love you, to love “them” (whoever “they” are). To listen to the heart of the Beloved.

DSC_0850 - Copy

“Until forever is the whistle in our ears.”

Geese have powerful voices and remind us to speak up, to communicate. They fly in a V formation, encouraging us to open to new possibilities. To create from a higher place. They have keen vision, as we must hone our vision to transcending the past, and creating a sustainable future based on Love.

DSC_0340 - Copy

I can vote, write to congress people, sign petitions, recycle, not drive if I can walk there, use sustainable products,  restore creeks and wetlands with my husband where and  when I can, feed the birds, grow flowers for butterflies and bees, share pictures of the beauty I am blessed to see every day,  vision Her whole and well. Promote peace where I can. Be an activist when it might help. Keep my footprint small. Believe in miracles. Know that we are all One. Trust that it is all unfolding perfectly with Grace.

Peace and Love,





49 thoughts on “Responding to Flying Dreaming Loving

  1. Mary, I am happy to see how deeply Michael’s words touched you, same here, and I’m grateful to you for reposting his words. I feel so much sincerity in his and your essays.
    Couple days ago I was sitting by a beaver pond in the woods I visit almost daily, and the moon was up, almost dark, there were all these geese, hundreds of them flying and landing in the pond, and I just burst out in tears, of both joy and grief, grief of what we had done, abandoning what we have, this feather of a goose, the sap of the tree, the beetle of the bark for something we do not need, cannot feel, cannot love.

    I was reading this morning the latest essay of Charles, In Rhino Everything:
    and was weeping, as I often do, with love for Earth, love for my fellow humans, those ones lost and scared too. Thank you for your beauty, and your work, Mary. As always, much love,

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    • Me too, Kristina, I weep often for joy, for beauty and for grief of what we have done and continue to do. I didn’t reblog Michael’s post, but it was the response to his post, and i quoted him a lot. He is really something, isn’t he? Such talent and heart. I started to respond and all of a sudden it was like a million words, so I made a post out of it. Thank you for the link to Charles Eisenstein. Another beautiful, gentle soul. I tried to follow, but there was no place to do that. I will have to remember his name. And thank you for your comment, and mostly your heart, Bee.

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  2. Oh Mary how exquisitely beautiful. ” …and the greatest of these is love” The only thing that endures is that which is created by love. I like your beginning illustration of how words can be
    misinterpreted and or changed by each individual’s perceptions .
    Your Photos are Breathtaking ! I especially like the Crane photo!
    I love you


    • Thank you, Jen. I believe that too, that the only thing that endures is that which is created by love. I’m glad you like the pictures. Did you follow the link to Michael’s post. This is really just answering that. I love you too!!


    • Thank you so much Karin! Yes, I started to comment and I got a bit carried away. Way to much for a comment box! Haha! I am glad you love the pictures. I tried to follow the theme of flying from Michael’s post, so just included geese and cranes. Thanks for coming by and for your comment Karin.

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  3. Oh my… Mary I and blown away on the Wings of your thoughts.. Michael’s posts I have yet to catch up upon.. But I know from my past visits how profound and touching his words reach into our souls as he says things which we so understand and yet often can not find the right way to express them

    Your own expression here is delicious in its own expression and entwined with so much of Natures own beauty captured so perfectly with your eye 🙂
    I know I will come back tomorrow and read it all again when I will be refreshed all over again.. 🙂 and I am sure I will find yet something new within your words..

    Sending you my love Mary and I can not tell you again how much I loved this.. I will visit Michael tomorrow to see what sparked this wonderful entry
    Blessings and Love
    Sue ❤

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    • Thank you so much, Sue! Such heart warming praise. I have a big smile on my face right now. It is so nice to see you here today, saying these wonderful things. I am very glad you enjoyed it, and that you found it refreshing. Love back to you Sue. And yes, do visit Michael’s post. It is great as always. It was a bit of a continuation from the one before that which was also wonderful. Had me in tears during my comment to that one!
      Blessings and Love Sue.

