That Part In Between

For those of you who don’t follow Michael’s blog, I just wanted to share this beautiful man’s most recent piece. I hope it will touch your heart as it did mine.


Embracing Forever

We don’t really know
how it starts.
It just gets sprung on us.
This life.
Suddenly, we are aglow.
In the open.
Sensitive to the touch.
Hanging in space.
Once, after years of an ongoing ruckus,
I reached a certain condition–
a sweet spot just above the wick
where I was something
between a whirl,
a mountain pass,
a coyote’s sidelong gaze,
and a penniless hunger,
all dressed-up as a flame.
I was the bull and the rider, joined,
the movement and the moment,
the joy and the need,
tumbling together.

Then, with Hafiz perched nearby
offering his kind advice on the particulars,
the Beloved puckered her lips
and blew something sweet straight through me–
something decorated with its own butterflies,
the sound of falling snow,
and stories of the sea.
The flame vanished,
leaving a line of cool smoke
that rose into nowhere,
but that feeling came…

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8 thoughts on “That Part In Between

    • Isn’t it great?! You might want to follow his blog and/or he has a book out called A Cannon, A Heart And Now This by Michael Mark. It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and I love the book. It has become a good friend.

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