Outdoor Doors

This post is in response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Door

These are a few doors I have seen whilst wandering mindfully in Nature.

DSC_0304                      Who do you suppose lives here?


DSC_0220 - Copy

Portal to a world beyond


DSC_0152     Walking through his hidden door to sleep for the night.



Do you want to come in?


                            What will you find through this door?


DSC_0478              The sound of tiny baby birds chirping from inside


DSC_0482             Are you at home, small mouse?


DSC_0145                            Dinner time, kids!


DSC_0486               Not sure I want to get any closer than this.


DSC_0496                      Ah, the sweet song of the wren.



Any minute, this inhabitant may appear.


                          The joy of new life


Sept 7 14 038

I saw you go in there, little muskrat.

How many doors do you pass every day? In the woods, in the city, in your home? Have you been through magical doors that take you to other worlds? Can you imagine becoming small and fitting through a little door in the moss? Where would it lead? Perhaps to a land of faeries? What about the door to your heart?  Who do you let in? If there were any door you could enter, where would it go?

Whatevever doors you pass through, may you find Peace, Love and Happiness. May Gratitude fill your heart.









49 thoughts on “Outdoor Doors

  1. This is a Magnificent post (as are All of Mary B’s). Doors are also Thresholds, and will inevitably take us from “the old” in to “the new”, even if that’s the next minute of life or the next room. Doors are So Exciting! Because when you open them and step through WHAT WILL YOU FIND? You never Really know, even with the most familiar of doors. Yay for The Unknown! Yay for Mary!

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    • Aw, thank you Jessica! Yes, I love the excitement and mystery of new doors, gates and thresholds! You just never Really know. Going from old to new peaks the curiosity, and enchants us with possibilities. Leaving the old can be challenging, even when we know it is time. Letting go of the old inevitably leads to a greiving of what was, even though “what is” is were we must be. Being present with what is is peace and happiness. ❤

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    • Thank you so much, Karen! What an honor you bestow upon me. That makes me very happy. 🙂 ❤


    • Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I’m glad you thought it was interesting.


  2. Dear Mary,
    All the many Doors. All hold a hidden threshold. Some very mysterious, some inviting with the host plainly visible. Some lovely, some sanctuaries for deer and others needing safety and warmth. Doors may hold a certain risk . Is it courage, foolhardiness, curiosity that would cause us to enter, or a soul searching for….
    I will be much more mindful of the possibilities of doors. I want the fairy’s door.
    Lovely, Mary.


    • Thank you Jenny. Yes, some very mysterious and risky. I like to be mindful of gates, thresholds and doors. Walking between two trees standing close together or two rock formations or even stepping over a log, hold some bit of symbolic “old to newness.” Letting go of the old, and claiming happiness in the new. Challenging, but rewarding. Being with what is. Perhaps, as you question – courage, foolhardiness, curiosity, or soul searching. Maybe just a knowing or a sense of being led by Spirit.

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  3. If I could walk through any door, where would it lead? I would love to walk through a Time Travel Door so I could take a peak into the historical past and the unfolding future. Lovely post, Mary, and a terrific thoughtful question to leave us with.


    • Yeeeesss! And of course, the ability to come back through to the is-ness of Now.
      Thank you for commenting Kris.


  4. The other day I passed a door in a tree knot, and someone had put a tennis ball in it, which effectively made it a door no longer! I removed said tennis ball because that could be someone’s potential home! Places like that don’t last long on the market!


    • Hahaha!! Thank goodness you removed said tennis ball, and put that house back on the market! ❤


  5. Another great post. It brings to mind many of my favorite stories where people went through some kind of portal and found themselves in another world. Alice in Wonderland or the The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I always found those to be so creative. And to actually take note of all of those doors in nature! Just beautiful.

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    • I loved both of those stories! I love stories about going through portals into other worlds. Have you read the Outlander series? She went through standing stones in Scotland and ended up in not another world, but another time – 200years earlier. Thank you Helen for commenting. I always love hearing from you.

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  6. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of nature and their natural openings to the other side: Of what? That is always the question. if I go through what is on the other side? loved it?mm


    • If you don’t go through, you will never know. Risky, perhaps, but you will know which doors to go through. You trust your knowing.


  7. Mary these are great doors and I do wonder who is in those little doors. A woodchuck has burrowed into the ground near the front of my house and I have an urge to place a long think cord with a camera to peek into his underground home. In the back of the house there is a smaller door into the home of a chipmunk. He or she runs in and out throughout the day. It is nice having these little doors so close to my own. Beautiful photos!!


    • I wish we had woodchucks here! Sometimes we have chipmonks, but not as we used to. I think the rock squirrels have chased them all away. I remember taming a chipmonk as a little girl. I had it eating sunflower seeds out of my hand. I was thrilled! Love them! I think a camera in a woodchuck hole is a good idea. You could do a webcam thing. Although you would probably have to get him to sign a bunch of privacy wavers and releases. Thanks for commenting Sandy.

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  8. when i fly my ultralight trike round i like to …go through “portals” like that an go up above da’ cloudz an fly around always keeping an eye on the hole below to get back through an down . is a lotta fun we call it punching holes in clouds! 😎 keep da’ sunny side up ,Kewl fotos! Q


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  10. Hi Mary,

    As I was reading your post, you had me thinking about the door to the heart, which you circled around to in your closing. It seems to me at times that all these other doors are but perceptions of that one most sacred door we are called throughout our lives to cross. Stepping into and through that door has felt like all of the above at times… 🙂 And this door leads to a really interesting place: home. I’d like to think that walking through all of these different doors, through these different facets of the heart door– some scary, some profound, some silly and inviting– that we find our way back home… To me, that is the most beautiful discovery possible on the other side of the door…


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  11. Beautifully said, Michael. So true. Thank you for your comment. Nice way to start the day.
    Peace to you, and may you have a beautiful heart felt day.


  12. Walked thru our door to our new kitchen,and sat down to read this appropriate posting. So enjoyed your writing about nature doors. We pass by many doors here at Peacerock, but we don’t always take the time to see them. Like many of your posts Mary, this is good reminder to take the time to “wonder” about our nature sightings. Thank you,Trish and Randy


    • Hi You Two!
      Thanks for leaving tracks wandering around my doors! I’m glad you liked the post. See you in two weeks!! ❤


  13. Thank you for saying that, Ka.
    That is exactly what I hope to portray.
    My deepest peace is being present in the moment, and when I do that, especially in Nature, my heart is filled with gratitude and lo and behold, some of those moments jump right into my camera.

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      • Aw, yay! I am glad they make you happy. That makes me happy!
        I went to the comment section of the link you sent and read about your book! Wow! I can’t wait to read it!!!
        Hugs right back to you, O and Om.

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  14. One of these days I will see your garden, and hopefully you will see my wild one, in which live many secret ones that I will show you. ❤

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    • Hi Olga! Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      About the getting posts – I think you can go to “blogs I follow” in your dashboard, which will take you to your “reader” and edit me in your list to “receive posts instantly,” that might work. You can also edit to get comments that are written to me so that you can see if I answer you…which makes me wonder if you will even get this. Sometimes when I try to go to blogs I follow, I just get the actual posts, so I just push buttons until I get what I am looking for. I don’t know…technology. It can be a little frustrating, but often worth the trouble.
      Thanks again for stopping by.

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