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    • It is really great, isn’t it? How we deeply touch and inspire one another. We ARE one and I am so grateful!
      What a wonderful group of people here.
      Big hugs and love to you Tania Marie 🙂 ❤

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  4. Michael’s words connect us to the source of truth within us all. The more we all respond to this truth the more we seem to connect to everything and everyone. I feel that connection in your words also Mary. Words of wisdom come from an open heartspace that speaks to us all. I am so grateful to connect to this space everyday and see it in all those around me. Thankyou for your gifts Mary.

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  5. Beautiful pondering and photo essay, Mary! I especially love your photo and caption about the cranes. What a breathtakingly lovely image! Thank you for sharing all the ways we are all connected and all the myriad ways that we CAN make a powerful difference through and in Love.

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    • Thank you so much, Laura! It is so nice to be here in this WP community where people really know that we CAN make a powerful difference through and in love. I am so glad you came here today and said what you did. It is nice to encourage each other, as the world can be hard sometimes! Take care, Laura and thanks again for your comment. 🙂

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  6. Beautiful thoughts and pictures, Mary. I can tell you felt that post deeply. And I so agree about us being spiritual beings having a human experience rather than the other way around. There is no other way to explain our natures.


    • Thank you Cheryl. I do feel deeply when I write.
      I do believe that Earth is a beautiful school for our souls. There is a lot to learn being in body! Thank you for your thoughtful comment.


  7. This is a beautiful post, Mary, and a beautiful response. Michael has such a way with words that I rarely comment on his posts because I am left speechless with joy or learning or love. I feel that way about your post, too. Your photos are stunning and your words ring with power. 🙂

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    • Robin, thank you. Thank you for your generous compliment of my words and photos. It means a lot to me. Now, Michael, well…he really does have a way with words. Sometimes I am left speechless by his talent and this post, I have a lot to say! Thank you for coming here today and saying what you did. 🙂

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  8. Hi Mary,

    A heart-full response interwoven with beautiful images of our friends and teachers in the natural world. Your trademark in kind. A couple thoughts leapt out at me in particular– one, the message of the geese to “create from a higher place”, and two, “My vision is that we create something different.” Sometimes in our overwhelm with “what we see” I think we lose touch with the fact that the most powerful responses are the positive ones. They are the ones that move us closer and unite us. They are the ones that open our hearts and inspire healing. And of course it is impossible to create something different while we are focused on what has been.

    There’s a way in which I think we know that that piece of us that kept going at the railing is real, and still flying. It has paved the way. We are both infinite and local. The part that flew on ahead is waiting for us I think, for our return to it. What power can we truly touch without it? The prodigal ones return to their own being.

    There’s a story I often think about when the topic of the Earth’s future arises, and it is one that Elisabet Sahtouris told once at a conference I attended. I think it is in her book EarthDance. But anyway, she told the story of the world inhabited by single-celled organisms, and how they very nearly destroyed themselves. In fact, life itself was on the verge of extinction because the bacteria were all anaerobic, and a great many of them were producing oxygen. Oxygen is of course quite toxic to anaerobic organisms, and so the entire atmosphere was filling with this toxic gas that was stifling/killing them. And then one of them figured out the aerobic metabolic pathway(s). At which time one may have been able to look out and muse that one of the greatest crises to ever touch the planet had given birth to its atmosphere. And without the aerobic “discoveries”, there could not have been more complex life, for the energy expenditures of complex organisms rely on the power output of aerobic metabolisms. Now I may have some of the fine print quite wrong in this little story, but I loved it the second I heard it because it essentially described humanity as repeating the very pattern by which the Earth evolved. Crisis is not foreign to life or to growth– to growth of the heart or to growth of the culture or to growth of the organism.

