Close Up

This post is in response to The Daily Post weekly photo challenge. This week’s challenge is called Close up.


Some of my happiest moments are Wandering in Nature with my camera.





Dew Droplet


_DSC0405 - Copy

Happy Squirrel in the Snow


DSC_0025 - Copy

Incognito and Drunk on Pollen



Mellow Attentiveness



Precious Honey Bee



Afternoon Conversation



Early Morning Jewels



Delicate Strength



Blooming Grass Often Goes Unnoticed



Blooming Timothy Grass



Yellow and Orange Harmony



Knowing When to Hold On



The Inhabitant of this Outdoor Door









Tiny Ant on Small Blade of Blooming Grass


In what moments are you most happy?

When do you feel the closest to your authentic self?





64 thoughts on “Close Up

      • I left my home 142 weeks ago and don’t have my guitar with me. Music had been leaving my life for awhile, as I was so caught up in just survival. And now, my focus is on finishing my work of ousting the dark control of this planet and bringing forth the shift into the light. So that is 24/7. After the shift I’m sure music will be much more a part of my life.

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      • Thank you for all your hard work. I would think happiness might oust some dark forces. I hope the shift happens soon so you can get back to music. The world needs it now, and I would imagine always will.

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  1. Oh! Mary what gorgeous pictures! The titles are so creative Love your post! I am happiest when there is a good ending or result. And when Love is returned. I feel most like me when I’m able to create something I love. Being outdoors in the mountains too


    • Thanks you so much!! I can see you being happy outdoors and in the mountains. If Love is not returned, or when there isn’t a good ending, how do you keep your happiness and inner Love? And how do you interpret a good result? What kinds of things do you like to create?


    • Hahaha! I love being in the moment in Nature. I become 8 years old, which is my favorite part of myself. That strong child before adolescence hit. Always nice to be back with her. Part of it too, Trish, is taking time for yourself.


  2. Oh, Trish. I highly recommend that you do that. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about it that brings inner peace and joy. Do you have the manual? I didn’t read much – I just started trying it and then read parts that I couldn’t figure out. Do it! And have FUN!!


    • Thank you Karen. You have a beautiful balance and stillness about you. I am glad you take the time to be in Nature, where a loving exchange undoubtedly takes place.


    • Thank you Cate. That is exactly how I would have guessed your answer to my question. Haha. Thank you for enjoying the photos. They were certainly fun to take – as, and you could guess this, wandering in Nature is the happiest home to my authentic self. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you Bee! I am happy that they transport you to nature adventures and make you smile. πŸ™‚


  3. I love the captions you given these photos, and also the question you leave us with at the end… I had to think about that one for a bit… I think I’m closest to my authentic self when I’m with people who are free and clear, and there’s no need for sheltering or dampening different parts of myself; when I’m deep into the moment of creating something, whether writing or searching for a creative solution to a challenge, even a technical challenge like at work; and when I’m collaborating with other people to be part of a process in which we’re all invested, to bring forth something new…

    (And when I look at your photos!)


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    • Hi Michael,
      Thank you for liking my photos and for taking the time to think about my question and comment. Yes, being around people who are not free and clear and needing to shelter and dampen parts of self is such a drag. I just can’t do it anymore.
      Being deep into the moment creating something is so great. In that process, I really get a sense of timelessness. Time is such an odd concept, isn’t it? Collaborating with people with whom you can be your autentic self is very rewarding. May I ask what kinds of things you create at work and also not at work?
      Peace to you, Michael. Enjoy your Sunday.

