Walking a Path of Blessings in Nature #Blesstival – 2016

Over at Sophia’s Children, Jamie is putting on a Blesstival Blog Challenge! The idea is to Create a Blessing Wave to Start the New Year.  Jamie says,”it offers the possibility of rippling out the energy and spirit of blessing from within us.”  To share a blessing as part of this wave, click on her name above.

2016 has begun with many blessings for me, and they continue abundantly.

Two feet of snow settled on our drought stricken mountains just before the new year began; a parting gift of 2015. The trees sang it in, and held it close as it decorated their branches. It was a wonderland, and still is, as 2016 has brought 6 more inches.

_DSC0361 - Copy

My second blessing came on New Year’s Eve. It was wonderful to have four cherished family members here with us to usher in the New Year. We began to reflect on 2015,  what to let go of that we didn’t want to carry into 2016, and what we might vision for the coming year. The conversation went in the direction of politics and the poor prognosis for the planet. I usually try to stay away from these topics because they disturb my peace. Though I don’t put my head in the sand, and am very aware of the chaos and toxicity spewing onto our Mother, my peace lies in loving Her and visioning Her whole and well. There was a pause in the conversation, and I said, “I believe in miracles.”

As the conversation continued,  my mind wandered for a moment.  I looked out our glass door, and a beautiful little grey fox peered in the window sharing eye contact with me. My heart was elated and soaring as I whispered “fox.” One person had seen it at the same time. There was some movement, as others looked and the fox scampered away, leaving us all in joy. Fox was googled, and it turns out Canada has an astrology system based on years, as does China. In Canadian astrology,  guess what year sign we are going into! Yup! Fox! Soon after, it was midnight. I had spoken of miracles, and boom! One happened just like that.

DSC_0133 - Copy

Some of you, who read my blog, may remember a special encounter I had with a baby fox this summer, that I wrote about in Ponderosa Pine Speaks. Because of that, this blessing was magnified for me. Fox speaks to us of feminine magic, camouflage, shapeshifting and invisibility.  It gives us the skills to blend in and to adapt to the flow of life.

As the fox has keen senses of smell, hearing and vision, it helps us learn to hear and see things we might not have noticed before, such as the in between places, and hearing Spirit. The sense of smell is associated with higher forms of discernment.

Foxes are born deaf and blind, but grow to have this great sight, smell and hearing as they get older. Those to whom fox is important, may have their greatest tests in childhood, and come into greater spiritual sight and hearing as they grow into early adulthood.

Fox speaks of an awakening of kundalini. It also speaks of a new world coming, one of Oneness and being part of the whole.

They are monogamous, yet spend about 5 months of the year alone.

DSC_0041 - Copy

They have pronounced endurance and stamina, and can outrun any animal of similar size. The grey fox can also climb trees to get a higher perspective. They trot long distances without getting tired. Learning to pace ourselves is a lesson here. The fox also runs in such a way that the tracks look like a single line of footprints, like their feet are placed almost directly one in front of the other.  This reflects a straight forward expression of creative feminine energy.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Adopt the Pace of Nature. Her secret is Patience.”

What I love about blessings is they bring joy and gratitude. They cause us to stop for a moment, and pause before the next breath. In that moment we are totally present and aware. I almost cried, seeing the fox, because the Love I felt was filling my heart so deeply, it was hard to contain. So, I got to ride into the New Year on a wave of gratitude.

For the next several days, every morning at first light on the pond, there were frozen droplets in the willows.  As the willows swayed in the crisp early breeze, the droplets became twinkling sparkles, like Christmas trees with blinking white lights. Sparks of Light formed in water. I wish they could have shown up on the pictures I took, but alas, you will have to imagine it, and I will remember it in my heart.

DSC_0084 - Copy_01

Often, while walking in Nature, each step is a blessing.

DSC_0028 - Copy

This design stopped me in my own tracks. It looks like tracks of an animal, perhaps dragging something, then sculpted by wind. Our path inward is beautiful, as we drop what we are dragging and see who we really are. Then joy carries us.

DSC_0008 - Copy

In this icicle blessing, I am reminded that each drop builds onto the stalactites of our character. As the last vestiges of ego hold on, the Light of Love melts it, drop by drop, as old wounds from lifetimes ago heal, and fall away.

DSC_0032 - Copy_01In contemplative dreamlike reflection, the waters of our own being may become frozen for a moment. Ideas, taking form, wait to reconnect with the fluidity of our Souls.

