Goose Music

_DSC0068 - Copy_01Yay!  The geese are back! There are two pair so far.  We used to have the same 11 every year. Five pair and one lone goose. They came seven years in a row. They tried rearing young each year, but there has been less and less water, so they were successful only one year.  Each year we see babies, and are hopeful.

Last year we watched the mama on the nest, and the male keeping vigilant watch – just far enough from the hidden nest to draw attention away.

The babies are yellow when they hatch. Right away, the parents bring them to the meadow by the creek.

mama goose


It seems like the day they come out is the same day the yellow dandelions start to bloom. Perfect camouflage. After a couple of weeks, they turn a fluffy gray, just at the same time the dandelions grow their fluffy gray seed heads.

baby goose

From pinterest


Geese are such solid parents. One watches, while the other eats and teaches. Then they switch roles. If a predator nears, there is no panic in the goose parent’s stride. They just round the goslings up into a line – one parent leading, the other heading up the rear, gently urging the little ones along, who suspect nothing. With calm, skillful determination, they get them into the safety of the water, without scaring them into a scatter.

goose parents

From pinterest


Geese talk about everything. Everything.

“ Honk, aaawww, aaawww, honk honk ticlic aaow”

“Huuumph, aawwww. Oooooh honk, ewwup….”

“ Should we go to the other pond?”

“I don’t know.  What do you think?”

“ Yes, let’s do it. I am becoming annoyed by all these ducks!”

“ But, the other geese.  They may take our spot.”

“Well, we can come back and chase them away.”

“Ok, lets go!”

“Alright. I am ready. Let’s go then.”

“Now? Right now.”

“Yes, let’s go now.”



“OK!!  Let’s go!”

“Let’s go now!!!!!”

“OK!!!!!!!  LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

“We are going!”

“We are flying. We are flying. We are flying.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

“Let’s land. Let’s land.”

“We are landing, we are landing.”

“Other geese are here.”

The other geese start talking too and there is a big chase, and one pair comes back making a beautiful water ski landing in perfect synchronicity. They have a lot to say about it all.

Fortunately for us, we love the sound.


One spring day, when the 11 were here, one pair flew over to some flat rocks on the other side of the pond. Even though they argue about territory all the time, the other pair in the pond was not having it. They just thought it was wrong, wrong, wrong for that pair to be on those rocks. They started barking at the pair on the rocks. “Honk! Honk, honk squeep! Mutter mutter, squeep! Honk, honk!”

I know, I know…just a little more anthropomorphizing. Please just indulge me for a moment longer.

“You can’t be over there!”

“Yes, we can!”

“It’s just not right! Geese don’t sit on rocks on the other side of the pond! Get back in here where it is safe!”

“Oh brother! Honk, honk! We are fine. Leave us be, mutter mutter,”said the pair on the rocks.

“No, no honk, squeep! Don’t make us come over there!”

“Nah, we are fine, mutter, mutter honk.”

The arguement escalated with no you can’ts and yes we cans for about 45 minutes. Finally, the pair in the pond flew to the rocks and chased them back to the pond.

“Ok, ok…whatever! Jeez…mutter mutter aaww.”

Then all was peaceful again. Soft chirring, clucking, errrup, aawww sounds, then graceful silence.

Until… “Let’s go eat in the field.”

“You want to go eat in the field?” etc. etc. Talking, talking, talking, louder and louder, the four flew to the field, and then had to talk for a while about their exciting 50 ft excursion to eat alfalfa and dandelions and grasses.

Sept 1 14 047

Another aspect that I find interesting, is when there is a common enemy, they all come together. They can be in the middle of a territorial disagreement, but the second another goose is in some kind of danger, it is all for one and one for all. United we stand.  My dog and I were crossing the field, and all 11 geese formed a line and started slowly marching toward us until we changed our direction.


I once saw the 11 chase off a herd of 30 elk. Shouting and dive bombing. The elk finally gave up. Even toward coyotes, I have seen them take a stand.

We haven’t seen the 11 in three years. They must have given up after losing their young so many times.  I don’t know if these four used to be part of that flock, or if these are new ones that don’t realize the water often dries up.

It is snowing as I write this so, maybe, maybe, maybe we will have water through the summer. Hope. I love hope, but it can be a little mean.

