Two Lovely Awards

DSC_0265 - CopyWhat I find completely amazing is this wordpress community. Never did I imagine when I started blogging,that this would happen. I just thought I had something to say, and maybe someone might get something out of reading it. Suddenly I now have friends all over the world. I find myself loving these people deeply, and we have never met.

There are two people in particular that I want to thank right now. The first is Sindy at bluebutterfliesandme. She welcomed me into this community right away. I can’t even remember how I met you, Sindy, You have helped me figure out this whole blogging thing, and have been very generous and patient, showing me how to do these crazy techno things. You are such a creative blogger, and have brought people together into deep conversations within this community. Thank you. Thank you for your friendship. While I have you here, I have 2 more things to say. 1) Thank you for nominating me for the Leibster Award, which I accept! 2) I am nominating you for another award, The Creative Blogger Award (because you are, even though you may already have it, but I didn’t see it on your site.)

This brings me to Ka at Fiesta Estrellas. You are a fairly new friend, Ka, and I am so grateful to have met you. Did I meet you through Sindy? I think so. The more I get to know you, the deeper I know this friendship will be. You have a beautiful, loving and warm heart. Thank you so much for nominating me for The Creative Blogger Award. I am honored.

For the Leibster award, the rules are to thank the person who nominated me, and to link back to their site. Display the award on my site. Tell 11 random facts about myself and nominate 11 bloggers, and let them know they are nominated.

For the Creative Blogger Award, the rules are to thank the person who nominated me, display the award and nominate 10 other bloggers, letting them know they are nominated.

Ready?  Drum roll….. ok, wait. If you have the award already, just know I felt you deserved it and I hope it makes you smile. If you don’t accept awards, same deal.  🙂






bluebutterfliesandme                            Good Woman

litebeing chronicles                        Melissabluefineart’s blog

Dewin Nefol                                                 Tania Marie’s Blog

The ancient eavesdropper                   Bee Happee Now

Plato’s Groove                                     The Druid’s Garden


the-liebster-award_zps6be3dbeb (1)

Fiesta Estrellas                               Local Travel Tips

Guide to Awakening Your Inner Self

Moved and Shaken                Eliza Waters

Spaceship China           Partridge, Pine and Peavey

2fuelyourbody             Cosmic Wave Astrology

Healing Your Grief         Unfolding The Heart

There are 3 people on Ka’s list that I would have nominated . You probably know who you are, since you didn’t end up on my list, having already been nominated by her.

Random facts about me:

  1. My favorite color is periwinkle (really almost any shade in the blue, purple, lavender, pink colors…but also love green.)
  2. I was a horse when I was a child – sometimes a flying one. I still gallop or trot when I run, to this day.
  3. The first movie I remember is Bambi.
  4. I talk to myself out loud…a lot.
  5. I accidentally killed a baby chicken when I was 5. It was really hard to catch, and just when I caught it, my mom called me in for a nap. I put it under a bucket just until I got up, but then I sort of forgot until the next day when I remembered with that sinking feeling….
  6. My passion is Nature. Would any of you have ever guessed that?
  7. My favorite song is Imagine by John Lennon. In close second come so many other songs, especially ones to which I can sing along.
  8. I still have friends that I met when I was 4.
  9. I still feel guilty about that baby chick.
  10. I made all the accent tiles for our house, and peeled all the trees in it by hand.
  11. I spent lots of time in my 20s traveling around in my VW van, wandering happily, and exploring many beautiful places. That was before all those places got crowded.

Thank you again Ka and Sindy! Big heartfelt hugs! ❤



28 thoughts on “Two Lovely Awards

    • Thank you so much, Karen. I do love Her, and I hope I honor her. You make me feel like I do. 🙂 Your blog is very healing and loving. ❤


  1. That is wonderful that you have received these awards.! Your pictures are terrific and the funny way you have of expressing nature and yourself are refreshing. Happy day! On Aug 16, 2015 7:17 PM, “Walking my path: Mindful wanderings in nature” wrote:

    > Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature posted: “What I find > completely amazing is this wordpress community. Never did I imagine when I > started blogging,that this would happen. I just thought I had something to > say, and maybe someone might get something out of reading it. Suddenly I > now have friends all”


  2. Beautiful and kind post as always, Mary B. I just wanted to say, the first movie I remember seeing is Bambi also! How weird is it that we’re separated by a few decades in age but we share so much in common, even something as generationally changeable as first movies. You’re my fav, Mary B., love you so much. *><*


    • Aw, Steph. That doesn’t surprise me at all, given how close our souls are. It is interesting to me to ask people the first movie they remember. Very often I find that their whole life builds on it. Nature has been my main passion all my life, and death has been such a huge theme throughout, both professionally and personally. I remember being very affected by the tragedy of Bambi’s mother’s death. Since you were wee, you have asked me very deep questions about death, and look how much you love Nature. You are my fav too, my beautiful beloved faery goddaughter. *><* ❤


  3. OMG you made me cry happy tears. It overjoys me to read such kind comments to me and my blogging. What a great thing. What an amazing community Word Press has allowed for us to coalesce into a bright oneness. I feel richly blessed. ❤ Thank you so much Mary for the award I will proudly display the award and I humbly accept it ❤

    Big Love

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