The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am honored by this very kind gesture of recognition by  Good Woman: Threads of My Life.

I am happy to recognize Helen’s blog.  If she hadn’t been the one to nominate me, I would nominate her. Her quest to figure out what life is about as she enters a new phase in her life – retirement, is heartfelt and profound. Whether talking about family love, cross stitching, childhood memories, aging, nature. or musing about life’s uncertainties, she is humorous, interesting and inspiring.

I am happy to accept this award, and gratified to be noticed and thought of as inspiring. Thank you so much, Helen!!


The rules:

  1. Display the award on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers, link to them, and notify them about their nominations.

7 Facts about Me

  1. Gratitude is my favorite feeling, and fortunately I get to feel it a lot.
  2. I usually root for the underdog.
  3. I am a left-handed person trapped in a right-handed person’s body.
  4. I am a deep feeler, which is mostly a great blessing, but can be a little bit hard sometimes.
  5. The sounds of birds in the springtime can just slay me.
  6. I laugh easily and can be pretty silly.
  7. I spend a lot of time being 8 years old, exploring nature.

Though I am excited to accept this award, following the rules is time consuming. In nominating these 15 people, there is absolutely no pressure to accept, and if you have been nominated before, please accept my apology and just know you have inspired me. I hope it brings more people to your sites, for the visitors’ sakes as well as yours.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Nominations of 15 Very Inspiring Blogs

  1. Moved and Shaken: Some people are movers and shakers. I am the moved and shaken.

Kris is a wise, wise woman. She is an award winning college professor, and acclaimed public speaker and a very helpful life coach.  To me, she is a mover and shaker, but humble enough not to admit it. She actually is in the process of changing her site name to “Walk Away Changed.” This is how you will feel when you read her posts.  Her perfect choice of words, laced with witty humor will leave you both laughing and inspired.

  1. Boho Hobo: Catching Dreams on the Road                                                 This modern day gypsy is wise beyond her years. She draws you right into the hearts of all those she meets around the world, as she captures their dreams in words. She is open, genuine and full of life energy. She inspires me with her bravery in following her own dreams, her warm heart, her inspiring spiritual ideas, and her sense of adventure. She lives her life to the fullest, which as you will see, is not always easy for her.
  1. 2fuelyourbody: You are What You Eat

Nikki is a Wellness Coach.  She gives great advice about how to stay healthy with her wealth of knowledge about nutrition and physical fitness. She offers yummy, easily prepared healthful recipes. Wheatless Wednesday and Meatless Monday are just 2 of the weekly gems.  Her mission is to educate, assist and empower to make the best decisions for a healthier life. She can tell you what supplements to take as well as give information on non-toxic cleaning options.

  1. Guide to Awakening Your Inner Self: Begin Your Creative Journey Today

Sandy offers guidance for personal success, abundance, health, peace, love and an adventure filled life.  She is both very practical, as well as spiritual – a good mix. She advises about many things from reducing clutter to walking through life changing events. Her photographs and writing talent has inspired me many times.

  1. Partridge, Pine and Peavey :Stories and Photos from the Outdoors and the People Who Live it

This bog is a wonderful blend of science and passion for nature. Hazel’s photographs and knowledge about New England flora and fauna are inspiring. I especially love her fox pictures. Conservation is important to her. She gives valuable information, including the history, habitat, medicinal and food uses for plants, as well as information about animals in the area.

  1. Mammoth Hearted Moments: belly full and heart busted wide open

Sara is a Yoga teacher, mama, student of Ayerveda, and a Thai Yoga Practitioner. She loves healthy food, and is a kitchen wizard, offering many delicious and healthy recipes. Who knew that massaging kale brings out the flavor and the nutrients?! Her generous, open heart, and photographs of food and family are a treat on any day.

  1. Cycle Farm: Growing food and bicycles in South Dakota

This blog teaches the ins and outs of organic farming. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and makes me want to go there and learn everything they know. Their photographs and writing are informational, touching and humorous.

  1. The ancient eavesdropper: Nature’s nuances in a nutshell

Tyler is a photographer, poet and ecologist who has the talent to make you see, smell, sense and hear a wide variety of nature with one photograph and a few poetic words. He captures the magic. I love the poem he wrote about a leaf that is in the shape of a leaf!

  1. Cosmic Wave Astrology: your guide to surfing the universe

Katrin gives inspiring advice to people of each astrology sign each month, like  “Fun & Far- Out February.” She is a very wise and positive oriented person, and totally taught me not to dread Mercury in retrograde, which is a big deal!

  1. Another Voice: To finally say what I really think- in poems, essays, borrowed words, fiction and photos. Pull up a chair and let’s have a chat.

Sam is a scientist and a poet. She is a cancer biologist with a fabulous sense of humor. She says she has a “limited vocabulary,” but to me she has a magic, straight line to where all the perfect words live. Her talent inspires me. This is a very creative site.

  1. bluebutterfliesandme: Free to Be

Sindy’s site is spiritual, informative and insightful. She is very creative with her writing, art and photography, and gives helpful advice. She also finds information from I don’t know where, that she posts, and that is always just what I need to hear. She is very generous and has helped me out a lot with wordpress questions. A multi-talented, open hearted, lovely and inspiring blogger.