There are a lot of predators here: coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, snapping turtles, raccoons, bears, weasels, snakes, hawks and owls. If the water dries up, the geese don’t have a chance with their babies.

I know and trust that Nature knows what She is doing, but I do believe climate change is at least 75% human caused. Sometimes I feel hopeless becaues I don’t see us changing all that much.  Coal and fossil fuels. Why are there not solar panels on every commercial building, and on every covered parking structure? Why are new houses being built without even passive solar capacities? Why are we still using gasoline? I do in my own truck. Why are there green golf courses where water is scarce? Ok…soap box.  Sorry, but I struggle with this. I am happiest when there is enough water to keep the creek and valley alive. It is mostly out of my control. I am doing all I know how to do.


This is my biggest happiness challenge. I can’t bear what we are doing to our Mother Earth. The greed! It hurts me. I have talked a lot about true Happiness not being affected by “upset because.” Here is where I flunk at this. I do get upset because of all this, yet I continually try to keep my inner Peace and Happiness through it, though it breaks my heart.  The prediction is that our creeks here in New Mexico will dry more and more. That is not ok with me. Today, however – and I am big on being in the moment – today we have water in the creek and the geese are here. Yay! Love, gratitude, trust and happiness.


Geese are loyal animals, and mate for life. They communicate profusely. They teach us about communication, especially through story- telling. They use sky, water and land each day – the elements of earth, air and water. Air symbolizes the mind, thought, wisdom, freedom and breath. By working with our breath, we can mitigate our stress, and also learn to empower our thoughts. Air separates the Earth and the Heavens, a realm in which prayer and visualization can become manifest.

Water is the environment of the emotional, the creative, the unconscious, dreams, and intuition. Geese fly from both water and land, encouraging us to rise above our thoughts and feelings, above our struggles, to lift ourselves up; also to develop higher forms of intuitive discrimination. We can rise to new heights, where there are endless possibilities, and be grounded while doing so. Geese also wade in the water.  Their heads are in the air (wisdom), legs in the emotional/intuitive realm, and feet in the grounding mud.

DSCN2035 - Copy

Their eyes are on opposite sides of their head, giving them great range of vision. They have keen eyesight both close and far away. This can remind us to be mindful of vision in all directions, including past, present and future, physical and spiritual.

Their necks are long and flexible, a bridge between body and mind – head and heart. A link between physical consciousness and spiritual consciousness.

They are very graceful on the water, as we can also be present in our emotions with grace and compassion. They put their heads under the water to eat roots growing there. We can also nourish ourselves with our feelings, creativity and intuition.


They are migratory birds, and use natural currents to gain altitude. They know when to start, what route to take and where they are going. We can learn from this for our own migrations (inner and outer). When they travel long distances, they shift formation, creating wind drafts that make it easier for those flying behind.  They take turns to conserve their energy. The ones in front pay it forward.  When one of us makes a quest in life, or we heal or shift something inside, it becomes easier for others to follow suit. The healing energy is added to the collective.

The birds don’t fly directly behind one another, so all can see. They offer us greater vision, both physical and spiritual. The V formation reflects an aiming to new possibilities, like an arrow. Let your imagination fly, and feel the joy as you manifest your dreams. Feeling it will raise your vibration. Make your creative visualizations fun!

In the newness spring, with the equinox upon us, we can learn a thing or two from the geese. As we let go of the old and open to the new, may our lives be happy!  May this be a new birth, awakening and renewal for all of us in this time of balance between light and dark – in the water sign of Pisces.

Happy Spring Equinox everyone!

Happy Autumnal Equinox to those in the Southern Hemisphere!



49 thoughts on “Goose Music

  1. Thanks for another wonderful post, Mary. I learnt a lot about geese from it. I hope the young survive this year.
    Like you, I fear for the future of Mother Nature, although she will probably destroy us before she succumbs to our greed.


    • Thank you. I hope they do too. We have more snow pack this year than we have had the last several years, so I’m optimistic. I know that Mother Nature will take care of Herself after we are gone…but the loss of so many other species in the mean time really saddens me. I guess I sound a little callous about humankind, but we are ruining everything! Hopefully there will be a HUGE shift in consciousness soon.

