Spring Snow


Happiness is a romp in a fresh spring snow.


_DSC0174Suspended energy, frozen in its path.

Not stuck – merely stopped a while in place before going on.

A contemplative moment in time.

Emotional burdens break free; sometimes released one drip at a time, or a cathartic dropping of layers into the oneness, washed clean.

In stillness; creative opportunities existing in the waters of our own being come alive.  Dreams awaken and are found to be valid and sound.

Ideas taking form; waiting to reconnect to fluidness and the feminine aspects of life.  Creative, intuitive imaginative powers poised for action.

Water adjusts to its environment; shaping, shifting. We learn to adjust to change, to become adaptive to the flow of life, while at the same time knowing where and when to make ripples.


A junco, warm in his feathery down, serenely confident in his ability to find food beneath the snow.


A pine siskin fluffs out her feathers, peacefully but steadfastly finding seed.


This little goldfinch doesn’t seem to mind the cold, and appears quite proud of his acquisition, looking much like a stogie in his mouth.


The ice creeps between a rock and hard place, not stuck at all.


Frozen crystal soon to have no beginning or end stimulates positive thoughts and feelings with its force field of negative ions._DSC0171


_DSC0178Intuition is hard to hang on to at times, but is watered by our inner knowledge, just as this grass swallows each drip offered.

_DSC0094 - Copy

A cold, harsh wind disrupts the silence and stillness.


The red squirrel comes for one last visit (and meal) before he heads for his spring and summer home in higher country.



Reflections of many colors – our many facets.


I remember walking with a little 5 year old boy in the woods on a moist day, when suddenly the sun appeared. “Look!” He cried with utter amazement and wonder, as the light made prisms in the droplets.  “The trees are sprouting rainbows!”

Gazing into the crystalline ice, a moment of clarity. I write it down, as it can be gone in a flash. Moments of a dream or a vision, captured in color.

The rhythm and movement purifying the air, healing and re-energizing – empowering the realm of dreams and emotions.

Initiation, baptism, a sacrament of tears. Watery clearing of winter’s hibernation.

The earth is half water.  We are three quarters water. Research has been done on emotions projected into jars of spring water. Words powered by emotions of love, peace, beauty, happiness sent to one; hatred, anger, mean sarcasm sent to another. After being flash frozen, the positive jar created beautiful cohesive, perfect geometric snowflake patterns. The other jar created partially formed, non- geometric shapes. (Masuru Emoto). How much do we create with our thoughts and emotions? What energy are we putting out there in any given moment? Our thoughts and feelings affect physical reality.



The next day, a rain came and washed away all the snow.

The earth drinks. I can feel the gratitude and joy of the trees, and it fills my spirit.

Maybe this year, we will have baby geese and ducks in the cattail reeds.



47 thoughts on “Spring Snow

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos and writing. You inspire me again.

    The very first picture of your dog could be of my yellow lab. She loves sticking her nose in the snow and getting a snootful! Great post.


  2. This is poetry disguised as a blog post. I can’t decide which is more artistic – your images or your words. In either case, Mary, you do Mother Nature proud! Exquisite as always. I love your blog!


  3. Hey Mary, thanks once again for a great, goodbye to winter, hello to spring. Trish was reveling in a beautiful, warm day here, and made me think of Snoopy doing his happy spring/Easter dance. We`re pretty sure Peacerock spring is magic water, and sometimes that which we believe, is. Happy day!!


    • Thanks Randy. I’m not quite ready for winter to be over, because it really just started for us – the snow part at least. Sooooo nice to have the moisture! I think you are right about your magic spring. Must come drink from it again soon! Happy day to you too – or evening. Happy all days. ❤


  4. Wonderful post, Mary. I loved the child’s quote about the trees sprouting rainbows and thanks for reminding me about the water experiments. Looking forward to your next post.


    • Thanks Cate! Yeah, I love things that kids say. So innocent. Kids need to be in nature more. Looking forward to your next post too.


    • Thank you Katrin! There is an abundance of water right now. I am visioning it lasting through summer when the rains come. I love it so much when there is plenty of water. All the critters can thrive.


  5. Oh Mary, this is SO Beautiful………the Gifts of Stillness……the Magic of Adapting………..the Wisdom of the Waters. Blessings on the travels of the Red Squirrel off to Higher Ground, and the continuity of your WordFlow All Love from your Down Under cousin, heading gently in to the Stillness of Cave Time


    • Thank you so much!
      It is so strange to be going into opposite seasons. At least Equinox will be the same amount of light. I will be there in spirit at your gathering at Earth Spirit. Big love and blessings…


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  7. Mary, this was so uplifting. The beauty of your words surpassed even the stunning images. I felt the trickle, then the constant drip of change that spring snow brings. I feel refreshed and positive. I needed this sorely. Thank you so much!