  1. Local Travel Tips: Take the road less traveled.

Cate’s blog is just fun. She takes us to all the places not mentioned in the travel books.  It is more of an adventure tips blog, than travel tips. She finds the colorful places and events, like the rickshaw race in Kochi or the little town of Wedding in Berlin. I feel like I am right there laughing with her in a little sidewalk café.

  1. Quantum Hermit: A Life Unfolding

I am new to this blog, but became a follower my first visit. My visit was prompted by a comment she made on my blog that was so encouraging and enthusiastic. I recognized a kindred nature lover.  Her blog is very open, genuine and well written. I love her humor, her honesty and her choice of music.

  1. nature has no boss: images as thoughts

Another kindred nature lover, whose photography inspires me. All of his images tell a story. I am either jealous of his talent or his camera, as I have many similar photos with the same subject matter, but so not as good! He finds some amazing places, and I really enjoy his work.

  1. Suzanne Zeedyk: The Science of Human Connection

Dr. Zeedyk has done extensive research on early childhood development, and speaks all over the world about how babies come into the world already connected. She talks about, and is devoted to this subject and how it relates to almost any issue in the world today from dementia, to terrorism, to school systems, to law enforcement.  She has cracked the code on how babies communicate and she empowers parents, in a very understandable way to have a healthy loving attachment with their children.

Thank you again for this award.


33 thoughts on “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

    • Thanks! Haha, I wasn’t sure if anyone would get that. For me, I feel like Leftys are more artistic and odd, or not normal – in a good way. I think if I were left handed, I could at least draw. I am so right brained, I should just be left handed. I have always felt a little like I don’t fit in with the “norm.” How do you relate?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I used to get yelled at for sweeping on the wrong side of the broom and ironing on the wrong side of the ironing board. So I’m sure I started out left handed but was yelled into being a right handed person. I am VERY right brain. I can do linear things and early math was a whiz for me, but my thinking is very creative and random.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sorry you went through that! My dad was a lefty, so I doubt they would have tried to change my handedness. Sad how people try and change who their kids are…still.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. And congratulations from me as well! And Well Deserved! I like all 7 of your ‘facts about me’. But especially 6 and 7.! I’m there!! ____Someday again.
    Love- Jenny


  2. My Mom was a lefty, and when she was a girl, I remember, she told me that they would tell her that lefty’s were the devil’s child. I know my Mom told them what they could do,,,,,


    • Wow, the devil’s child! My dad was a lefty and he was a great writer. No telling what he was told about it when he was a boy. The devil’s child. Phffft!


      • I know, people can say some really dumb things to children. My grandniece, Savannah is a lefty too and she is as left brained as you can get if that means; artistic, talented, quirky in a wonderful way, full of love, passionate, fiercely loyal, brimming over with personality, and absolutely beautiful.
        Also thank-you for the list of bloggers . Will look some up. Sounds interesting.
        Love, J
        P.S. Waiting for your next blog. Love them.


      • Thank you. I’m so glad you love them. The other bloggers are great.
        Savannah sounds wonderful. Sounds like right brain. That is the arty, quirky side. I will write this week…maybe about geese. ❤


  3. Congratulations love 🙂 Your blog and your person are very inspiring! You deserve this and more!
    I really truly appreciate the recognition and your kind words about me. My blog is so young and a work in progress. I am still finding my voice and your presence has been such an asset to my journey.
    This post is a fascinating compilation of great blogs I would love to read. Thank you for sharing these links. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


      • Ok. Not sure what left- right brain means, but Savannah is left-handed and is very ,very artistic. She sings with a sweet voice and natural ability that is pitch perfect. Her father wanted to be a violin player so he and my niece, Savannah’s mother, have made her take violin since she was 6. She doesn’t like it so it is such a chore for her and struggle. If they would only
        let her pursue her amazing natural abilities in voice and art. I’m hoping when she is older she will be able to follow her natural abilities and not be so disillusioned by then about those abilities that she won’t develop them then. She is 13 now, and she is delightfully sweet and quirky, passionate and lovely.
        love – J
        p. s. geese -great! Icicle pic maybe?


      • Oh, I hope so too! I hope she gets to pursue what she loves. Maybe she is developing some good music theory with the violin that will help her later – but I hate to see kids forced into something they don’t care about. It creates apathy, and music sounds like her love as well as art. I love her already!
        Maybe I will do a short winter post before geese.


  4. Congratulations Mary!! Your site is very inspirational. You and I are similar in that we both love being silly and being like an 8 year old exploring nature. Your gratitude and depth of feeling come out loud and clear through your blog and photos. Visiting your site gives the visitor a sense of peace and connection.
    I am honored that you have chosen me for this award, my first and as I am new to blogging wasn’t quite sure what my next steps were but I will find the time to accept and share on my site. I am overwhelmed with joy at your recognition. You are truly an inspiration to me:) Love and Light!


