Rock Concert


Wandering mindfully in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky, where I had an inspiring vacation last month, I found myself enamored by the wondrous and varied rock formations.


Crags and outcrops whittled and sculpted by water and wind over hundreds of millions of years have become arches, bridges, caves, windows, shelters, and exquisite pieces of living art.


As the water seeps through cracks in the sandstone, slowly eroding its façade, shapes and designs appear. This one is clearly a tortoise.


Recognizing the sacred, I sit.  My heartrate slows with this intimate exchange.  Through the heart, the connection is made. Giant rocks are the best meditation teachers. The wisdom of stillness.


These primordial symbols of eternity were both intriguing and enchanting.


Numinous being with your steadfast wisdom, thank you for mesmerizing me with your deep eternal mystery, conveying the divinity within us all.  I am spellbound.


Portals to another place…


Another time….


Another dimension.


In the ever evolving movement of our lives, we flow, overcoming and transmuting our struggles, floating on the Power of the Divine.


Tranquil, enduring design of waves gone by.  You teach us to withstand and embrace the swells and currents of our lives, allowing ourselves to be shaped and transformed by strength and vulnerability.


Pearls of wisdom, the colors of serenity.


I am immersed in the masterpieces of abstract art all around me.


In this artistic cave, I can easily stand beneath the arch under the green wall.  I am humbled by the enormity. Whole communities of people lived in this dwelling place.



Looking through the window to the sky, the tones of color created by water and earthy minerals catch my breath.

Shrouded in myst, standing in reverence behind the waterfall, I feel tenderly caressed and splattered, sheltered within the protection and unfailing strength of the colorful perennial sanctuary.


Absorbing this energy and offering mine, I feel composure and integrity.  Plants growing on moss, growing on different moss, growing on lichen growing on this jaggedy edged friend.  Love in the face of loyalty.


Charmed by a jewel that reflects and holds the Light.


Like being inside of a mysterious wave or a tunnel to the unknown.


Ah, the relationship between the immortal and the ephemeral.  The sylvan faeries congregate, enfolded in the solid embrace of their wetted home, as their devoted guardian, worn by weather, delights in their presence.


Walking in balance across the bridge connecting where were have been to something beyond struggle and mortality. From chaos to acceptance, truth and peace. Grace.


As we let go of the layers, and as we age – we are changed.  Each wrinkle, each spot tells a story. Character.


In the eternal constancy of our Souls amidst change, we build endurance and substance.


Movement dances on the immovable.  The harmony of base and treble; discipline and unbridled play.


Gently, the moist breeze flutters, showing off the intricate green make up worn by this gigantic face.


Hidden, hallowed cave, into which one travels to the mysterious and shadowy underworld. In an alternate reality, it is the secret fort of a young tom boy girl.


Gentle feminine strength and stability.


Swathed in a cloak of pebbles and moss, the ancient one breathes.


In admiration, I gaze upon power and permanence. Perseverance of a climb offers strength and perspective to complete one’s quest.

Thank you Mother Earth, for your peace, which is keenly felt. Thank you for tranquility, solidity and the wisdom in your presence. Thank you for your strength, your guidance, your perpetual entertainment, your enduring Love and for teaching us all how to be our most Authentic Selves through example. Thank you for sharing your Beauty. Happy Mother’s Day.



62 thoughts on “Rock Concert

  1. Well, Mary… Once again, this is not so much a post, as it is a poem. Who but you could see and feel and sense and EXPERIENCE rocks in such a sensual and awestruck way? That’s my Mary! Thank you for teaching me to notice the rocks, value the rocks, even revere the rocks. Beautifully written, my friend.

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  2. and so once again you and your words and pictures leave me in awe. I love how the rocks remind us to sit still and listen. Love this, love you, thank you for sharing this with each of us.


    • Thank you so much, Helene! They really do. Their energy is so nice and slooooow. Can’t help but be still and listen beside them. Thank you for reading and commenting. ❤


  3. Beautiful journey Mary. It felt like I was on a spiritual journey with you, seeing through your eyes. The rocks and formations were breathtaking. I too love the rocks as much as the trees. Looks like it was a very awe inspiring vacation.

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  4. Yeah, thanks, it was pretty amazing. It was so nice to be in a wetter habitat. Ferns and mosses and violets. Took me back to being 8. Of course, it doesn’t take much to get me there. Hahaha. I love the slow vibration of rocks.