I had a blessing the other night, in a dream. I was at some large gathering of people, and suddenly all sound stopped. I looked up, and walking toward me (very much like when you see reunions of returning veterans and their families on tv) was my beloved brother who died 30 years ago. He was healthy, happy and just glowing with love. He took me in his arms and I sobbed and sobbed with joy. It was so good to see him and feel him! It still felt real as I awoke.

Perhaps it was the fox, and seeing the in between places that gave me the gift of seeing my brother, David.

DSC_0093 - Copy

Rumi says, “There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”

DSC_0014 - Copy

Even the talkative Steller’s Jay listens to the silence of the falling snow.

Rumi also said, “Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself.”

DSC_0032 - Copy

A magpie visited the other day, blessing me with this message. Though situations may seem black and white at first, in a different Light, shades of color appear.

DSC_0107 - Copy

In sunlight, their wing and tail feathers become iridescent blue and green.

This little junco – soft and thoughtful, reminds me of compassion and forgiveness. The blessing of Grace.

_DSC0004 - Copy - Copy

The love and happiness I feel when I am with family and friends, and of course my dog, Mattie are huge blessings.

DSC_0045 - Copy

There is a whole day out here, guys! Please come play stick with me! Why are you inside?

DSC_0046 - Copy

Her ears flap like wings when she runs.

DSC_0040 - Copy

These are my blessings of the New Year so far, and we are not even 3 weeks in!

Thank you Jamie for this opportunity, and may the Wave of Blessings continue!

Happy 2016 Everyone!  May you be filled with Peace, Joy, Love, Grace and a multitude of Sacred Moments. May you have innumerable occasions to laugh wholeheartedly.






134 thoughts on “Walking a Path of Blessings in Nature #Blesstival – 2016

  1. This is a very belated comment Mary, but I just read your “foxy” New Year’s posting and what a delight; I love foxes too but have not seen one for a while so thank you for the pic. The winter pics are also sooo beautiful, the icicles and especially that one special very special track , a lovely mystery Your eloquent words are even more gifts and you quoted 2 of my favorite wise writers Rumi and Emerson. We are lucky you are doing these postings and grateful as always that you are our friend. Reading this was a wonderful way to start another faux spring day here at Peacerock. May you have a joyful day, Trish


    • Thank you Trish!
      So you are having Spring-like weather? Peacerock must be beautiful right now. We are having spring weather too. Kind of weird, but I am enjoying it, although I hope we get a couple more snows.
      Yup, love Rumi and Emerson. I am grateful for your friendship as well, Trish. I hope you have a joyful day too. Can’t wait to see you this summer!!
      Much love,


  2. Never too late to read such a post,Mary!I enjoyed every moment of your blessings,I marvelled at all your nature photos and I was glad to see Mattie happily playing in the snow.However,I was enticed by your fox story as I have a weakness for those smart creatures.I have been feeding a big fox family for more than 14 years now.They live in a nearby forest in Mount Penteli.I have placed big plastic dishes to serve their dinner and also big buckets with water.They are very grateful,friendly and they trust me,some of them start eating while I am serving their food.There is also a couple of Magpies that eat together with the foxes at the same time.The stories I have experienced with foxes are incredible.Sorry for my fox rambling,your own story and all the info you shared with us excited me.Hope you have a Happy & Peaceful NY near Nature.She is so generous,her gifts around us are numerous. Doda 🙂


    • Doda, feel free do fox ramble all you want here. I will eat it right up. I love them! Are yours red or grey? 14 years! That’s a long time. I love the magpies too. I would love to hear any fox stories you would like to tell.
      I hope you have a happy 2016 as well. Yes Nature is generous with her gifts. I love Her so much. Thanks for your comment, Doda. So nice to see you here.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful fox Doda!!! We are related through fox energy! My fox, as you could see is a grey fox, which has a fluffy tail like your fox and a little bit of red on its back. That is so cool that it follows you and that it is friends with your dog! Mine would definitely run from my dog. Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. How beautiful, loved both the idea and the post it inspired; your commitment to stay true to yourself and your real nature; the wonderful photos; the gift of the fox. I, too, feel an affinity for foxes and it was wonderful to read of the messages they bring. Thank you.


    • Thank you, Julia. I do value that commitment to stay true to myself, as I see from your site that you do as well. I’m glad you feel an affinity for foxes. Such gifts these magical creatures bring!
      So nice to see you here.


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