Not Too Creepy

In response to Daily Post Photo Challenge called Creepy

DSC_0238 - Copy

I feel sort of bad saying this is creepy. I just couldn’t find anything REALLY creepy for this challenge.  This is more sad, or even embarrassing. He looks like a Turkey Vulture wanna be, but it is a Red-Winged Blackbird molting.

DSC_0240 - Copy

I hate to invade his privacy during this not so attractive phase. But, well…

DSC_0228 - CopyOk, now I have to admit, this one is kind of creepy.

But because of this loss of feathers, new ones will come in, sort of dull in color. As the year moves forward, the dull feathers wear away, and this is what he will look like next spring!

DSC_0012 - CopySometimes difficult phases are just worth it!


35 thoughts on “Not Too Creepy

  1. “Sometimes, difficult phases are just worth it.”
    I love this, Mary! It reminds me that “this too, shall pass.” What a great visual representation of a beautiful transformation that just takes a little time. Thanks for the lesson in hope! Now, I gotta get back to the gym.

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  2. Hahaha! I think birds are weaker while molting, so their gym is just trying to stay alive. Happy workout!


  3. Aw, Laura. I’m praying for you every day. May this hitch in your get-along pass swiftly and smoothly! I love you!


  4. I skipped this challenge because I didn’t have any creepy photos. It’s not usually something I look for, ha-ha! That said, I would have to agree that seeing birds, dogs or cats without their fur or plumage does feel a bit disconcerting!
    And you’re right, ‘difficult phases are worth it’ because they nearly always make us grow!


    • Right, I couldn’t think of anything really creepy either. Hence – not so creepy.
      Yes, they do make us grow – those difficult phases.
      This comment went to spam too. What is causing that? We follow each other, so why does that happen?


      • Yes, that is exactly what I did. It always works. I just need to remember to check the spam folder. I just wonder why it is still happening. Hasn’t it been going on for a while?


      • I’ve written to Akismet twice and no reply, nothing! I can’t even understand how it happened, unless someone hit the spam button on one of my comments by mistake and it threw the system off. Who knows? Most sites have been fixed by hitting ‘approve’ and ‘not spam’ wherein the comments then go through from then on. One other blogger told me it took a long time to fix a similar problem he was having on his site. I just have to persevere! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂


      • When it happened before, I pushed those buttons and then 2 messages went there again. But you commented on my perspectives post and I got it, so maybe it is fixed at least on this site. Technology. So great in so many ways, yet so completely frustrating!


  5. I’m sticking with creepy. 🙂

    We have red-winged blackbirds from time to time, but I’ve never seen them quite like that. How long does this molting process take?

    I thought it was a vulture at first or something, or a piece of Don’t Do Drugs propaganda. The zoom lenses these days can get away from you…



  6. Lol is too used. I laughed out loud reading this. Seriously. Thank you for making me laugh tonight. I was just writing a letter to someone I love dearly, with metastatic cancer. I needed to laugh. I felt that the post was symbolizing loving ourselves even when we are creepy and ugly, and that “whatever” this is, too shall pass, but you made it funny. Propaganda for don’t do drugs? Priceless. I know, very vulturesque. Thanks Michael for calling creepy, well….creepy.


  7. HI wmp —
    I’m glad you posted this. I think all of these little guys are darlin’. Not creepy at all. just interesting.
    Great pics, great share.

    p.s. I’ve added you to my xtra spcl page on my site. hopefully that will send some traffic to your blog. Glad to have you as a dearest wordpress friend.

    hugs and most happy blogging p
    o and om


  8. This post really had me laughing. Oh, the poor vulture wanna-be! I can relate to his predicament. Isn’t it interesting, though, about the feathers? I was amazed when I learned that about robin’s feathers, coming in all whiteish, and wearing to the shiny red of mating garb? There is probable a lesson in there somewhere.


    • I’m glad you laughed. I know, poor guy. Probably embarrassed I put him all over the internet. Yeah, maybe a lesson in dressing up for certain occassions. Works for them. I like the lesson of the different phases we go through, and how we come through them stronger. I don’t dress up much, haha. What lesson were you thinking about the feathers? It’s nice to see you here Melissa.


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