  5. Wow, what a wondrous way of SEEING and BEING with nature you have! The rocks spoke with you in such nuanced ways, you listened and invited us in to share the magic! Thank you!! I’m inspired to slow down more too, to tune in to the ancient ones (not the easiest task in the busy beehive of NYC:). We’re going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today, to sniff their hillside of lilacs. I’ll be thinking of you! XOXO


  6. Oh, sounds lovely! Sniff some for me! Thank you for your comment, Katrin!
    I love hearing from you. What a nice thing to say. ❤


  7. Lobelt to meet you here in your wonderfully sacred space.. I so resonate with rock formations, finding them to be an adventure in themself…. As you delicately say… Portals to other dimensions. Thank you for taking me on a magnificent walk in Kentucky… Until soon again, Barbara x


    • Thanks Barbara! Yes, the do seem like an adverture – each one. I really enjoyed Kentucky. It was a wonderful time to be there, with the dogwoods, redbuds and violets blooming. Thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment.


  8. Wow! How poetic and beautiful. I will have to read this again and again and view the photos over and over again to grasp all that you are saying. In my first reading what struck me most was the idea of whole communities living within the cave, the idea of the centuries of history and of nature creating what is there today. It’s similar to the awesome, almost eerie feeling I get when visiting Anasazi ruins, the enormity of the history embodied there. Another great post.


    • Thank you, Helen. What kind, thoughtful words. Yes, it was remarkable to imagine the ancient times with people living in the caves, while at the same time, admiring the beauty. Thank you for reading, and for taking the time to comment, and for wanting to read it again. 🙂

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      • I find that many of your posts are the type that have to be read slowly and savored, which is a shift of gears for me. Very often in the blogging world I quickly scan a post and move on. Yours are not that type–they really engage me.

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      • Wow, Helen, thank you so much! What a very lovely thing to hear. That means a great deal to me.

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      • You are most welcome. As I was reading the post again I couldn’t help but think about the contrast between the rocks in your photo and the red rocks in our environment. The red rocks have their own beauty but it sure is a strong contrast.


      • Yes, I really love all the rocks around here. So red! Multicolored layers. They were so different in Kentucky. The shapes and the detailed design in the erosional patterns.


  9. Just loved your rock concrt from Kentucky. The pictures were just awesome and I could feel my skin getting moisture from a wetter environment.Your interpretation of the rocks was wonderful. Now I will probably always be looking for portals, bridges to new places, rock animals, and abstract rock art.
    Thanks for the new adventure and awaking, Mary. Loved it.


    • Aw, Michele, thanks! You know, I bet Tent Rocks has many abstract and artistic shapes. Maybe we should go there sometime. Hopefully one of your cameras will work! Thank you for your comment. I felt happiness reading it. 🙂


    • Thank you Dilip! Ah, yes…the magic of Nature!! Thank you for stopping by and for your generous comment. You have a lovely weekend as well.


  10. beautiful pictures, exquisite words.

    i felt a deep sense of peace, looking, seeing, reading, hearing.

    this is one of those posts i will turn to again and again. thank you Mary.

    and how beautiful it was crafted for Mother’s Day.

    i also love rocks. Like the rest of Mother Earth, they are sentient beings. Just they breathe a lot slower than us humans and their words are hard to hear. thank you for speaking for the rock world, Mary.


    • Thank you for knowing they are sentient beings. I love how sloooow their energy is. Very calming. Thank you, Debbie for reading, for commenting and for your friendship.


      • Yes…. they are unbeleivably ancient, and so slooooooooow, beyond expression, that most people dont connect to the bandwidth. Or they do so, unconsciously, when they pick up a pebble and put it in their pockets.
        its always a joy to read your posts, Mary.


      • Yes! That is so true! Makes total sense about connecting with the bandwidth unconsciously when picking up a stone. Thank you for enjoying my posts, Debbie. I feel such warmth from you.

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  11. I loved your title for this blog, Mary, it was perfect. A concert of the still , fathomless silence of the “exquisite” rock. The journey that your words and pictures created allowed me to experience peace and inner wisdom from the solid beauty of those extraordinary rocks, thank you for the ‘music’ of the stones,


  12. Dear Mary, I journeyed through the music of your rock concert once again. Your comment at the beginning about the wisdom gained from the stillness of the stone, reminded me of when Elisha the prophet, in I Kings 9:11 and 12 was looking for the Lord. He was not in the great and strong wind that rent the mountains,, nor in the earthquake after the wind, nor in the fire, after the earthquake, but He was in a still small voice.
    The stillness and beauty of the ageless stone’s music that you create with your pictures and imagery allow one to listen to that still small voice.
    It would be fun to be an archaeologist there to read as well as hear the voices of the stones. What history they could tell us.
    Once again, thank you for the “Rock Concert”. I could look at those rocks for along time. What a magical place. Your pictures are lovely, especially the underwater picture.’ A masterpiece’


  13. The photos are so stunning that I can only imagine standing there, feeling the pulse, and breathing in the earthy scent, and I wanted to climb into those pictures, to fill all my senses with the sublime beauty!
    Your words enrich the very experience, and I thank you for carrying us with you on that journey!