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  2. Thank you, Mary, on bended knee. Who knew all those remarkable things about geese? And what they mirror to us. Your Happiness Quest in the midst of our human horrors is also a mirror for ALL of us. We can be SO magnificent, as we were today at Earthspirit here in the Southern Hemisphere welcoming the darker and quieter months ahead, on a beautiful warm late summery day, the first day of Autumn here, the Day of Balance. And we can be SO asleep and forgetful of who we REALLY are and why we’re REALLY here on Earth as Spiritual Beings. Bless you for helping us all Remember. Blessings to to you all in the long awaited springtide, from your Family in the autumntide. Aroha (Maori for Love) from Jessica

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    • Aw, thank you my beloved Jessica! I have been wondering how your beautiful gathering was. I was thinking of you all, and there in spirit. Thank you for your kind words. I am still hopeful that more people will wake up. I too love how magnificent we can be when we remember who we are as spiritual beings having a human experience. The horrors, though, are pretty overwhelming. Love Love Love to my Family in the South part of this beautiful planet!!! And I wish I could be there for your wonderful day coming up!! Namaste


  3. Is there a way we can send one of your blog entries to others as an example of what they, too, could be accessing? I have several other people in mind.


  4. “Hope. I love hope, but it can be a little mean.”
    I love your writing, Mary! And I didn’t know that you speak “geese!” You are so talented! I can’t wait to come visit and see the geeses!
    I love being in this moment, too. As long as it is pleasant. I don’t embrace the moment so much when it sucks. I gotta work on that.


    • Hahahaha! I know what you mean! Right, I won’t embrace the moment if it affects me in any sort of negative way. I am working on that.


  5. Mary,
    As always, I so enjoy your writing and get involved in your thoughts and feel your joy, hope and frustrations. Still… it’s good to remember that we all have to acknowledge the now and whatever bit of joy that is presented to us. I love the delicious feeling of hope, even if it never comes to fruition. One of my practices is to notice the time and date when happiness enters my heart. That way, when unhappy feelings come along, I can always remember that joy will return.


    • Thank you for your comment Trish. Fortunately, I get to live in my happiness most of the time. I love living in gratitude. I love the feeling of joy. I don’t mind unhappy feelings. I embrace them as well. When they come up, it is just a way to see that something isn’t quite healed yet and it is an opportunity to heal it. Sometimes it takes a moment, sometimes longer. I try to just be with whatever is up for me. The part that messes with my happiness the most is what humankind is doing to the planet. There is so much loss for me – watching species disappear, several every year. Life and death plays out before me on a daily basis here. I guess we all have our hard lessons in life. That just happens to be mine. I am glad you love hope. It is uplifting.


  6. Thanks MAry and a wonderful, hopeful Equinox. Light and dark are balanced – a good time to think of our own balance of light and dark – we need both. Alas, we had to move from our wonderful place in the mountains as it became too difficult for old guys and, for me (a people person) too lonely. But we have a lovely place in town with a big yard, a koi pond and lots of flowering bushes and trees just now popping out. Hopefully, we can get the old place spruced up this week and ready to put on the market so we can concentrate of gardening and small town life and people.


    • Hi Dennis! I hope you can get your old place sold quickly and enjoy your new flowery pondy place. I need to come down there one of these days. I totally agree with you that we need light and dark. It was a nice balance yesterday – embracing both. Thanks for your comment.


  7. Wonderful article. Like Karin said, I love how you used your knowledge of geese as a comparison to our spiritual journey. 🙂 We have so much to learn from nature, if only we open our minds and hearts, and spend more time within it. I always love watching the flight of flocks. Now I must go out more often. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


    • Sounds like you are pretty in tuned with Nature. I encourage you to get out in it more often. There really is so much to learn if we are open. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  8. Dearest Mary,
    Your writing is exquisite and descriptive beyond my skills! I so enjoy your posts. Who knew? ,!? Now we can all speak ‘geese’. Keep on enlightening and inspiring us. Much love, Phyllis


    • Phyllis!!! Thank you! I didn’t know you visit the blog! Yay! I would love to see you. Summer is filling up already, drat it! Sometime in May?? Let’s book it before it’s too late. We keep doing that. I miss you. ❤ ❤


  9. Thank you for such wonderful insights into the inner lives of geese and humans! I feel i learned a bit of “geese language” from you, i’ll try to listen in next time i encounter these magnificent birds:) Lots of Love! Hope never dies!