    • Thank you, Sandy!! What a lovely comment! You are an inspiration to me too. I am glad you will accept the award.
      I thought of you yesterday. You had mentioned snow shoeing. We finally got enough snow for me to do that. It was fun. I forgot how aerobic it is! It was fun taking pictures of icicles and birds in the snow. Thanks for being such a good cyberfriend. We can be silly and 8 here on line.
      Love and Light to you!


      • Sounds good!! We went cross-country skiing yesterday but I prefer snowshoes. So glad you had the opportunity to experience snow. We were saying that the cold air truly makes us feel alive and it feels so fresh and healthy. Hope you experienced the same. Enjoy!!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I do like to cross country ski, but also prefer snow shoes. I don’t like the going downhill part with skis, and the conditions have to be just so. Then it feels nice to glide…on the FLAT. It used to snow here a lot, but the drought has prevented much. It is GREAT to have a snowy spring – the kind that really seeps down into the soil.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Congrats, Mary. You`re doing a great job, and service with your blog. I always enjoy your insights. Continued joy and gratitude. Dazz


  7. Somehow I missed your acceptance blog until just this minute. Thank you for the very nice praise. I love your seven facts and I definitely identify with being a “deep feeler”. I agree that it can be very good but also somewhat of a curse at times. I expect you have experienced when you have you been moved to the point that tears come to your eyes, and other people exchange glances as if you’re a little bit odd. Oh well. I will have to visit all the blogs that you have nominated, especially those that I have not yet visited. Thanks for accepting.


    • Thank you for nominating me! Yes, being a deep feeler does have its downside, but I have seen so many shutdown people that can’t feel joy for fear of pain. I am grateful. I welcome even the saddest, because that is how deep the love or joy is. The hard part for me is watching our ecosystem disappear. But again, I am grateful for having experienced it. I imagine you feel the same.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I love the term “shutdown people”. I have seen them too. I would not want to be one of them. I also hate to see our ecosystem disappear. I am very concerned with the drought and am just delighted when we get any moisture. We appear to be losing a huge pine tree in front of our house which is likely to be a victim of the drought. I feel very sad about that. I find that the older I get the more I appreciate nature. Or maybe age has nothing to do with it–it may just be that I more understand the risk of losijng it.


    • Have you gotten moisture over the last few weeks? The mountains around SF look white. We accumulated about a foot and a half with several 4″ storms and one 10″ one. I am so happy about it. I think we are at about 60% of normal, which is better than the 20% last year. It has been frustrating when the eastern slopes get missed.
      I am so sorry about your tree! I know how they can be such good friends. They die so slowly – hard to watch – like a family member with a terminal illness. I know what you mean about understanding the risk of losing so many aspects of nature. So many people are out of touch, and just don’t know what is being lost. Those of us in touch with it feel the pain, and yet we feel the beauty too. Hard to know sometimes what to fight for. A lot is out of our control, but certainly still things do do to help.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I was out of town this past weekend but we got about 8 inches of snow on Saturday and several inches of rain on Sunday. Very much appreciated. I have had the tree service out several times for the tree. Having grown up in WIsconsin where forests are plentiful I don’t think I ever would have imagined spending so much money to try to save one tree. Living out here certainly has given a different perspecitve on things.


  9. Hello Mary,

    I was wondering if it was too late to complete this. This took a bit of time to prepare the 15 nominations but I am still working on this and would love to finish up this weekend and post. Is there still time to accept and complete the requirements? It was such an honor to be nominated and I wouldn’t want to miss out on this honor you have bestowed upon me:)

    Thank you,


  10. Of course, Sandy!!! I am so happy you are accepting. Your blog is very inspiring. I know the rules are time consuming. I like the concept of spreading the blogging love around, but it does take a lot of energy. There are no time constraints.


  11. Oh my gosh! I never saw this! I’m so honored by your choosing me for this award. Thank you so much for your very kind words! I’m sorry that I’m so late in thanking you. After this month is finished and the Story a day challenge is over, I’ll definitely take a look at the rules, and attend them.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you so much. I’m getting a bit concerned. I’m coming to the end of the Story A Day Challenge (this Sunday coming) and I am trying to think what I want my blog to be about. I know music will come back in on a regular basis, and I will be taking part in some events on writing in general. But I’m feeling anxious about how to organize my blog. I know I now have some stories which demand continuation. That’s easing some of that anxiety. I wanted also to have a Thursday Tarot time – maybe where people can come and look at one card, and write a story about what they see, – one of the ‘how to read a Tarot card exercises – or even, if they’re interested, to see what information the card might prompt in them for guidance… Something like that.


      • Sounds great. It will be a blog with lots of topics…versatile. Maybe try some of your ideas and see what things bring you the most happiness and also the most views. I would love to see where you go with your stories. The tarot day sounds interesting. Sindy, on bluebutterfliesandme just did a challenge on her blog on “retro”. She made a badge for those who participated. I wonder how the tarot participation would work? There are so many different ways to blog I am finding. I am pretty new to it too, in fact I think you and I have been blogging a similar amount of time. What deck do you use?


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