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      • Me too. Everywhere I go, rocks seem to come back with me. My husband built this beautiful Trombe wall in our house of many beautiful rocks we have found, both from our land here and various travels. It heats up with the sun in the winter and it keeps the house at an ambient temperature. It is a happy wall. We have personal relationships with each one….friends. Also many outside in gardens too. It is nice sharing rock kinship with you, Fimnora.

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  14. Wow! the Trombe wall sounds wonderful! And I as well, has personal relationships with each of my rocks. I also rocks which are remain in my car, so I know they are traveling with me.
    I agree, it’s very lovely to be able to share our rock kinship! I’ll have to take pictures of our rock tables downstairs, which we put up after moving in last year. I know I’m just going to have to get that digital camera I have been dreaming about sooner, now. 🙂

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  15. Hey Mary,

    Each time you pass my blog you leave a gentle footprint and the gift of friendship within the impress of your stride. Thank you for the depth and sincerity of both. I am always very grateful 🙂 Today when I followed your returning path I arrived here to walk amidst the wisdom of rocks and trees and listen to the harmony of nature’s voice speak with her timeless presence.

    Thank you for another wonderful walk Mary. We follow your lead on a pathway across land and stream, and with open eyes and hearts, reach into the mysteries of ancient landscapes and sculptured horizons, and there, within the eloquence of Nature’s bloom, sense the ‘spellbinding’ movement of thoughts ‘dancing on the immoveable’ with ‘strength and stability’ and expressing gratitude and love in the ‘steadfast wisdom of the numinous’. Thoughts that feel the embrace of ‘the eternal mystery, conveying the divinity within us all’. The song you sing of this pathway becomes a beautiful admiration of Joy and Love and is serenely peaceful and reassuring.

    Crystal springs seem to rise so effortlessly to pool on the nib of your feathered quill and spill passionately into your words and thoughts…to share a walk with you and listen to your heart orchestrate a constantly playing melody is always such a delight. The connection you have in feeling the presence of Nature, the relationships you find with her bountiful form and those you carefully linger upon are creatively discerned and tenderly distilled in thoughts that reflect and paint your landscape with a brush of gold…how She must always inspire you.

    There is so much life and vivacity in your heart-felt words and in the ancient earthen shades of arching rock and weathered stone from which they are drawn. Immersion here is so wonderfully affirming of the Love burning deeply within the perpetual heart of our beautifully moving and wonder-filled Earth.

    Thank you for your company on this mindful walk through Nature. Wonderful 🙂

    Namaste friend.

    DN – 12/06/2015


    • Hey Dewin,

      I simply float on your enchanting words, and my heart wells with warmth and delight. You reach in and gently cast lovely wild rose petals around it, touching my deepest Love and passion for our “beautifully moving and wonder-filled Earth.” You totally understand, and it feels so good to be deeply heard and to share together such a profound love for Her. Thank you, thank you, thank you my dear friend. You mean a lot to me.


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  16. Hey Mary,

    How deep the swell of your welling heart as it draws from the water of her nurturing Love. And how wonderful is a moment shared when Earth’s melody is heard in the company of a dear friend. Thank you for inspiring friendship 🙂

    Earth, She is an exquisite thought pressed in lapis and emerald and set dancing amongst the stars. Upon her arching repose the wonder of life in its myriad forms are borne as jewels to follow intended patterns and rhythms within the balsamic light of her emerald glow. She is my heart-land, my hearth-land, and the place I get to call home. I shall treasure her always.

    Thank you again for bringing a vision of Nature closer to our hearts and minds. Have a wonderful afternoon in the spring sunshine. I hope you’ll continue to write more about these special places that find you…each is an education unto itself and a journey further into wisdom 🙂

    Enjoy your afternoon and the new week ahead. Take care.

    Namaste Mary.

    DN – 14/06/2015

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  17. Thank you for walking with me, Dewin. Thank you for your open heart, and for Loving Her as I do. Your company is a treasure.
    Again, your words are so profound, I find myself reading them over and over.
    “She is an exquisite thought pressed in lapis and emerald and set dancing amongst the stars. Upon her arching repose the wonder of life in its myriad forms are borne as jewels to follow intended patterns and rhythms within the balsamic light of her emerald glow.” You take us deeper into what we create.
    Thank you, and may you enjoy your week as well. Be kind to your self.

    Namaste friend.

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