    • When you come, hopefully they will be here. We can listen and learn more goose words. They are actually much easier to imitate than spell! Thank you for saying that hope never dies. ❤

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  10. Very interesting blog, Mary. Greatly enjoyed your insightful observations of the courage , resourcefulness and deep loyalty of the geese. We can learn so much by remaining still and just observing the structure of God’s fathomless creation. It is thrilling to hear the call of the wild geese as they fly so high above, following the light of our changing seasons. Maybe those four are a sign of life returning ; of hope eternal., Loved the example of how the dandelions help to protect the goslings. Certainly not a coincidence :).Planned that way. I would like to learn to speak Goose language too! Can it be taught or is it intuitively learned? You will tell me it must be earned. Rightly so. The pictures are as usual, icing on the cake. The ones of the stream and lake are your property? Enchanting…
    Love J.


    • I think you could learn to speak goose. You and I could sit on the hillside overlooking the pond and laugh, and interpret what they are saying. You have a heart connection with Nature, and a true desire to hear and understand her. You would intuitively learn if you were around them. Thank you for saying that the four geese are a sign of life returning. Hope eternal. Yes the dandelions are no coincidence. Or as my friend, Kris’ mom used to say – a coincidence is a miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous.
      Love, M


      • I love that saying from Kris’s Mom!!!
        Love J:) And thank you for your confidence in my ability to learn geese


  11. Goose music haha. We have a great many geese right now in our field. They like the pastures new grass and eat up a lot of it. The ranchers who have cows around here don’t like the geese eating so much of the food, so they all fllock to our fields and have a fiesta. I am sure we even saw some juvenile amoung them.
    I had a big male goose, once. Totally white. called a Toulouse goose….huge fellow with no mate. .. bonded to me, thought I was his Mother (I hope). He would not let anyone come near me. Every time someone came near he would put his head down and chase them away. I had to pick him up and carry him around like a baby or put him up in the house to get him quiet. He was so loyal. I didn’t know anything could be that loyal . Quite an experience.


    • I’m glad you let them stay! That is so sweet about your goose. Sounds like you deserved his loyalty.


  12. This is another absolutely beautiful and inspiring post. You celebrate geese in such a wonderful way. I was unaware of most of these very interesting facts. I particularly like the description of geese as parents. “Geese are such solid parents. One watches, while the other eats and teaches. Then they switch roles. If a predator nears, there is no panic in the goose parent’s stride. They just round the goslings up into a line – one parent leading, the other heading up the rear, gently urging the little ones along, who suspect nothing. With calm, skillful determination, they get them into the safety of the water, without scaring them into a scatter.” If I could have been as calm and collected when risks came close to my daughter. The stereotypical “silly goose” colloquialism is certainly inappropriate. I so enjoy your writing.


    • Thank you Helen! I so value your comments. I know, I don’t know where “Silly goose” came from, except that they talk so much. They are fun to watch and make us laugh. Also I think it is just fun to say…silly goose. I like the way just the word “goose” feels to say in my mouth. But I do have the utmost respect for them.

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  13. Hello Mary – This was a very interesting post honoring geese. The geese in our area no longer migrate. They remain year round in the river and streams. In the back of the little library in my home town it looks like geese have taken over the back land and the river as well. They take turns swimming in circles to keep the water open and free of ice. When it is very cold they huddle together to share their warmth, taking turns shifting from the outside in to allow all a chance to be warm. As a child we would run outside at the sound of the loud honking to welcome their return north. It was a beautiful sight shared with my mother then somewhere along the way we lost that welcoming approach. Now people them as a nuisance leaving behind their waste and constant chatter. There should be a happy middle ground. The changing environment is causing a constant transitioning of habitat for beautiful birds and animals.
    Thank you for sharing. I will remember your post when I visiting my home town. Love and Light


    • That is sad, and such an indicator of changing environment. They must be experiencing more and more that there is no place to stop and rest and eat. All of that habitat is going away. I guess they will be the ones who make it – adapting to the change by staying. How did they fare this past winter? It was so harsh.


