Beneath My Feet

In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, this week:  Beneath Your Feet.

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”             Marcel Proust

DSC_0152 - Copy                                                            Mushroom

DSC_0291 - Copy                                                     Be careful where you step.

DSC_0074 - Copy                                                      Prairie Dog

DSC_0037 - Copy

DSC_0026 - Copy                               Two Pregnant Friends

DSC_0144 - Copy                                            Lichen and Moss on Sandstone





29 thoughts on “Beneath My Feet

  1. I so envy you your closeness and access to the natural world. On the other hand I work and play and teach in a small rural area and hopefully, communicate YOUR and other friend’s sensibilities and experiences to people I know and love and am involved with socially and politically. I just left the isolation of the mountains to return to people where I’m more agile. I’m happy being here and will eventually find a balance so I can return to nature to be recharged and affirmed with my own experiences. That said I am honored to know you and be able to absorb your take on the REAL world. It relaxes me until I can go back and enter it myself. Love you, Mary. Dennis

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  2. People need to hear what you have to say, Dennis.
    You live in a little town with beauty all around you!
    I am honored to know you as well.


  3. Love your quote and it’s absolutely right. Sometimes we don’t really see what’s in front of us because our mind is in the way, but the camera helps guide our journey to discover the beauty of nature and simplicity. I’m on that journey and it’s wonderful! Such lovely photos.


    • Thank you, Olga. It is always such a treat to take the time to walk with my camera. I’m glad you enjoy your camera as well.

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  4. i love the quote by Proust, Mary. It fits so well. The pictures are amazing. I especially like the lichen, so pretty. The mushroom shot is also wonderful. Love the two friends.,and …oh well I love them all!


    • Thank you, Karen! We really can change our world when we choose to see differently. I hope you have a lovely weekend too, wise woman girl. 🙂


    • Hey Kim,
      Thanks for stopping by! I know what you mean about mushrooms. So intricate. This one was so wraparoundy. I don’t know what it is, but it was sort of this abstract creature that wanted its picture taken.

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  5. Haha! Yeah, I am a huge prairie dog fan. People hate them around here. In some counties it is illegal to have them on your land. So sad. You know, they clasp their hands in prayer position as they face east at sunrise, and at sunset they face west and do the same. I find that completely amazing and spiritual. They are special little animals. People shoot them for fun. I don’t get it. I love them and am active in their welfare, a discouraging passion, but I will continue. Thanks for coming by, Eliza. It is always good to see you. 🙂

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  6. Loving my gorgeous snake ally….and the tulip of a mushroom…..and the exquisite flowering mossy on the rocks. I’m praying that with my new password and the use of this wee tablet, I’ll actually be able to leave you this accolade.

    But it’s really the Inner Child one I want to commend you on. The writings were SO spot on, so beautifully articulated, so poignantly heart moving. Bless Bless

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  7. Thank you Jessica. You are such a huge part of why I am here today. You believed in me back then, before I believed in me. Thank you for saving that 12 year old. So with your wee tablet, you can get pictures now? Yay! Can you go back and look at the little fox in Ponderosa Pine Speaks? He is so cute! Such a magical moment relating with her or him. I love you, dear, dear cousin/sister. Bless Bless ❤

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  8. Mary your pictures on “Beneath Your Feet” are truly beautiful. Keep taking those pictures they are a wonderful! The mushroom is taken up so close it works like a piece of abstart art. Great! On Aug 13, 2015 4:59 PM, “Walking my path: Mindful wanderings in nature” wrote:

    > Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature posted: “In response to The > Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, this week: Beneath Your Feet. “The > voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new > eyes.” Marcel Proust > “


    • Thanks!I was hoping that mushroom looked like abstract art to other people. It did to me. I was such a cool mushroom!


  9. Wonderful photo’s Mary.. Loved the Prairie Dog 🙂 and yes sometimes the best things are there right beneath our Feet!… All it takes is for us to stop and look.. 🙂

    Love to you, and sending thoughts your way for a beautiful weekend.
    Blessings and thank you so much for your lovely comments.. they mean a lot 🙂
    Hugs Sue ❤


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