    Love is for me– at least in part– the energy of recognizing we are always enfolded into a deeper pattern. May the expanding tribes of connectedness, love and meaning prosper…


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    • Hey Michael,

      What a very cool story about the anaerobic bacteria! Is it true or an idea? Either way, it really demonstrates the point that we really CAN do something to change things. I love your sentence, “Love is for me– at least in part– the energy of recognizing we are always enfolded into a deeper pattern.” I think that is where I often get stuck. I love the planet so much that She is all that I see. That’s why I need goose and crane vision as well as mouse and wolf. I need to remember that the planet is not the all of everything in the bigger picture or in the whole cosmic bigness.

      I also believe that the more positive response is the more powerful one. If one bacteria can change a pathway and create a whole atmosphere, then we can create something different with Love being the energy to make it happen. And you are right, we can’t create something different if we are focused of what was, or even is. One place I love to hang out is in my imagination. In that place I can SEE what could be. I can vision Her whole and well. Maybe that’s not a big enough picture, or not out of the thinking box enough, but it is a vibration. If we all put that vibration of Love out there….it’s a positive, powerful thing.

      I know the part of us that kept going at the railing is always with us, and there to guide us while we are here for the time being.

      Thank you, Michael for your heart in this response and also your expansiveness. Thank you for liking my response to your wonderful post and for thinking my images of our friends and teachers beautiful. I do so love to take pictures!

      When you said, “May the expanding tribes of connectedness, love and meaning prosper…,” I wanted to make the Spock hand sign, but I don’t know how to type it. \\ //r How’s that?!

      I wrote a whole response before this, which of course was great, and it poof-! disappeared. I tried to recreate it, but it falls short. I couldn’t believe it. I went into denial for a while and looked all over for it, but alas…it was gone. This will have to do. Thank you again for taking the time to write such a thoughtful, meaningful comment.


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  9. Thank you Val. Yes, it’s really true about community and connection. Thanks for liking the pictures. 🙂
    Blessings on your weekend.


    • Thank you Badfish! I’m glad you liked the photos and woven words. Thank you for “poetic and graceful.” and thanks for coming here. Always good to see you!
      Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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  10. What a thoughtful post, and thanks for heading me off in the direction of Michael as well – it’s like getting two gifts. I often think about what our world would be like if we truly held love as the currency of all our transactions.

    And thanks for the gift of all your gorgeous photos – they touch me deeply.


    • Thank you Deborah! I think that is what we are all headed toward, don’t you where we hold love as the energy of all? I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. So glad you came by, and I hope you will return.
      Do enjoy Michael’s site too. It is well worth the trip!
      Peace and blessings


  11. Many Greetings, Mary. What a sumptuous meal you have served us, and I am late to your banquet, but I find that the food (ideas) is still piping hot, and I sit, plate overflowing with words which sometimes tumble off the plate into nooks and crannies, and I carefully return, and pick them up, to mull over what it was.

    Your passion for love and The Mother is always so inspiring. I at once knew I was being fed, and at the same time, found a place into which I could settle, to study, to learn, to sink my own roots into the place from whence I arrived here, sending out tendrils to link with All That Is, to feel the energy pathways flowing, mingling, and to drink in every drop of truth.

    We learn from tasting all that is offered, and find we can become part of that ‘information highway.’ Our message, carried for higher purposes, is received by the beautiful beings residing within, sending out ripples. We are like the Reiki Master who opens up to the loving, curative energy that all beings may receive this healing light.

    I thank you for your words, your thoughtful wisdom, and for giving us this place to soar with the winged ones, and bask in the fellowship of love. What you said about how there is a part of us which keeps
    going, reminds me of a quote: “We can go anywhere in our Universe and hear the voices in the ‘ether’ long after the conversations have ceased.” Everything goes on forever. ‘Nothing is forgotten, nothing
    is ever forgotten.’