    • Aw, thank you Sam! I know you have had some pretty hard stuff on your mind the last couple of days. Gender inequality and associated violence in a patriarchal,misogynist country/world. I loved your post – well hated some of the content – but very important and beautifully presented. I am glad you could feel uplifted and renewed a bit.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I agree with all of the above. You have such a beautiful way of using imagery and metaphor from nature to express your thoughts and enable me to understand them.. Such lovely moments in time, captured, felt, learned from and then, as the water shifts shape, we move on too; changed but retaining the essence of our true selves. I agree also with the others that your artistry is awe inspiring. Would love to have seen a picture of the ‘tree sprouting rainbows’ loved that image!

    The research project you mentioned was fascinating. It reminded me of Philippians 4:8 “…whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, …of good report; if there be any virtue,…think on these things.” The research project showed the truth of the Bible scripture. I also thank you for the beauty of your thoughts. They are like a very thought provoking, stunning and inspiring poem.
    Love you,


    • Thank you, Jenny, for your heartfelt and thoughtful comment! Yes, that is a great quote from Philippians for the water crystal research. We have to always be mindful of our thoughts, as they do create physical reality. So many Bible quotes have such a deeper meaning than the surface meaning that so many people act on.


  9. Hey,Mary, finally got your blog that didn’t dissapear. the pictures are really lovely and putting them together with the poetry of your words makes them even better.
    The tree sprouting rainbows is really a great visual image, I can see it without needing a picture to see it! wonderful.
    I remember well the frozen imagines of the thoughts: hate and anger juxtapose with love and peace. it was frighening to me. The difference between them. I always have wanted to send out good vibes after seeing those mind blowing images.


    • I know! It makes such a big difference. We really are responsible for the vibes we put out there. Not always so very easy to have good ones all the time! Thanks for commenting, Michele.


  10. I am heart happy spending time here with those waiting for Spring, feathered sisters, and fluffy tailed squirrel! and puppy dog worship of the Snow Queen! Lovely words to grace equally beautiful photos!


    • Thanks! I’m glad I could play a little part in your heart happiness. They really are sweet creatures.


    • Blessings to you as well. We don’t have black squirrels. The cute little guy in the picture is a red squirrel. We also have Abert’s squirrels (less than we used to) and pesky ground squirrels (13 line squirrels). We call the red squirrel Mattie’s (our dog) babysitter, as she watches him out the window for literally hours. Thanks for stopping by.


      • Oh, he looked black in the photo, but regardless, they are all cute, not to mention mischief makers. 🙂 I think all dogs love squirrels. We had to move our feeder this year because our new dog was driving us crazy with her carrying on, trying to get at them!

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Haha. We let Mattie chase the 13 line sqs (we have to say sq around here because she can spell.) because they dig up stuff and eat whatever we plant. She wouldn’t catch them, but may deter them a little around the house. We don’t let her chase the red ones, though.


  12. Wow, thanks, Sindy! I would love to have an award from you. You were one of my first blogging friends and have been a blogging mentor. I am always happy to see a post from you. I nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blog Award, even though I knew you already had it because I just wanted you and everyone to know you inspire me. I will accept the Liebster. I don’t know the rules, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Hey Mary,

    Your passion, interest, deep association and sense of harmonious completion amidst the wilderness on your doorstep is lifted from the earth at each stride of your boot and woven into the fabric of your thoughtful words with loving care. I came to your site by way of curiosity but return to rest atop the crest of a rise and enjoy the images you provide….Spring Snow was an enchanting read – my mind still lingers on the exclamation of ‘sprouting rainbows’, the beautiful innocence of a child’s vision encapsulating the mystery in nature’s exquisite heart and reminding me to never prejudice my experience of Eden by having a misplaced perception of it.

    “Gazing into the crystalline ice, a moment of clarity. I write it down, as it can be gone in a flash. Moments of a dream or a vision, captured in colour.”

    Thank you for penning a wonderful pathway to walk upon 🙂


    DN – 23/03/2015

    ~ And thank you visiting and appreciating my blog…I shall reply shortly to your generous comments ~


    • Hey Dewin,
      I went also to your site originally out of curiosity, as I have seen your tracks along the paths of other people’s sites. I now go there to let my mind wander into your art, which is unlike anything I have ever seen before. You have a very interesting mind, and as I read your warm words, heart as well. Thank you for your kind comment, and thanks for the follow. I look forward to a continued connection.

      Liked by 1 person

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