In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.  This one calls for Inspiration.

DSC_0267 - Copy“May the stars carry your sadness away.     May the flowers fill your heart with beauty, and may hope forever wipe away your tears. ”                                      Chief Dan George



21 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. What an absolutely beautiful quote. How is it that I never heard it before? It seems so uplifting and intimate especially for people dealing with loss or sadness. And the picture goes so well with the quote. May I have permission to re-blog this post?.

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    • Yes, of course! Thank you. I was happy with that shot. It looked like a star, but was a flower, so it fit the quote. I love it when pictures come out how I want them to. It certainly isn’t a given. Haha. Good morning Helen. Have a nice Saturday!


  2. Reblogged this on Good Woman and commented:
    I happily reblog this post from my friend Mary’s blog, Walking My Path. I love the photo and the quote from Chief Dan George that accompanies it. I want to keep this quote handy especially for those times when life is not so gentle with me when I need something uplifting.

    Check out the rest of Mary’s blog. It is a thing of beauty and of quiet inspiration.

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  3. This is a very inspiring post, Mary! Mr. Quantum and I call the dandelion ‘the spaceship of the imagination’ a quote – or part of the narration of COSMOS, by Carl Sagan. I LOVE dandelions, and Chief Dan George as well! Thank you for bringing us to a place of hope!


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