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      • Hi Mary,

        I work at an engineering firm that predominately designs combined heat and power systems, so my creativity at work varies from trying present complex information clearly in reports, to building software tools that enable us to be more efficient, to trying to figure the best path forward when various factors converge on a challenge… I also enjoy making jokes that turn the whole room ninety degrees when I can, and remind us it’s not quite as serious as it can seem… Though sometimes its jaws do clamp down around me… πŸ™‚

        Outside of work I have the past couple of years been focused on writing, something I’d long felt a calling to do, but had never committed to it or gotten out of my own way for long enough to produce any real body of work. But now writing has become like your walks in nature– my means of finding my way back through the temporary screen of uncertainty that sometimes settles upon us, to touch the pulsing Truth within it all…

        Thanks for asking… πŸ™‚

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      • So, you get to create and laugh at work, and are taking the time to write, which brings you in touch with your Truth. Nice! πŸ™‚ Sounds like some pretty intense brain activity at work. I’m glad you can be humorous within it.
        Thanks for your reply, Michael.

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  4. Mary, You are going to have to start entering photography contests and selling your photography at juried arts and crafts fairs. Just sayin’. I predict this will be part of the next chapter of your life. Please consider it.

    You are a talented photographer with an amazing eye for composition and unique visual effects.Your photographs are stunning and breathtaking!



  5. I have to say lol when I look at your writings and pictures I feel I am looking at another part of myself. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon you blog ^_^! I find your posts refreshing and always look forward to seeing more. Oh and I ❀ your heart beetle!
    ~ Mandi


  6. Stunningly gorgeous!! Especially the “Heart”, wow, that could be printed up huge on a wall of a healing space…or made into lovely postcards sent to dear heart-friends! I’m so happy you’re sharing your delicately beautiful observations with us. Inspires me to slow down and look closer too…this morning, in my urban Brooklyn backyard, I saw a tiny light blue butterfly, and thought of you:)
    I’m most happy & “being myself” when I’m traveling with close heart-friends, or surfing the big blue ocean, or sharing my astro-insights with clients, helping people feel more connected to the natural cycles of their lives. Big hugs!!


    • What a lovely comment, Katrin! Thank you! I remember how much fun you were having with Jess on your magical mystery tour. I hope you will have another travel with close heart-friends out here one day again. Surfing the big blue ocean sounds so nice. Never have tried that. I am content to float around with my snorkle playing with dolphins in that same big blue. You are such a great astrologer. I love the info you give us. Hopefully one day I can hire you do do some insights into my chart!
      Big love and hugs Katrin. ❀


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  8. Hi Mary, your photography is amazing!!, so glad you found me so I could find you. Vibrational attraction my friend. Discovering “The Moment” as my inspiration is mind blowing. Being complete in the moment whether it is complete stillness, writing, beach walking, dental hygiene, altered “sleep states”. Loving that each moment is complete and inspiring no matter the “situational timing or thing”. Connecting as one, provides us with infinite possibilities! Much love Robyn


    • Hey Robyn,
      So glad you came by! Yes!! Loving The Moment and Connecting as One. Infinite possibilities. I totally agree. I will be back to your site soon.
      Blessings and Light,

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    • Hahaha! I know! I would love to hug him too. He always looks so happy. I have a million pictures of him. I can’t stop clicking. I swear he poses. Thanks Ka. πŸ™‚

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  9. Such great photos. I must say that the squirrel in the snow is much more pleasant to see than are the squirrels in my yard this summer as they devour so many of our plants! It’s a good reminder for me to over all enjoy the nature treasures that surround us, in spite of the fact that they affect our lives in a way that is not so positive. They were here first. We are learning about what plants to select that the squirrels won’t be attracted to.

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    • Yeah, that is a red squirrel that only comes in the winter. It goes to higher ground in the winter. The rock squirrels in the summer are such a pain here. They are so destructive. Is that what you have?


      • I must confess that I am not sure what kind of squirrel we have. They are all lumped together in my mind. I really need to find out more about different species.


  10. Are yours pretty big and sort of grey and brown mottled with a bit of black looking spots on their backs? Those are rock squirrels. They live in spaces between rocks and holes in the ground. Red squirrels are pretty small and would be in mixed conifer right now. Or there are also Abert’s or tassel eared squirrels in Ponderosa. They are black and white. I have been noticing fewer rock squirrels lately. Then last night I saw a weasel. I hope he just goes after the rock squirrels and not the bunnies or ground nesting birds. Sadly, not up to me.


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