    Love and blessings


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    • Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, Fim! I’m glad you felt fed by it. It is amazing, isn’t it, how with this tool, we can inspire each other all over the place in a fellowship of Love. Like little soil microbes under the surface that are connected to each other and all the trees and plants. We are like that. Reminds me of your words, “sink my own roots into the place from whence I arrived here, sending out tendrils to link with All That Is, to feel the energy pathways flowing, mingling, and to drink in every drop of truth.”
      So good to be on this journey with you, Fim.
      Love and blessings,


  12. Hi Mary,
    “Do we know what we are creating? Are we basing our creations on what the last person in the circle said?” These are good questions. I think the truth is that everyone is influenced by everyone else. We have to spend a lot of time alone to bring something new in. That’s just my opinion/perspective/thought- blip on the radar of mindfulness, maybe. “Alone” is, of course, never alone. I love the way you have shared Michael’s writing here, and the way you took someone else’s writing and developed it into a picture 😉 In your case, many pictures. Ah, the delicate balance of activism and trust. We can all keep working together at what we do best. Thank you for sharing your Geese, Mary.
    Sending you my love,

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    • Yes, I think that is what we do – keep working together at what we do best. Fortunately, I get to spend a lot of time alone. Thanks for liking the geese. Did you like the cranes too? Thanks for you love, Ka, and you have mine as well.

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  13. Hahaha! Thanks Ka. I always notice expressions too. You are nice to respond about the cranes…and the ducks and the moon.
    So much love to you today, Ka.

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  14. Jess here, LOVING especially the photos of the birds….how do you ever get them…..and how, actually, do they fly, anyway, with those big bodies? But my favorite words are in the last paragraph that so aptly and poignantly summarize what each of us can do, attitude and action wise. How could it help Her if we burn out in moaning. The Ultra combination of your pin pointing words and your extraordinary photographs lifts me WAY up, every time. I LOVE your blog. I LOVE YOU! And I am coming to ADORE Nature in all her garments through this blog, in ways I never would have dreamed possible, bless your heart!


    • Jess, Jess
      Bless, bless!
      Thank you so much for coming here today and lifting me WAY up! I LOVE YOU too!!
      Your beautiful comment will send me up into the hills in a really good space to do the work we need to do up there today. I hope you have a blessed day, which is Sunday for you. Saturday for me. I was thinking this morning, walking with Mattie that the air was March crisp, end of winter and for you it is like our September, end of summer- beginning of Fall crisp. Both crisp for right now until 6 months and it will be the other way around. Thank you again, Jess. ❤


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  16. hi mary-
    i loved this blog. we understand how you feel. our relationship with the earth is painful/complicated/must be remedied to those of us who are paying attention.

    on a smaller subject, my relationshp with wordpress is just as love hate.
    could not like your blog for the life of me.
    maybe ill figure out what the new site theyve thrust on us is really all about before i go grey.

    in the meanwhile, please know that i have liked all of your blogs, even if wordpress wont let me share the love

    o and om.

    ps. we can save the planet and ourselves.

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  17. Yes, I think we can save the planet and ourselves. Maybe it is happening already and we just can’t see it, but all will emerge like a butterfly.
    I really hope you get your WP problems solved soon. It’s so hard when you have something to say and technology stands in the way like a big building with locked doors and you can see inside, but can’t get in. Grrrrr.
    Hugs back,


  18. this is so beautiful! love is everything! love is true power.
    for the past i don’t know how long we have been at a battle between our head and our heart – and if the two were merged, what beauty we could create!!!! what love would stream forth from us, to us, for us, by us, through us.
    My wish is for everyone to love themselves. I believe that this is where it all begins. And then when we realised that we are connected to everything else, we love it all. Then we realised that actually love is all there ever was to begin with, that everything is a byproduct of love.

    One thing I loved hearing in Peru was – we think of gravity as a force that holds us down to the earth, but the natives viewed gravity as pacha mama’s love for her children. Everything is love ❤

    i love how you write. You come across as such an honest, authentic person. One who knows. Your heart is so open, thats why other's words move you so much, because you are open to receive them. It's a wonderful gift, Mary.



    • Aw, Olivia, I love you so much. You are such a shining Light full of true Love. You give me hope for this world. The world is opening wide for a new emergence and it is because of people like you who “get it.” You truly get it in a deep, authentic way that Love is everything. Love is power, love is healing, love is all of us together. Thank you for your beautiful comment, and for loving Pacha Mama.
      With deep heart Love,


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