  14. Wonderful meditation on geese, Mary. They are a noisy bunch, but I am sure it is all very important, what they have to say! Imprinted in my mind is one fall day a few years ago, I was standing in the woods near our river and a flock flew right over my head, so close, with a great whirring of wings, it moved my very soul! One of life’s perfect moments. 🙂


    • Oh yes, I love that sound! I love that you think of that as one of life’s perfect moments. Things like that are for me too. Thanks for responding.


  15. Love these:
    “Hope. I love hope, but it can be a little mean.”,
    “When one of us makes a quest in life, or we heal or shift something inside, it becomes easier for others to follow suit. The healing energy is added to the collective.”

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  16. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and letting me know that you enjoyed your visit.

    I like your thoughts about the geese.

    I hadn’t noticed that the color of goslings paralleled the dandelion bloom. Thanks for pointing that out.

    I am glad that you take after the geese, regarding climate change; I mean, that you chatter on about it. Solar energy, reducing vehicle fuel, reducing water on large mowed green areas — so many good ideas for reducing climate change.

    “They use sky, water and land each day” I’d like to add fire: I like to think that they appreciate the sun’s rays, and soak up the energy as much as we do.


    • Good point about soaking up the sun’s rays. They do seem quite passionate about their lives. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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  17. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    I love this post by Mary of “Walking My Path” titled “Goose Music”. It goes wonderfully with my today’s post on Goose Symbolism. Mary expounds so beautifully about these amazing beings. I hope you enjoy her share as much as I did. Thank you Mary for sharing it with me and for sharing your love of Earth and all of her magnificent children. ❤


  18. This is by far the best ever post I’ve read!!!! I absolutely LOVED the conversations you envisioned! The pictures were wonderful! I love all other than human beings, but some hold a special place, and geese are part of that special! It’s only been a few times so far that I’ve heard the geese coming into our immediate area. We have several lakes and ponds right across the road from our little loop. I watch in the park and by one of the nurseries on the way down to the market, for when the geese are spending time on their way north or south. In our other house, I’d hear them as they were passing over the house, and run to catch a glimpse of them… often a pair, sometimes a few more at a time. The Spring and Fall are special (as are Summer and Winter) for so many reasons, but mostly to be able to see and hear the geese. It is a song that I would put at the top of the list of ‘favorite’ songs!

    This morning began poorly for me. After breakfast, I went out and sat in our yard. It’s not been mowed for two week (I wanted longer to be able to enjoy the wildness of new growth). The Greening has exploded this week, and it is exquisite! As I sat, watching, closing my eyes and listening, I felt the disturbance of the morning leaving me. I thought, and sought not to. I had the pleasure of sharing moments with a squirrel, and happily listened to the symphony of the myriad winged ones who were dancing in the trees. I felt myself grinning wider and wider as each moment brought new wonder.

    Belated Equinox Cheer!


    • What a great comment! Thank you. Though I don’t know what you look like, I could see you “grinning wider and wider” as you enjoyed the wonder of Nature’s moment. I know – aren’t geese exceptionally graceful, funny, loyal..and at least 100 more great adjectives? I love them. I miss our 11. We have one pair right now. They nested once, but I think the raccoons must have gotten to the eggs. Hopefully they will try again. They were flirting – chasing and splashing each other the other day…so maybe. If their eggs hatch and they lose them, it is over for the year- but if not they often do try again. I wonder if they grief is too much if they hatch and are lost. Anyway, I am so glad your morning change from poor to grinning widely. Thank you for sharing goose enthusiasm with me. Belated Equinox Cheer to you as well.

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  19. What a glorious post to discover nearly a year later. Geese are amazing. One thing they do that’s amazing is find insightful people to tell their story!

    I loved the image of them fighting off elk and coyote, and herding the little ones to the water with aplomb. Life speaks to us in such beautiful ways…


    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, doesn’t it? Life…
      Geese are so confident. It was really nice seeing them stand up to bigger animals.
      And now the geese are back this year. I hope they stay.
      Thank you, Michael for going all the way back to this post, and for leaving such a nice comment.

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